•●♉︎ Lunar Eclipse at 27°14′

Acceleration is a funny thing.

One would think, rather naturally, if not automatically, that the faster one moves the less time one would expend to arrive at one’s anticipated destination—be it a place, a higher rank, a lower weight, or a heightened, enlightened state of mind…



Sometimes acceleration—let’s say, in the case of vehicular speed—provokes an unexpected speeding ticket, or worse, an accident.

But sometimes… sometimes putting your foot to the metal is simply unmatchable—exhilarating!—like you’re losing your mind, your head, your thoughts, and all your bullshit self-talk…

Acceleration will be the thing—accelerating impatience and anger, frustrations and issues of power and control dynamics. Losing your cool, your mind and rationality, simultaneously, is also a risk—in the other direction… 

Remember, too, that all the breakdown that’s occurring—particularly that which is breaking down within yourself, all those patterned barriers and mental constructs and internal dialogues… it is time for an epic rebirth. This is opportunity.

Acceleration can also refer to a heightened awareness in consciousness.

Remember, as well, that much of the intensity being experienced now is primarily egoic, which would also refer the above mentioned patterned barriers, mental constructs, and internal dialogues being largely orchestrated by the ego—and likely, a threatened ego. 

The shadows, too, are emerging. Talking. These shadows have much to say, and it’s up to you to decipher…

Will you find a way to use these energies constructively? Slowly…

Will you displace blame for your own egoic impulses and lose your cool, reacting, impatiently?

Will you look within yourself, either way, and surrender to a confrontation with(in) yourself regarding the difference?

Which pedal will you navigate with? The choice is yours…

And maybe, just maybe, it’s not you navigating at all… more likely, all these energies are getting to either your ego or your shadows—but either way, it’s you who is personally accountable for your reactions.

Change is upon you… respond—don’t react… accelerate wisely.

❝…our souls may be consumed by shadows, but that doesn’t mean we have to behave as monsters.❞ ——Emm Cole

*12:56am PST; 1:56am MST; 2:56am CST; 3:56am EST

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