Since mid-June, a natural ease of life has been harnessed, reeled back in—welded back down and unnecessarily complicated… does this feel familiar within your personal reality, too?

It was training. Whether you signed on or up for it, or not—it was boot camp training toward inner strength and resilience.

Think back to this summer, and reconsider all of your circumstances through a new lens—through the perspective that it was even the most subtle of training programs… does this effect or alter your mindset or feelings about it?

And further still… try reconsidering that all this training was actually arranged by your own request—that your inner energies were being reflected back at you.


Attitude truly is everything, yeah?

Now that Jupiter is stationing, and will be henceforth moving forwardly—try adjusting your attitude accordingly, in an effort to truly train your inner energies toward the actual value of the lessons you’ve been learning.

He who conquers himself is the mightiest…


♃ SD at 22°♒︎

Image credit— @toonjoosen on Instagram

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