•●♎︎ NM at 13°25′

•●♎︎ NM at 13°25′

Typically Libran new moons are quite lovely, and your average astrological cookbook definition would likely concur, ever so conveniently and agreeably…

Not this one.

There will be an obvious challenge, quite directly and very possibly personally, to all things lovely, and toward all things Venusian, indeed… toward all things so blindly and thoughtlessly agreeable.

You might feel an un-ease, actually—or dis-ease. A disorientation.

If I were you I would question it, especially if questioning it would go against your ‘natural’ grain in any way.

However, and unfortunately, simply privately questioning anything will likely go much further… and be much louder than the sounds of your own personal conscience—these energies are likely potential to stir protests and riots of unrest, at the very most, collectively or even on a personal level between yourself and an/Other… it seems that everyone is either clinging to a sense of false relevancy or seeking out meaning in an overall that isn’t even their own personal experience—it’s as though much of society, if one were to believe what they’re being told, is putting tomato into a fruit salad.

Further, I presume the almighty righteous virtue signaling will wave its martyred flag in its finest silks, and for its most unbecoming reasonings… as it has since spring of 2020—and look where it’s gotten us: incredibly uneasy… (the ultimate result of giving everyone a trophy for simply showing up for the last twenty years.)

Yet, the opportunity awaits those who can think and thrive for themselves—as we continue to reward the broken and triggered—and for those who actively find balance in the imbalances.

Where is the un-ease or dis-ease in your reality?

Something needs to change… but what?—it’s gotta begin with you, though… this new moon is all about you you you.

Do you prefer to be told what to do?

Do you prefer to make your own decisions?

Does it make you uncomfortable to not have control?

Does it create un-ease to consider that everything you thought was secure is… no longer so secure, in any stretch of the imagination you may lie to yourself through?

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.❞
——Miles Kingston

*4:05am PDT; 5:05am MDT; 6:05am CDT; 7:05am EDT

Image credit— @julienpacaud on Instagram

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