—Synthesis of November 5-10th


The concept of potential is often one of those hip buzzwords that celebrates and emphasizes productivity, opportunity, and forward-moving or future advancements, eventual reward… you get the idea.

And sure, this is appropriate, sometimes—the definition being, seemingly directly, ‘having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future…’

The root definition of the word ‘potential’ is simply: being able…

However, ‘being able’ is also opportunity for harsh realities coming to a climax or maturity.

For example, and mind you this one is extreme though sadly somewhat relevant… if one lives to eat (or numbingly consume otherwise) rather than more moderately, economically, nutritionally or sensibly eating to live, one has a very real potential, or ability, to become grossly and unnecessarily overweight… this potential, then, in turn, has a hefty potential of literally weighing down many systems beyond oneself and scale, such as the healthcare system, social systems, or systems of transportation, the entire industry of fashion and how clothing is now made!, not to mention the skeletal, muscular, and cardiovascular systems… you get the idea.

This is just one example… an example many people are being offered a very shamelessly saturnian awakening these days, in all ways.

So where is your potential heading?

Where is it in your reality that you’re needing to get a grip?

How is it in your reality are you being given a reality check?

In what ways are you feeling the pressure?—is it motivational, or weighing you down?—literally or otherwise…

What are you able to do? Where are your abilities? In what ways is your potential able to develop?

Are your potentials going in the directions you want?—or in a direction you’ll one day need to get a grip on, or face a reality check?

You’ll be feeling these motivations/weights much more this week—they’re building and becoming overwhelming or all-consuming… how you use these energies is essential.

It is suggested, of course, to take your cake—but eat only your slice, and savor moderately and sensibly… 

Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do (or don’t do!) today.❞

——Tim Fargo (parentheses mine)

♏︎♂□♒︎♄ at 7°40′

Image credit— @shaedetar on Instagram

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