★Sunday Forecast

★Sunday Forecast

Aquarius/Pisces Disseminating Moon
—July 25

Comedian Anthony Jeselnik, who may or may not be preferred by everyone, nevertheless, has a bit from his stand-up show titled ‘Thoughts & Prayers’ (you can find it on Netflix, or here) that perfectly fits for the energies dynamics today… allow me to share a smidge of the transcript:

And they said, “Anthony, the problem is when you make a joke on Twitter the day of a tragedy, it seems like you’re making fun of the victims, and that’s wrong.”

But that’s not what I’m doing. Because, you see, the day of a tragedy, victims are not on Twitter. Am I wrong? Tell me I’m wrong.

The day of a tragedy, victims have got victim shit to do. No one is ever putting on a tourniquet, asking, “Hey, are we trending?”

This is who I’m making fun of when I make a joke on Twitter the day of a tragedy—the people who see something horrible happen in the world and they run to the Internet. And they run to their social media, Facebook, Twitter, whatever they got. And they all write down the exact same thing: “My thoughts and prayers…”

“My thoughts and prayers with the people in Aurora.” “My thoughts and prayers with the families in Boston.”

Do you know what that’s worth? Fucking nothing. Fucking less than nothing.

Less than nothing.

You are not giving any of your time, your money or even your compassion.

All you are doing is saying, “Don’t forget about me today.” “Don’t forget about me.” “Lots of crazy distractions in the news, but don’t forget how sadz I am.”

Those people are worthless and they deserve to be made fun of… they’re like a wedding photographer who only takes selfies. You understand? 

Today has several intensely compelling aspects building and exacting, as the triggering moon will oppose the aggressions of Mars and then connect to the righteousness of Jupiter in conjunction, as either an informing or instigating Mercury will simultaneously oppose the depths of Pluto through the touchiness of Cancer as the majority of the heavens are operating through the ever-increasingly inevitable complexities between fixed and mutable qualities… 

Today’s essence isn’t so much about the asininity of thoughts and prayers being frantically and selfishly shared via social media as it is about the differences between egoically entitled conjecture and actual action—between cutting, edgy, triggering, taunting words or thoughts or opinions or theories or mandates or beliefs… and actual action.

We’re beyond thoughts and prayers at this point.

I suppose we might want to actually think and learn how to live and navigate ourselves among energy and truly meditate and really send love and genuinely get down on our knees and pray… we might want to start giving an actual fuck of effort.

Please also allow me to remind you that as we launch into these new stages of Air we are still navigating within the dynamics of nodal oppositions between Gemini and Sagittarius, which is to say:

Between conjecture and cyclic constancy.

Between noise and truth.

Between wondering and knowing.

Between what we’re being told and what’s actually going on.

Between actual destruction and very real creation.

Occurring today between the actual actions of an emotionally detached Aquarius moon, and the ‘thoughts and prayers’ emotionality of a Piscean moon… 

Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.
——Cesar Cruz


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