★Thursday Forecast

★Thursday Forecast

Virgo/Libra Crescent Moon
—July 15

Today’s vibration describes the reminder regarding opportunities, of mind over matter within an aligned sense of personal purpose, as well as societal or collective evolution… to simplify—there is opportunity everywhere.

Any worries or anxieties or imbalance being experienced about the state of things—these may be residual from No Longer, as these new motions into the element of Air, if you’re willingly participating, flow easily… if you know how to navigate through Air, you’ll be better than fine.

No Longer are the ways of elemental earth… these rules and parameters are breaking down and will destroy themselves.

In other words: if you’re struggling, you may still be trying to live in your reality within earthy parameters… try embracing Air, breathe it in.

Of course, the Uranian kicker in all this—these opportunities are not your typical opportunities… one must think outside the earthy box entirely, and these might pass one by without even a nudge—one will have to feel it, the way one would a gentle breeze.

These days—they can be as easy as when Spotify or Pandora is on random and seamlessly plays all the perfect songs, one by one by one, or like when all the lights turn green as you approach—these days can be easy, if you let them be.

Social unrest, protest, and resistance are right on time… unfortunately, most of these are going about it all in all the wrong ways—ways of old, of No Longer—and will only be met with resistance, and rendered, ultimately, for the time being, as little more than distraction from the bigger picture. Noise.

As the news would tell it, if you’re operating through this lower frequency, one would gather that The People are frustrated, desperate, angry, and woefully ignorant in the most basic of capacities… and these are all exactly the issue—Air cares not for feelings, and does not operate on emotion.

Unfortunately, for humanity at large, we’ve got to learn to operate from our minds now, rather than every entitled woken whim of woo woo unfairness we feel.

This might take awhile to grasp… forgive the pun. We’re off to a pretty whirly start…

Toxicity, even from the very best intentions, is a high vulnerability, insidious and unsuspecting, and still, in the end, toxic… even down and as intimate as the thoughts we think.

Further, this virus, for example—what a classically literal first example we were exposed to, sadly—though the masks and plexiglass partitions enforced or mandated as a protective barrier… that’s not even how airborne works, folks, c’mon.

We’re going to have to really think about things now. Things aren’t making sense.

Really think about things, in new ways, from new perspectives…

What used to work, or prove effective, will no longer serve the same (—not to say that air ever worked that way).

It’s alienating, I know. That’s the point. So much noise…

The energies are playing by the rules and parameters of Air now, folks—the rules and all boundaries have up and changed…

Not everyone will fare fairly—your nativity and flexibility of perspective will be key.

It’s not a matter of woke-ness or being triggered or traumatized at every turn—because this is the new empowerment?, c’mon humanity, are we really that ineptly sensitive!?

It might be a really long twenty (to two hundred) years…

After all, we haven’t been in this elemental mentality in nearly six hundred years—we have no idea. We have forgotten how to discover, how to explore, how to wonder…

How will you embrace Air in your reality?

What will you discover or explore?

What changes are you willing to make from here on out?

What changes are you needing to make?

In what ways do you wonder?

To discover or truly explore anything, discover, wonder or change, one must be open-minded… and insisting upon rightness or know-how, experience, or influence, or even entitlements will not be beneficial, or even useful.

We need to be bringing a lamp to this knife fight.

Inequality, ignorances, and this fight for inclusion on all levels—this is a sign of the times, truly, though equality will likely look and feel much differently than it is currently being envisioned, by earthy motivations.

Life itself has never been fair, much less equal… these ideals will be dangerously resisted, by man and universal law alike… and it is likely through these exact earthly battles which will force us into a higher consciousness, into a higher frequency (fingers crossed)…

As today’s Libra moon could very well inspire or influence for you—it’s all a manner of mind over matter, because despite all the ugly in the world, all the unfairness, currently and always—because, universal law—there is opportunity, and beauty, and ease, and lovely delights… if you only look, or close your eyes and feel, or imagine.

If you think you’re certain about anything, anything at all—you’re doing it wrong.

If you are responding emotionally it egoically to anything—you’re not virtuous, you’re wasting your time.

If you are resisting the changes all around you, these changes will devour you like a tornado.

If you are still considering, and thereby dwelling within and living in, everything that is wrong and unjust, unfair and toxic—you’re doing it wrong and literally wasting your time.

If you are still telling yourself that anything at all in this new reality will ever be in any way similar or familiar to how it ever was—what is this offering you?—it’s going to be a harsh reality.

You’ll get what you want and need with the elegance of air, and wonder and awe.

What frequency will you live in?—this will determine everything. Perspective is everything—especially for the next two hundred years. The rigidities of earth will no longer serve, if they ever did—but the flexibilities of air will literally and figuratively set you free.

Only when we release everything we think we knew or know will we be open to invite this age of enlightenment we think we’re already in.

Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.❞
——Jean Paul Sartre

Image credit— @intr_lopr on Instagram

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