★Saturday Forecast

★Saturday Forecast

Aquarius Disseminating Moon
—July 24

We’re all out to prove a point, aren’t we?

Instead of making a point toward what you won’t do, or can’t do, or shouldn’t do… wouldn’t it be much more effective, beneficial, reverent, and likely lucrative to prove a point of what you will do and can do, and (hopefully) already doing?

And wouldn’t it be lovely—and really, absolutely intriguing—to go about proving this point of yours quietly, magically, almost anonymously…

Without fanfare, meme, or hashtag?

Can you imagine?—which is precisely the point… the imagining, the spark of subconscious connection—the cosmic connection between what could be to What Could Be!

The true point, I imagine you’ll agree, is within the actual action of the feeling or thought being compelled… it’s not the point, then, but the actual action needing to be taken.

Are you taking action?

To put up a sign in your front yard, then, for example, protesting any number of complaints or compassions, doesn’t really help anything… a sign or decal or sticker or photo border on Instagram isn’t an actual action toward anything but rather an obnoxiously virtue signaled egoic gratification. Oh, the martyred meme…

Is the point you’re currently trying to prove a point of love?—coming from heart-centered consciousness?—and are you actually acting toward and for this love in your everyday?

If not—if you’re simply reposting a meme—is this point really working for you?—is this ‘act’ actually working for the livelihoods of whomever or whatever it regards?—or does it simply allow you to feel a little better, or more involved, or less entitled, or whatever your ego is craving or fearing?

The rebellious moon connects to Saturn in conjunction, then squares Uranus… your points would be better received through creative action over status quo conditioning.

Maybe it shouldn’t so much be about making a point but rather sharing a gesture of egoically- and emotionally-detached vision of love… 

Points of Love are always quiet, without fanfare, meme or hashtag… and yet, when Love is imagined, meditated upon, resourced, reflected, and shared—it cannot be ignored; it is anything but quiet…

It need not be reposted—that’s the true magic of it—it travels through the realms of dimensions.

A proof, if you will, is pointedly clear.

I knew I matured when I realized every situation doesn’t need a reaction—sometimes you just gotta leave people to do the dumb shit they do.
——Donald Glover

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