★Thursday Forecast

★Thursday Forecast

Capricorn Gibbous Moon
—July 22

Likely inspired by yesterday’s reminders toward what remains expected of you, today’s chances of acquiring ever more responsibility, obligation, or even an additional role or demand—by ordered assignment or personal devotion—is much more probable.

There may be something of a ‘that’s not how we do things’ vibe, or otherwise, some type of reminder of ‘the rules’, or the boundaries, or consequences… and so there is, then, a radically obvious response or reaction: to stay in line or to veer…

Further, and perhaps more importantly—the essence of this radicality isn’t so much about staying in line or veering, but whether or not: to respond or react.

Things are changing, shifting, and both sporadically and spontaneously emerging… embracing this would benefit you—fighting it or resisting will only zap you.

However. To stay in line or to veer… this will be a case-by-case evaluation—and the findings could be surprising.

Responding or reacting, though, again—this is your choice, despite whatever it is that you’re actually experiencing.

Today may feel as though something heavy, and likely stubbornly isolating in nature, is wanting to hang on, clinging, and ultimately, keeping you down or back or behind—struggling… knowing full well that this behavior, or feeling, or opinion, or whatever is expiring—resuscitation is pointless.

New horizons continue to blur into view, and with these, new potentials and possibilities…

These possibilities could be unexpectedly balancing.

Frustrations are on the rise, indeed, through today’s building energies—especially so, as the full moon in Aquarius is tomorrow, which should prove to be somewhat memorable.

Once you see the boundaries of your environment, they are no longer the boundaries of your environment.❞
——Marshall McLuhan

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