—Synthesis of November 12-18th

Your ideals are back up for review, and after you’ve carefully and strategically reassessed the why’s and how’s and what’s and when’s of these ideals of yours—you’re likely feeling much more motivated.

This motivation, however, may be stemming from a precious place of pain deeply repressed within… and the core of this could reveal itself this week. Perhaps it isn’t so much pain, but something that has grown from a place of pain? Whatever it is, it’s a vulnerability. Further, this vulnerability isn’t to be exploited so as to look so virtuous or relevant—but as a lesson for your own private personal evolution.

There is a shadow side to these energies—beware.

Beware that this overwhelming motivation you may be feeling can be so powerful, and so profound, and so absolutely delicious… that this exhilaration could actually sway you away from your ideal. I know—very sneaky.

Caution not spirit, let it roam wild; for in that natural state dance embraces divine frequency.❞
——Shah Asad Rizvi

Again, think long term, long haul, overall picture, down the road and around the bend—think years from now.

Additionally, be it within these motivations or beyond them or outside of them—these energies can loosen you up to a point that you’ll ‘buy’ anything: be it with money or your mind… careful, careful—your values and self-worth could be confronted with a soft spot.

If you are operating on higher frequencies, you could very well tap into deeply/highly insightful realizations… and it could change everything.

If you’re not operating on higher frequencies—you could be offered an opportunity to do so for yourself. It would be my advice to you to embrace any epiphanies you receive, and trust rather than continuing to question, or further—to compartmentalize meaning into your own preferences.

Because it is now, here in the Now—that you need to actually incorporate these insights and apply them in your everyday.

Meaning: you’re not simply being dazzled by the gods with goosebumps and awe… you’re being asked to embody this awe and actually apply it, to inspire others… to lead by example—and quite simply and honestly, this can only be accomplished if you’re tuned in to higher frequencies.

So I learned two things that night, and the next day, from him: the perfection of a moment, and the fleeting nature of it.
——Margaret George

If you’re not ready for higher frequencies, prepared, or invested—it would be best to be quiet… these powers will swallow you whole.

This swallowing—figuratively or metaphorically, of course—could feel like a fierce confrontation… and again, if you’re not willing to surrender, then you’ll truly be bypassing this opportunity, such as the branch that breaks instead of bending.

Remember—you’re keeping in your minds eye the overall.

As incredible as a handful of moments in real time could feel, of it remains merely momentary—the point is missed.

If, however, you’re willing to confront yourself—or be confronted—and put your preferences and opinions, conditioning, and ideologies to the side… (permanently) without having any idea what you’re supposed to do, exactly, with(out) any of it—perhaps this is the point.

Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never even knew you had.❞
——Alice Sebold

Image credit— @j.m.navarro on Instagram

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gibbous♓︎☽□☊☋;∆☿ /♂;∆☉;☌♆
gibbous♈︎☽☌⚷/□♀ exactly; □♇
gibbous♉︎☽□♄;☍☿;☌♅/☍♂ exactly

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