★Monday Forecast

★Monday Forecast

Scorpio/Sagittarius Gibbous Moon
—July 19

By later this afternoon* the moon moves into Sagittarius—and through this lunarly influence—may a forgiving heart or open mind assuage any potentially hurt feelings or egoic eruptions from earlier this morning—yours or an/Others.

If feelings weren’t hurt, or words weren’t carelessly or haphazardly or prematurely expressed, today’s energies could represent, for you, more in regard toward the subtle discrepancies upon matters of nuance and tenderness, and the reality of necessity, however harsh it can be—and the in’s and out’s thereby and thereof.

Some days are meant to provoke, however ethereally, in an effort to remind you what’s important.

Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones.
——John Lennon

*2:07pm PDT; 3:07pm MDT; 4:07pm CDT; 5:07pm EDT
Image credit — @divangraphico on Instagram

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  1. Jamie, this and yesterday’s reading were/are so prominent to my Current feelings/situation. Thank you so much for your selfless offering of your gift 🤗💚🙏🌟


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