The first week of October begins with a wealth of potential —however painfully available… it is an eye-opener week, if you will; a week to ask yourself: what has the universe been asking me to release?

Further, what plans have you been clinging to that are simply no longer relevant, these plans no longer fit, they no longer feel true?

Not unlike this time of year —what memories have you been romanticizing?—memories that may need to be let go for their cold and crippling inaccuracy…

The photo I chose is a drone’s perspective, from above, of an aircraft boneyard in southern California, where many models of aircraft that have been rendered irrelevant, for whatever reason, are stored, to be stripped for parts for models that remain relevant and vital… kept in the dry and unforgiving desert, these parts manage to resist rust and decay, and are thereby still valuable.

There is a wealth of potential to be found and honored in this first week of October, should you be brutally honest with yourself —should you wish to take your power back into your own hands and prepare to move forward… should you choose to raise your frequency and tune into the vitality amidst all the death and dying, victimhood and fragility… amidst all of the varying irrelevancy.

In what ways can you take responsibility for your own chosen outcomes?—for your own ideal?

What expectations do you need to release?

Is there a blind spot you’ve been avoiding?

What are you committed to changing?

When, and in what ways, do you feel most alive?

The inner fire is the most important thing mankind possesses.❞
——Edith Södergran

Image credit— @dailyoverview on Instagram

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