Synthesis of November 28th-December 3rd

Today’s sun/Mercury cazimi/combustion in Sagittarius is definitely hopeful, and stupidly optimistic, of course—however, it may also be representing something of a warning flag, as well.

The symbolism of this occurring in Sagittarius, obviously, associates itself, and its implications, with hope and forward motion, changes, and… likely—exaggerated, and possibly impossible, ideals.

Further, to consider the degree of this essential conjunction, decan, and its tarot associations—allow me synthesize for you… overall, there may be a resistance to change, or movement, or in trusting the flow—remember, the South Node is moving through its final degrees of Sagittarius, and has been moving through this sign since May of 2020, and thereby tempting natives in all ways of what I call patterning paralysis… and so clinging to No Longer, especially in regard to patterns, conditioning, beliefs, and personal philosophies that simply do not make any sense or hold any rational or logical basis—the clinging to these has likely presented many obstacles and unnecessary struggles.

However, native Sagittarians are convinced at every turn that they’re always right, so try explaining any of this to them, that you can’t possibly understand how they feel, as though they’re experiencing an entirely brand new emotion only known to them—such Zeusian audacity—much luck to you in this endeavor…

In the same turn, wherever Sagittarius is in your chart—this is where you’re clinging to unnecessary and vacant and meaningless motions and muscle memories of the past.

Try not to insist that you know what you’re doing, that no one knows what you’re truly experiencing… remember that you might be dramatizing your feelings and thoughts just a tad.

Likely more than a tad—more than a smidge or a nudge.

The drama, now, is probably quite ridiculous—that’s just good ole Sagittarian energy…

And so again, you could be receiving something of a flash of insight, truly—but this insight is also likely to be including a bit of a warning to take things slow, to be as realistic as possible, and to not succumb to the excitement and drama and recklessness of it all.

This will be incredibly transformative. Now that’s exciting.

Ideals aside for the moment—let’s get real.

Things are falling into place… and forward motion is occurring, believe it or not—but try to take this time to slowly feel it through.

There also a large universal law red flag here—as within, so without… in all ways: if you’re not manifesting it within yourself first, it won’t be manifesting itself for you outside of yourself. Further, the endless ‘speaking of your truth’ at every turn for every matter with every opinion and every emotion doesn’t really mean anything if you’re not actually living your truth in your everyday.

It doesn’t mean anything of depth or substance, anyway… 

Which is another point of warning—if surface is what you’re seeking, this shouldn’t be too complicated or even very challenging… but if you’re seeking something meaningful, something of worth—this will require real devotion, and consistently living in reflective example.

So take a moment. Take a pause. Figure out what you want.

And ask yourself why you want it. 

Then consider what this will require of you. Honestly. Realistically.

And finally, really actually spend some real time to contemplate all traces and muscle memories, preferences, and conditioning from your No Longer—to abandon or disembrace, refuse, and ultimately to unlearn—in order to truly and honestly and genuinely revitalize your soul, personally and egoically evolve, and move forward in light, and in alignment.

What are you willing to sacrifice or surrender for personal peace?

All things must change to something new, to something strange.❞
——Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

☉/☿☌@6°56’♐︎; separating♒︎♄*⚷ @8°

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