★Wednesday Forecast

★Wednesday Forecast

Virgo Crescent Moon
—July 14

The moon moves through Virgo all day without making much of a raucous, opposing Neptune for several hours as the sun applies a connection to Neptune by trine… it’s a good day to dutifully daydream.

Also, perhaps more importantly, Venus is now separating from a conjunction with Mars, which was exact yesterday through the twenty-first degree of Leo, suggesting the climaxing of a building whooze of whimsy… whereas seven months from now, on February 16th, the pair will meet back up again in Capricorn, suggesting an even more stabilizing, more determined, stance upon these desires.

By then, today’s heightened desires—with much actual effort of your part—could be a newly enforced detail within an entirely new lifestyle.

What does Capricorn value more than results?—more than material or actual proof?—more than return upon investment?

Not much. Everything else is fluff.

What more does Capricornian energy shamelessly enjoy over continuously and endlessly and relentlessly working hard toward a goal?

The fluff.


For today…

Today is for creating sublists for each bullet point upon your *needs and desires* list from yesterday—toward this newly discovered deadline in February—in an ever so Virgoan-ly fashion.

It would behoove you to create a very detailed plan for each of your desires… and this plan should be as courageous as it need be practical, and these desires then—and only then—can begin the inner process workings.

❝Everybody wants the platform but nobody wants the process.❞
——Pastor John Gray

Image credit— @julienpacaud on Instagram

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