•●♑︎ 1stQ☽ at 20°01′ on Tuesday★

•●♑︎  1stQ☽ at 20°01′ on Tuesday★

What, may I ask, are you doing with your un-ease?

What confrontations have introduced the raw and un-ignorable need for repair?

These recent and current energies we’re navigating, as astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed, “bring to us vividly the realization that whatever [you] build in order to be able to venture away from solidly individualized and conscious bases of operation is likely to be damaged by as yet unfamiliar cosmic forces.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if some sort of cosmic sign or spiritual symbolism hasn’t been occurring to you through this last week… though, you may simply not want to take to heart its meanings—ahh, the interplays of choosey ignorance.

Is your spirituality established through convenience?

It’s one thing to obliterate or eradicate all the historical events and reminders that trigger unwanted emotions or fears, although eliminating the reminder serves us not… it’s quite another, when it comes to dealing with oneself, ultimately—what shall be removed in this circumstance?

Is your self-worth and personal evolutionary progress convenient?

What behaviors, attitudes, and mindsets from within need, first, to be dealt with if you are to move forward?

As Jung would recommend: anything that so triggers you beyond yourself is actually occurring within yourself… which brings us back to (trans)personal accountability—oh so conveniently, as Pluto and Saturn station direct through this week, and Mercury and Jupiter will station direct next week, inspiring further hints and nudges. Sure, maybe there’s strength in numbers for all of these obscure movements occurring… but these groups of collaborative complaint are only as strong as their weakest link, essentially—all revolutionary work in the name of progress will forever need to be strategized and conquered from within first.

You’ve been given the hunch, the sign, the hint—whether it was the one you wanted or not… so take your triggers, your woes, and your collective complaints—take a long hard look within, at yourself, “in all ways to Tuesday… and fix it,” as my dad used to say, regardless of what day it was, “damnit man.”

The cosmos has your back, as well as all your ideals, it does—but you’ve got to do the real work from within yourself first: it’s your transpersonal responsibility…

I know, the actualizing and adulting required of Saturn in Aquarius is exhausting—but all your demands, rational or not, require the critical course-corrections… and these begin with you—and it doesn’t matter a bit how much of the outer or microscopic world you try to destroy or eradicate along the way.

You’ve still got the work to do. Saturn will wait.

So what, may I ask, are you planning to do about your un-ease/dis-ease?

If you have bad luck at dawn, you had bad luck. If you keep having bad luck all day, you are the bad luck.❞

——Amit Kalantri

*1stQ October 12 at 8:24pm PDT; 9:24pm MDT; 10:24pm CDT; 11:24pm EDT

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