Synthesis of November 28th-December 3rd

Today’s sun/Mercury cazimi/combustion in Sagittarius is definitely hopeful, and stupidly optimistic, of course—however, it may also be representing something of a warning flag, as well.

The symbolism of this occurring in Sagittarius, obviously, associates itself, and its implications, with hope and forward motion, changes, and… likely—exaggerated, and possibly impossible, ideals.

Further, to consider the degree of this essential conjunction, decan, and its tarot associations—allow me synthesize for you… overall, there may be a resistance to change, or movement, or in trusting the flow—remember, the South Node is moving through its final degrees of Sagittarius, and has been moving through this sign since May of 2020, and thereby tempting natives in all ways of what I call patterning paralysis… and so clinging to No Longer, especially in regard to patterns, conditioning, beliefs, and personal philosophies that simply do not make any sense or hold any rational or logical basis—the clinging to these has likely presented many obstacles and unnecessary struggles.

However, native Sagittarians are convinced at every turn that they’re always right, so try explaining any of this to them, that you can’t possibly understand how they feel, as though they’re experiencing an entirely brand new emotion only known to them—such Zeusian audacity—much luck to you in this endeavor…

In the same turn, wherever Sagittarius is in your chart—this is where you’re clinging to unnecessary and vacant and meaningless motions and muscle memories of the past.

Try not to insist that you know what you’re doing, that no one knows what you’re truly experiencing… remember that you might be dramatizing your feelings and thoughts just a tad.

Likely more than a tad—more than a smidge or a nudge.

The drama, now, is probably quite ridiculous—that’s just good ole Sagittarian energy…

And so again, you could be receiving something of a flash of insight, truly—but this insight is also likely to be including a bit of a warning to take things slow, to be as realistic as possible, and to not succumb to the excitement and drama and recklessness of it all.

This will be incredibly transformative. Now that’s exciting.

Ideals aside for the moment—let’s get real.

Things are falling into place… and forward motion is occurring, believe it or not—but try to take this time to slowly feel it through.

There also a large universal law red flag here—as within, so without… in all ways: if you’re not manifesting it within yourself first, it won’t be manifesting itself for you outside of yourself. Further, the endless ‘speaking of your truth’ at every turn for every matter with every opinion and every emotion doesn’t really mean anything if you’re not actually living your truth in your everyday.

It doesn’t mean anything of depth or substance, anyway… 

Which is another point of warning—if surface is what you’re seeking, this shouldn’t be too complicated or even very challenging… but if you’re seeking something meaningful, something of worth—this will require real devotion, and consistently living in reflective example.

So take a moment. Take a pause. Figure out what you want.

And ask yourself why you want it. 

Then consider what this will require of you. Honestly. Realistically.

And finally, really actually spend some real time to contemplate all traces and muscle memories, preferences, and conditioning from your No Longer—to abandon or disembrace, refuse, and ultimately to unlearn—in order to truly and honestly and genuinely revitalize your soul, personally and egoically evolve, and move forward in light, and in alignment.

What are you willing to sacrifice or surrender for personal peace?

All things must change to something new, to something strange.❞
——Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

☉/☿☌@6°56’♐︎; separating♒︎♄*⚷ @8°

•●★♍︎LQ☽ at 5°28′ from 11/27

Several days late, the recent last quarter Virgoan moon represented much of a cord-cutting—the most efficiently and responsibly of cord-cutting, of course.

Whether these metaphorical cords are drying up and deadening or are still vital, however unhealthy for you or simply irrelevant, or imbalanced… whatever your reasoning—something is requiring a trimming.

A daring trimming, for good measure… “leaving a secure position in order to attain your desires.”

This could also represent something of a consolidation of What Is, and allowing this something of an approval, or acknowledgement, or acquiescence… in an effort to begin planning forwardly beyond What Is. Additionally, there is a fated-ness to these energies.

So, drawing the lines and cutting the cords… and marking new boundaries—these are essential in moving forward.

As astrologer Raven Kaldera states, “after the hard-won lessons of saying Yes to people, that No is painful and difficult… the Fate no longer merely criticizes imperfections but understands people enough to make allowances for their flaws—yet it seems that whenever she centers her life on others, things go wrong.”¹

So there is definitely a need to learn new skills in some way.

You are essentially being “forced to make difficult choices and defend boundaries, and often cut the cord and retreat again into solitary meditation…” and so of course, “being the one to mark out death is not an easy job, and it makes for desperate validation and cold withdrawal by turns.”¹

Further, “this is an important service that most people don’t appreciate unless they are in bad need of it, and through so much hostility in spite of all best efforts.”¹

Finally, Kaldera suggests that “on the Fate’s moon, we set boundaries with those commitments that have been preventing us from getting the alone-time that we need… it is a good time for setting new rules—with oneself and with others—and for a solitary time of meditation.”¹

There is also a need to “see definite possibilities and evidence of advancement in life and to feel as though we are making progress toward a goal or a clear outcome… [likely because something is causing us to feel] stuck in repetitive or unprogressive ruts… this can lead you to wonder if you would just hold on tight, wait to see if the thing will ever eventually stop or jump off—jumping off while things are still in motion can actually feel life-threatening… the desire, longing, or even addiction to things, people, places, substances, etc can put a hold on your life to the point where you can’t see a way out.”²

“However, each time you return to what feels like the same place, if you’ve been watchful, you’ve had the opportunity to look at other alternatives, answers or possibilities… at some stage, though, there will need to be a decision made: do you want to keep going round and round, or do you want to stop repetitive situations or reactions and get off?”²

Perhaps our greatest distinction as a species is our capacity, unique among animals, to make counter-evolutionary choices.❞
——Jared Diamond

*4:27am PST; 5:27am MST; 6:27am CST; 7:27am EST
Goldsmith, M. ‘The Zodiac by Degrees.’ Weiser Books; ©2004.
¹Kaldera, R. ‘Moon Phase Astrology.’ Destiny Books; ©2011.
²Hill, L ‘360 Degrees of Wisdom.’ A Plume Book; ©2004.

•●♉︎ Lunar Eclipse at 27°14′

Acceleration is a funny thing.

One would think, rather naturally, if not automatically, that the faster one moves the less time one would expend to arrive at one’s anticipated destination—be it a place, a higher rank, a lower weight, or a heightened, enlightened state of mind…



Sometimes acceleration—let’s say, in the case of vehicular speed—provokes an unexpected speeding ticket, or worse, an accident.

But sometimes… sometimes putting your foot to the metal is simply unmatchable—exhilarating!—like you’re losing your mind, your head, your thoughts, and all your bullshit self-talk…

Acceleration will be the thing—accelerating impatience and anger, frustrations and issues of power and control dynamics. Losing your cool, your mind and rationality, simultaneously, is also a risk—in the other direction… 

Remember, too, that all the breakdown that’s occurring—particularly that which is breaking down within yourself, all those patterned barriers and mental constructs and internal dialogues… it is time for an epic rebirth. This is opportunity.

Acceleration can also refer to a heightened awareness in consciousness.

Remember, as well, that much of the intensity being experienced now is primarily egoic, which would also refer the above mentioned patterned barriers, mental constructs, and internal dialogues being largely orchestrated by the ego—and likely, a threatened ego. 

The shadows, too, are emerging. Talking. These shadows have much to say, and it’s up to you to decipher…

Will you find a way to use these energies constructively? Slowly…

Will you displace blame for your own egoic impulses and lose your cool, reacting, impatiently?

Will you look within yourself, either way, and surrender to a confrontation with(in) yourself regarding the difference?

Which pedal will you navigate with? The choice is yours…

And maybe, just maybe, it’s not you navigating at all… more likely, all these energies are getting to either your ego or your shadows—but either way, it’s you who is personally accountable for your reactions.

Change is upon you… respond—don’t react… accelerate wisely.

❝…our souls may be consumed by shadows, but that doesn’t mean we have to behave as monsters.❞ ——Emm Cole

*12:56am PST; 1:56am MST; 2:56am CST; 3:56am EST


—Synthesis of November 12-18th

Your ideals are back up for review, and after you’ve carefully and strategically reassessed the why’s and how’s and what’s and when’s of these ideals of yours—you’re likely feeling much more motivated.

This motivation, however, may be stemming from a precious place of pain deeply repressed within… and the core of this could reveal itself this week. Perhaps it isn’t so much pain, but something that has grown from a place of pain? Whatever it is, it’s a vulnerability. Further, this vulnerability isn’t to be exploited so as to look so virtuous or relevant—but as a lesson for your own private personal evolution.

There is a shadow side to these energies—beware.

Beware that this overwhelming motivation you may be feeling can be so powerful, and so profound, and so absolutely delicious… that this exhilaration could actually sway you away from your ideal. I know—very sneaky.

Caution not spirit, let it roam wild; for in that natural state dance embraces divine frequency.❞
——Shah Asad Rizvi

Again, think long term, long haul, overall picture, down the road and around the bend—think years from now.

Additionally, be it within these motivations or beyond them or outside of them—these energies can loosen you up to a point that you’ll ‘buy’ anything: be it with money or your mind… careful, careful—your values and self-worth could be confronted with a soft spot.

If you are operating on higher frequencies, you could very well tap into deeply/highly insightful realizations… and it could change everything.

If you’re not operating on higher frequencies—you could be offered an opportunity to do so for yourself. It would be my advice to you to embrace any epiphanies you receive, and trust rather than continuing to question, or further—to compartmentalize meaning into your own preferences.

Because it is now, here in the Now—that you need to actually incorporate these insights and apply them in your everyday.

Meaning: you’re not simply being dazzled by the gods with goosebumps and awe… you’re being asked to embody this awe and actually apply it, to inspire others… to lead by example—and quite simply and honestly, this can only be accomplished if you’re tuned in to higher frequencies.

So I learned two things that night, and the next day, from him: the perfection of a moment, and the fleeting nature of it.
——Margaret George

If you’re not ready for higher frequencies, prepared, or invested—it would be best to be quiet… these powers will swallow you whole.

This swallowing—figuratively or metaphorically, of course—could feel like a fierce confrontation… and again, if you’re not willing to surrender, then you’ll truly be bypassing this opportunity, such as the branch that breaks instead of bending.

Remember—you’re keeping in your minds eye the overall.

As incredible as a handful of moments in real time could feel, of it remains merely momentary—the point is missed.

If, however, you’re willing to confront yourself—or be confronted—and put your preferences and opinions, conditioning, and ideologies to the side… (permanently) without having any idea what you’re supposed to do, exactly, with(out) any of it—perhaps this is the point.

Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never even knew you had.❞
——Alice Sebold

Image credit— @j.m.navarro on Instagram

♏︎☉□♃@23°40′; ♑︎♀□ ⚷@8°58′; ♏︎♂☍♅@12°16′; ♄⟩*⚷
gibbous♓︎☽□☊☋;∆☿ /♂;∆☉;☌♆
gibbous♈︎☽☌⚷/□♀ exactly; □♇
gibbous♉︎☽□♄;☍☿;☌♅/☍♂ exactly

•●♒︎ 1stQ ☽ at 19°21’★


To be triggered…

“I’m so triggered…” “such and such triggers me…” it seems to be all the rage these days—everyone is so triggered, everything is so endlessly triggering.

What does this actually mean?—by definition, to trigger is to ‘initiate’; ‘anything, as an act or event, that serves as a stimulus and initiates or precipitates a reaction or series of reactions…’

A trigger, essentially, is the direct initiative toward, exposure thereof, and highlighting of one’s weakest points. Awesome. Let’s perpetuate it all…

Being triggered is a shadow frequency of Aquarian energies, in reaction to either alienation, displacement, or ostracization.

Again. Is perpetuation what’s necessary?

So now that everyone is good and ever so vocally vulnerable and triggered and alienated beyond recognition it’s time to begin thickening the skin and building a bright white light orb of resilience… or it’s not looking so comfy up ahead.

Overcoming, resilience and secured sustenance… this is what I continue to envision as I translate this quartered moon.

Maybe not secured sustenance—let’s be realistic—it’ll be more like a really dependable sustenance.

Your own.

Can you depend upon yourself?

Are you capable of sustaining that which supports you?

Can you sustain your own best interests?

Do you have a voice that’s assertive enough to stand up to that which towers over you?—to that which is beyond you?

Are you capable of moving beyond your trigger points and build a resilience?

Sure, these questions are triggering… but, putting your answers to actual reality—are you triggered, or prepared? Reality check.

Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it’s less good than the one you had before. You can fight it, you can do nothing but scream about what you’ve lost, or you can accept that and try to put together something that’s good.❞
——Elizabeth Edwards

Either way, creative solutions should befall you this weekend… not the creativity that reinvents definitions to words or meanings, or the ever-trending lazy creativeness that allows everyone to feel worthy, or essential—like we’re all winners; this sort of creativity will not sustain itself—simply because it’s not realistic.

Reality checks are still building and bulldozing a new way. 

Still, these creative solutions are subtle and not guaranteed—you’ll have to be experiencing a higher frequency for them. Otherwise, much frustration will be experienced, and even more likely—frustration without an outlet, which, obviously, inspires eruption. 

I guess, whatever works?

There’s no such thing as ruining your life. Life’s a pretty resilient thing, it turns out.❞ ——Sophie Kinsella

Are you capable of real raw and honest discernment now?

Will you recognize the difference between the two experiences?—between reaction and response…

Are you capable of choosing the overall long haul bigger picture over the truly small and personal egoic trigger?

Can you be bigger and live beyond your vulnerabilities?—now that you’ve displaced yourself from realistic proportions between this and that within your own small reality…

Are your petty real time problems going to matter in twenty years?—within a perspective of the larger long haul bigger picture of course… remember, we’re all winners—every last one of our touchy triggered feelings matters more than existence itself *eye roll*

Bigger picture, folks… time for accountability through these reality checks…

Speaking of which—what was coming into your reality, or leaving it, in November of 2002?—nineteen years ago… for those of you old enough to consciously remember this time, having made conscious choices within your reality at this time—you could be noticing the navigation of a subtle second round within the patterning of your personal evolution.

Try not to let it trigger you wink wink this is your opportunity to be resilient this time around… more discerning of your time, energy, and efforts.

Because, after all—this personal accountability thing I won’t let go, because after all, it’s a highest expression of Aquarian energy, which is what we’re supposed to be learning through this phase, would account for personal discernment and resilience.

Through this time, try choosing personal accountability—because you’re worth it.

Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you. Never excuse yourself. Never pity yourself.❞ ——Henry Ward Beecher

*4:45am PST; 5:45am MST; 6:45am CST; 7:45am EST

Image credit— @moody.svnday on Instagram


—Synthesis of November 5-10th


The concept of potential is often one of those hip buzzwords that celebrates and emphasizes productivity, opportunity, and forward-moving or future advancements, eventual reward… you get the idea.

And sure, this is appropriate, sometimes—the definition being, seemingly directly, ‘having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future…’

The root definition of the word ‘potential’ is simply: being able…

However, ‘being able’ is also opportunity for harsh realities coming to a climax or maturity.

For example, and mind you this one is extreme though sadly somewhat relevant… if one lives to eat (or numbingly consume otherwise) rather than more moderately, economically, nutritionally or sensibly eating to live, one has a very real potential, or ability, to become grossly and unnecessarily overweight… this potential, then, in turn, has a hefty potential of literally weighing down many systems beyond oneself and scale, such as the healthcare system, social systems, or systems of transportation, the entire industry of fashion and how clothing is now made!, not to mention the skeletal, muscular, and cardiovascular systems… you get the idea.

This is just one example… an example many people are being offered a very shamelessly saturnian awakening these days, in all ways.

So where is your potential heading?

Where is it in your reality that you’re needing to get a grip?

How is it in your reality are you being given a reality check?

In what ways are you feeling the pressure?—is it motivational, or weighing you down?—literally or otherwise…

What are you able to do? Where are your abilities? In what ways is your potential able to develop?

Are your potentials going in the directions you want?—or in a direction you’ll one day need to get a grip on, or face a reality check?

You’ll be feeling these motivations/weights much more this week—they’re building and becoming overwhelming or all-consuming… how you use these energies is essential.

It is suggested, of course, to take your cake—but eat only your slice, and savor moderately and sensibly… 

Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do (or don’t do!) today.❞

——Tim Fargo (parentheses mine)

♏︎♂□♒︎♄ at 7°40′

Image credit— @shaedetar on Instagram

•●♏︎NM at 12°40′

Emotional depths, if you’re willing to submerge yourself, will offer you everything that is essential to this moment in time as you know it to be. It is worth your time to go deeper; to uncover what lies below the surface.

You must first be willing.

You must then commit to never, never turning back once you’ve set sail, submerged yourself deeply enough that you begin to experience the inability to consciously control what you feel next or unconsciously feel genuine fears or authentic desires… to let it go.

You must finally be willing to confront anyone—primarily yourself—and thereby fundamentally debilitating the ultimate value of the treasures you seek.

Through this gentle self-admission and spiritually energetic acquiescence you will be presented with a celestial opportunity to reflect… and to trust—to evolve!

To surrender.

Only once you’ve truly and honestly surrendered to your deepest depths are you able to honestly understand any given situation, enough to inherently feel your response even before being presented with a circumstance toward own your reflexive reaction.

Every encounter or involvement you find yourself in is universally connected to the very reflection you connect to yourself… surrendered.

The reason why many are still troubled, still seeking, still making little forward progress is because they haven’t yet come to the end of themselves… they’re still trying to give orders, and interfering with God’s work within.❞
——A. W. Tozer

What kind of energy do you exude?

What kind of energy do you put out for others to receive?

What kind of energy do you accept from others?

Within yourself, what do you surrender to?

Beyond yourself, what do you surrender to?

If the sun is your character, the moon your behavior—wouldn’t it be fair, then, to equivalate, through the deep connections one seeks in Scorpio: that what you give is what you get?—that what you see in yourself is what you find, ultimately, in/through others?—that what you refuse, is refused?

Stop repressing your fears/essence.

Stop suppressing your fears/essence.

Stop transferring your fears/shame.

Stop projecting your fears/shame.

Think before you displace your fears/essence.

Stop denying yourself.

If you’re unable to accept yourself—your entire Self—you’ll be unable to accept anyone, anything…

You’ve got some surrendering to do… it would be in your best interest to be willing to do this for yourself, and I suggest this with love.

When you’re finally able to give even your fears the acknowledgement they deserve, the respect, the resolve—the surrender—you’ll be able to finally trust your essence.

Always say ‘yes’ to the present moment. What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to what already is? What could be more insane than to oppose life itself, which is now and always now? Surrender to what is. Say ‘yes’ to life—and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.❞
——Eckhart Tolle

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*♏︎NM tomorrow @2:14pm PDT; 3:14pm MDT; 4:14pm CDT; 5:14pm EDT