I tend to notice struggle…

Unnecessary struggle screams. Real struggle whispers.

These days it’s screaming. And I feel compelled to write this…

I see struggle, these days, in most directions, in nearly all ways… systems are broken, vacant, vacuous, corrupt, and completely breaking and securities we always believed were a given, guaranteed, or granted in reward are failing… everything is a mess.

Change is being demanded, unapologetically—it’s come to this point.

We are being asked to change, transform, innovate or reform.

Hope and prayers, love, and belief will not be enough.

Specifically, I feel the resounding struggling—the largely unnecessary struggling—due, essentially, through massive confusion.

Confused alienation and anxiety. Almost an obligated confusion. Confused beliefs, directives.

Even the origin of this word, struggle, is formed on a base of ‘obscure origin’… which begs the question: why!?—why, and how, and in what ways can this be navigated?

But if what you’re currently doing isn’t working, the obscurity becomes quickly defined and tangible… especially when taking personally gentle accountability.

I recognize struggle because I used to be all too familiar, and even convivial, with its mechanisms and effects—cuddly with its mindlessness—the trickery of its illogical tomfoolery is truly chilling; struggle is egoic, simply put, and will therefore cling to its endless validation.

No more. And it’s made all the difference for me.

We tend to think that to struggle is to care, or to put forth an effort, or to be recognized as heroic (a term recently and presently being grossly exaggerated and mistranslated), or concerned, devoted, or determined… however, we are not here to struggle—and if you feel as though you are, or that it’s supposed to be that way, you’re doing something wrong… and these current times are offering you an opportunity to change your ways.

The thing is—our natal charts blatantly boast a clear pathway for us each, individually, to avoid struggle… just waiting to be translated.

Please understand—much of today’s woo woo astrology inspires one to use astrology as an excuse to remain comfortable and content within familiar miseries (i.e. I’m an Aries so I’m naturally bossy and aggressively demanding—which happens to be exactly what you might be here to work through, to find enlightenment through; planetary placements indicate potential challenges within our psyche, not an expertise or hall pass thereof, by the way)… whereas actionable astrology uses astrology as a tool to evolve, and to consciously make changes within your reality to be supported through actual cellular responses within yourself, to truly change your reality into an ideal made available just for you… you chose them specifically for this lifetime—why not use them!?

In most cases, as simply put as is possible to put it: if you’re struggling, you’re navigating your chart in the wrong direction, or celebrating your challenges in a way that further complicate your issues, and the universe is now alerting you to this through actual events of struggle, typically by aspect to a personal planet—either actually or psychically… you get the idea—either way, you’re feeling it, you’re living it, it’s wildly uncomfortable, and your personality in no way resembles the individuated self you always identified with from within or resonated toward.

These days are punching us with a much stronger need to be that much more powerfully conscious in our personal accountability than we’ve felt in a long while, if ever…

So, it’s your move, it’s on you and no one but you.

If you’re thinking to yourself how challenging 2020 and 2021 have been—you’ve seen nothing yet… many are literally standing in line like cattle for the ride we’ll eventually call 2022 (sorry not sorry for this visual, and please know that this forewarning comes from a place of love, not fear) and there’s no way to prepare anyone for what lies ahead in one broad stroke… each of you holds your own solution.

No one is coming to save you, you must save yourself despite your struggles… these are the energies we’re working with now, unlearning the old and exploring the new, with an open mind.

Your struggles will not reward you, however convincing your ego may make this seem to you… unless you truly are here in this lifetime to experience struggle, though I would argue that none of us are—you wouldn’t consider it struggling… I suppose it’s what we’d refer to as a soul obligation (not to be mistaken by the man-made obligations we mindlessly create and excuse our behaviors or limitations through).

You are not here to struggle.

All of you are here to thrive.

And your natal chart will show you the way—your way.

I will no longer be providing single readings—personal accountability begins with an honest investment in yourself, an investment toward change, consciousness, and personal evolution… should you be interested in creating a reality that resembles your ideal, this would be a process that would require real soul work that deserves much more than a merely ninety minutes and an overload of new information… so, really, the term ‘reading’ no longer holds much relevance.

How about I refer to an exchange with you as, appropriately by definition—a disquisition.

And so I will offer you a flexibility in disquisitions—as some of you may be new to concepts of investment, I get it, it’s a lot—considering each individual circumstance, I will offer/recommend disquisitions of durations of either three months, six months, nine months, or twelve months, in which we would connect in incrementally designated times, and a fee will vary appropriately.

Let me show you how to use astrology without learning it, in real speak… because even knowing where your moon was when you were born doesn’t do you much for you without the larger context of it all, in relation to all of everything else, believe me—much less, knowing when Mercury retrograde is occurring… which is, sadly for my heart, how little I continue to see people ‘utilize’ astrology—but if simply knowing that you’re a Sagittarius rising is helping you create your dreams, that’s incredible for you, truly; like anything, until you really understand things (anything!) in their right context—such as what, specifically, a neuron really is and how it works… it’s useless information…

❝Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.❞
——Miles Kingston

I’m here if you need some help, or if you want to begin investing in your ideal—message me directly or e-mail me.

Image credit— @miss.printed on Instagram

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