—Synthesis of October 15-20th

An awakening or a quickening, or even a burgeoning, is occurring through these next handful of days, and it’s occurring within you—but also, it’s occurring all around you.

Particularly through an/Other.

These days are precious. And these days are beyond you.

Careful what you focus upon, careful what you’re spending/wasting your time with—I would recommend putting your efforts and energies into your ideal, rather than exhausting yourself with what is, what can never be, or what isn’t… 

Whether you feel you are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ about anything at all—consider first, and much more importantly, that these feelings are projections… that it really doesn’t matter, unless someone has actually asked you of your thoughts. And even then, rightness and wrongness isn’t the point—but rather, the personal experience which was experienced, and that is all.

Try to remember that everyone around you—and everyone everywhere—is simply doing their best; try to allow them this benefit of the doubt… and granted, their ‘best’ may be experiencing a bad day—send love anyway… send compassion, and forgiveness, patience, and maybe even some energetic boundaries, so that it need not fluster you as much.

Not even leading—but rather, inspiring—through example is all there is to be done at this time.

Symbols speaking or signs sounding—what is needed now is beyond words, in a way, despite so much elemental air abound… or, should words be necessary—choose them wisely.

The lesson through these days will involve opportunities to open while also boundary-ing; these lessons will both teach and inspire a cautious optimism for both self and other; the outcome, of course, depends on how you participate via demonstrative example.

Reality checks continue to startle—be prepared to be quite honest with yourself these days… though, we also have much more opportunity to consider beyond ourselves, willingly—even genuinely. Despite the ugliness that sometimes exists within truths, these days are attempting to hold space for a sort of collateral beauty, toward self and other, and in truth. There is a defining balance to be sought after… or, it may very well simply come to you, should you be open to receive.

The signs need not be so much about direction, but also in validation, that everything within this realm of consciousness is relative, and utterly meaningless—until we inspire meaning to these… these signs, experiences, and truths.

There’s an energy of transmutation, and surrender… and ultimately—personal empowerment, or, depending upon your participation, personal demolition and egoic confrontation.

Always, your choice.

This said, there could be a building of conflicting feelings or viewpoints, this is highly likely… remember to honestly put effort into understanding the other side, be it personally or collectively, or otherwise—because you should wish this effort from your own oppositions. There is no right or wrong, only relative understanding and subjective experience.

You know, that ancient golden rule…

Perhaps this awakening that is occurring within you and all around you is simply a new understanding, manifesting, toward the universal law that inspires one to look outward with trust and openness—trust and openness is then understood, received, and offered in return.

This is quite an empowering manifestation, indeed.

None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we trust. Because we have Faith.

——Paulo Coelho

Image credit— @ponse.lakiva on Instagram

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