★Tuesday Forecast

Gemini Balsamic Moon
—August 3

So, whatever ways of thinking about yourself or the world at large you motivated yourself to throw out from yesterday—you’ll want to talk about it today… but don’t expect anyone to take you too seriously.

Whatever your thoughts or feelings are—these will need to be quite convincing… as astrologer Dane Rudhyar would say, “its inertial resistance to change has to be overcome.”

Maybe try talking less about these new experiences you need to be experiencing and—directly experience them.

Unaccustomed to direct experience, we can come to fear it. We don’t want to read a book or see a museum show until we’ve read the reviews so that we know what to think. We lose the confidence to perceive ourselves. We want to know the meaning of an experience before we have it. We become frightened of direct experience, and we will go to elaborate lengths to avoid it.❞
——Michael Crichton

Image credit— @the.collagetheque on Instagram

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