—Synthesis of December 26th-January 1st


We’re ending the year through a lunarly phase associated with endings… it’s almost poetic.

Since Sunday, the moon has moved through Libra, is currently in Scorpio as I write this, and will continue on through Sagittarius, and touch upon Capricorn in its balsamic phase, moving into the new year, and oh so eloquently offering a Capricorn new moon January 2nd…

You just can’t make this up.

The major events through this lunarly balsamic toned week is the third and final exact Saturn/Uranus square (it will continue to resonate throughout the entirety of 2022, as well, though never again exactly), the retrograded Venus/Pluto second conjunction of three—though Mercury comes into this narrative at this time for the first time, and finally, but definitely not least, Jupiter moves into Pisces, t-squaring the Nodes as it does so.

Perhaps the moon’s balsamic passing through these simultaneous narratives is to inspire a precious pause… a surrendering to What Is, to what currently is, to what currently is in this moment, to surrender to what currently is in this moment in your reality.

As shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests, this week is “a good time to sort out what we are really powerless against and what we might be able to change.”

It’s this effectual detail in ability to change—and I cannot stress this point of ability enough—that matters most… 

If you’re honest with yourself of your particular circumstances—and perhaps most particularly, the effecting essence of these circumstances—you could more honestly and effectively take the appropriate actions to make real change… to manifest your ideal in reality.

The essence of the simultaneously occurring transits mentioned above associate with secured, or even anchored, tensions, upsets, or crises… and any attempts to make order of these, to reason meaning of these—though these attempts or meanings continue to allude. Further, any obstacles, struggles, or circumstances otherwise working against or in tandem to these—which have effectively frustrated throughout the year—ultimately, are being confronted, as are you, being confronted toward the evolution of that which you truly value, in a most raw and primal way.

Honesty, and personal will, and instinctual hope for concepts of more and better are shifting and twirling, twinkling before our eyes… 

This week is a time of precious pause—to surrender to what you are truly powerless against, at the very least, in an honest and ethereal way… and to ask yourself, then, what it is you can change.

What is in your power to change?

❝…and thou wilt give thyself relief, if thou doest every act of thy life as if it were the last…
——Marcus Aurelius

•●♎︎LQ☽ @5°32′

Yesterday’s last quarter moon in Libra asks us to center ourselves—to balance, to realign, and to make space within our inner realities for the overall outer reality we all share.

This is an opportunity to recall or revise or realign with your core purpose(s), and to prepare a space for an eventual placement of manifestation.

What are the ideals you’ve been holding, or waiting for… and which of those need to be made real?

Which of these ideals is most realistic to be made real?—to manifest?

Today is an ideal day to visualize exactly how you will take the necessary actions these ideals are asking of you. Ideals, after all, are ideal precisely because they don’t just happen of themselves… they need to be manifested, which always always demands your participation.

It takes two to Tao.❞ ——Ana Claudia Antunes


Happy Holidays to you & yours, and the Happiest New Year…

Thank you for reading, liking, following—all that—thank you for taking your time to read my words, for so many years… and thank you for your energy, always.

May you and yours have a warm, joyful, merry, and bright, angels-are-singing kind of weekend… and a most exceptional new year.

More to come. Always.

Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
Whispering ‘it will be happier’…

——Alfred Lord Tennyson


—Synthesis of December 19-25th

★disseminating☽ in♋︎♌︎♍︎

This section of time between the recent full moon and December 26th’s last quarter moon in Libra will be heavily pulled by the combination of several simultaneous celestial themes: the ongoing Venus retrograde/Pluto narrative; the ever-more closer building of the third and mostly final Saturn/Uranus narrative; and the building Jupiter/Nodal square narrative.

The moon will move through the likes of Cancer, Leo, and Virgo through this time, through its disseminating phase, and inevitably illuminate the Venus Rx/Pluto conjunction by opposition, the Saturn/Uranus square by square, and the complete the Jupiter/Nodal t-square through the first degree of Virgo, as a preview of what Jupiter may expand upon…

In English—

Ultimately, many matters are experiencing something of a pause… however, endings or transformations are building.

Yesterday’s solstice represents ‘pause’, as it literally translates to ‘standstill’.

Through this time, try to truly embody and celebrate that which you find sacred, and that which you need—that which sustains you… and all that is actually nourishing will thrive.

As winter’s solstice explains, metaphorically and otherwise, the light thriving through, emerging from darkness… that which sustains you will not fail you—it is a promise of Nature.

You will notice the differences… between that which sustains you and that which merely holds space.

The noticing of these differences, if you’re being honest with yourself, will be either bittersweet or quite tender.

The gravity being felt, and upheld, between these transits listed above will likely prove to be largely obliged or strenuously struggled through… this pause being asked of you—being asked of us all—perhaps it is in something of a sacred effort to truly breathe through that which we’re all either passing through, transmuting, or eventually eliminating?

In one way or another, for us all—we’re either re-beginning, as in a rebirth or renewal or rejuvenation—and this will be an entire process… or transitioning through something in a most intensely gratifying and directionally-reflective manner, or, finally, completing or ending something that has come to its final phase.

There will likely be some fight, some resistance—some clinging to the vague and vacant remnants of what merely feels familiar, but is ultimately No Longer…. and this resistance will likely occur regardless of which route you’re currently navigating—and you will have your reasonings.

But your soul will know.

And maybe this is why we must remember this sacred, solstice pause…

To realign—one way or another, regardless of route—into the next phase of our becoming, our awakening…

Into the next phase of our thriving.

Thriving isn’t about making life comfortable, fun and happy; it’s about finding purpose and making our own unique contribution.❞
——Malcolm Stern

Image credit— @okayen on Instagram

•●♊︎FM @27°29’★

This full moon may provide or offer much opportunity to change, or open to new thoughts, mindsets, and experiences.

Quite literally, a ‘liberation from the past’ is associated with the degree this full moon occurs, as astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed… especially toward that which is bankrupting you—not necessarily financially, but rather energetically, spiritually, or emotionally.

Truly, Gemini isn’t exactly zodiacally known for its emotionality… nor is Mercury much on feeling the feelings as it is talking about them. Rather, the Geminian influence through this full moon will translate more as processing—not so much the feeling, but the processing of the feelings… or, at the very least, the processing of the thoughts toward the feelings.

The processing, then, is mental, or psychological… and quiet—quite busy and/or busied, and maybe even restless, but very audibly quiet.

Think of it as thoughts quickening.

No one wants to hear about your feelings regarding anything.

Despite what google might inform you of a Gemini full moon—this isn’t a chatty moon, nor will it confer chattiness or communal koombiyah…

>disappointed sigh<

Rudhyar continues, “a release from unbearable pressures, freeing one for new tasks…” 

When one opens to new thoughts, mindsets, and experiences one is thereby opened, and welcomed, to an entirely new way of being—offering, and even promising!—an entirely new way of living.

This lunarly event connects itself to Jupiter by one degree, and, of course, is governed by Mercury, which is at 8° Capricorn, squaring Chiron in Aries exactly… which would all imply a dramatic opportunity toward deliberate upgraded change.

Depending upon what house Gemini rules in your nativity will give you a glimpse in regard to what fresh perspective of newfound clarity you will embrace or engage toward… in fact, you may even be able to extrapolate key points of wisdom, particular to you, from larger picture theories or allegory.

In what ways are you able to include new ideas within what you think you already know?

In what ways are you currently capable of changing to support your best interests?

In what ways are you curious toward that which dwells just beyond your comfort zone or security blanket?

In what ways do you feel as though you’re processing fresh data or foreign scripts or environs?

In what ways are you noticing unique examples of neoteric nuance?

Off you go, now, to think and consider, to ponder and process—quietly, within the vastness of your mind… process these new thoughts, mindsets, and experiences on through January 2nd, at the Capricorn new moon, to officially downsize that which is no longer producing results for you and upgrade your strategies in personal success.

 ❝If you quit on the process, you are quitting on the result.❞ ——Idowu Koyenikan

*8:34pm PST; 9:34pm MST; 10:34pm CST; 11:34pm EST


Mars in Sagittarius Opposite North Node

Tomorrow Mars will connect to the South Node at 1°42′ Sagittarius by conjunction and simultaneously oppose the North Node in Gemini, as well as asteroid Ceres, at 0°59′ Gemini… old habits could be more powerfully comfortable now, for better or worse, or that much more overbearing.

Such as “the day-to-day experiences of life” that these current influences “create [are like] a ‘quick wind’ which can blow out of control if things get overheated or overstated… because these experiences take up a lot of space in our current thoughts, they seem to be more important than they really are…”

But they’re likely feeling so intensely important now that it’s overwhelming your perspectives toward many things.

Where are you feeling stuck?

Where are you feeling smothered?

Where, in your reality, are you avoiding the raw details of your awareness?

Where, in your reality, are you pretending that a patterned, conditioned, or obligatory pretense of a socalled ‘nurturing’ effect isn’t really just a fearful, egoic, or passive-aggressive effort in control?

Or perhaps you’re being asked, or it’s obligated in some way, to take care of someone or something—or yourself—and you would rather do anything within reason to avoid this…

This aspect is known to be “nurtured by conflict”, meaning that you may either confront or ‘nurture’ building pressures, competition, argumental behavior or actual arguments, or very likely backlash… 

So, very oppositionally, the energies could be either extremely confrontational, or exaggeratedly avoiding…

Further, as mentioned above—because of any need toward either confrontation or avoidance, it will be much much easier to revert back to past patterning, old habits, and/or unhealthy coping mechanisms… within the name of ‘self-soothing’, of course.

Keep in mind, through these energies and influences, that Mars, traditionally, is a malefic and represents separations and separating—separating healthy from unhealthy, true from untrue, right from rightness… which only further perpetuates a probability of going backward, of avoiding, of being confronted. 

Because, yikes.

Sagittarius energy has a notoriously passive-aggressive insistence upon being ‘right’, though it’s typically just a bit left from right, and with Mars moving through the first powerful degrees of this sign, this insistence—this could become something that looks a lot like sheer righteousness… not to mention, Ceres energies typically insist upon rightness, as well, as ‘Mother knows best, always’ blah blah blah and yada yada…

This said, any righteousness of beliefs and personal philosophies and the sharp reactions of these abrasive aggressions could be easily used as verbal weaponry, moving beyond honest curiosities or true empathy and straight to utter nescience.


The bright side…

The bright side, as surprising as this may sound, is that whatever it is that angers you now could also be an opportunity for growth… perhaps nurturing your anger—constructively, of course—will nurture your own growth toward a more strengthened character of Self.

Nurtured conflict, indeed.

We don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note. Only notes that are different can harmonize. The same is true with people.❞
——Steve Goodier


—Venus in Capricorn//Rx 26°-11°—Part 1

∝S/Rx to Rx/SD from December 17th-January 30th
∝♀☌♇@26° from December 11th-31st
⟩»♀ in♒︎ March 2, 2022 ☌♂

Upon looking up the interlacing of rulerships between Venus and Pluto, indeed some of the entries were unsurprising… still, some continue to intrigue.

Of course, you can imagine that the likes of adultery, brothels, casinos, gambling, genitals, gonorrhoea, immodesty, immorality, indolence, laxity, laziness, lewdness, licentiousness, loans, pestilence, plagues, procreation—the act and the urges thereof, pus, ransoms, sensuality, sex and sexuality, smallpox, umbilical cords, vaginas, vanity, and venereal diseases would all be listed—and obviously, some of these are unnecessarily synonymous.

The entry that caught my attention was cypress trees… however, upon digging deeper, as I do, it was no longer curious—though I was shamefully unaware of these connections—cypress trees have forever been associated with mourning; since biblical times the cypress has “symbolized the underworld, because it failed to regenerate if it was cut back too severely.”

In fact, interestingly, specifically, the cypress was chosen to be used at funerals in Rome because “its fragrance could mask some of death’s unpleasantness…”

Cypress would be planted by graves to warn others, particularly outsiders, “against entering a place corrupted by a dead body… and Romans would carry cypress branches as a sign of respect.”

Further, the cypress is considered to “stand between the worlds, literally and figuratively pointing toward immortality and hope as a powerful response to human mourning.”

Traditionally, long before Pluto was discovered and appropriated with Scorpio, the associations of death and mourning, as well as darkness, decay, decomposition, places isolated and hard to reach, underground places, and old trees was well and widely within the realm of Capricorn.

The Underworld was either entirely separate, or a very saturnian and naturally Capricornian concept… as well as Pan, the devil himself.

❝‘Ah, you may sit under them, yes. They cast a good shadow, cold as well-water; but that’s the trouble, they tempt you to sleep. And you must never, for any reason, sleep beneath a cypress.’ He paused, stroked his moustache, waited for me to ask why, and then went on: ‘Why? Why? Because if you did you would be changed when you woke. Yes, the black cypresses, they are dangerous. While you sleep, their roots grow into your brains and steal them, and when you wake up you are mad, head as empty as a whistle.’ I asked whether it was only the cypress that could do that or did it apply to other trees. ‘No, only the cypress,’ said the old man, peering up fiercely at the trees above me as though to see whether they were listening; ‘only the cypress is the thief of intelligence. So be warned, little lord, and don’t sleep here.’❞
——Gerald Durrell; “My Family and Other Animals”

Venus has been moving slowly toward Pluto since the beginning of December, and this weekend a conjunction was exact by degree… in other words, something that possesses personal value, or something that you desire, has been slowly moving toward darkness, decay, or decomposition—to a place hard to reach, inevitably, to pass through…

The likely triggering tidbit of this conjunction, as its influences typically only last for a day, is that Venus is stationing retrograde upon this conjunction—by only one degree—and thereby move back into exact conjunction with Pluto twice more… 

Essentially, and quite eloquently metaphorically, Venus, through retrogradation, is volunteering alms within the Underworld to pay respects for No Longer.

As always, the cosmos has arranged for this rather aptly—and calendar-adroitly, at least throughout the Northern Hemisphere, deep within likely its darkest winter yet, to play itself out throughout the next several weeks, to climax upon Christmas weekend, and then ever so slowly linger on until spring—literally, through March.

Life is so constructed, that the event does not, cannot, will not, match the expectation.❞
——Charlotte Brontë

Still, this story—this unraveling, or, more effectively, this decompositioning—has several parts…

Within what house within your nativity this conjunction and decompositioning is occurring is essential to understand, and I would be more than happy to help you with this…

Involved, beyond Venus and Pluto, is Mercury and Mars, as well as asteroid Vesta… as well as the essence of both Capricorn and Aquarius—and so you can see, this single aspect is managing to tell quite the story, and this story, should you be honest with yourself and tell it truly, will eventually lead you through some powerfully personal metamorphoses, just as Venus compassionately tours through the Underworld… 

But allow me, for now, this initial segment…

It’s lazy enough to presume the surface implications and mosh them together haphazardly, ignorantly, which would indeed be rather destructive—to presume all of the interlacing entries above, to naively connect the probability of something simply upon the surface, such as an affair beginning, or an insatiable longing to be addressed, or a hefty exchange of resources to be acquired—you know, typical humdrum cookbook analyses or slapdash Google searches… these couldn’t be further from likely actuality now.

Any affair being initiated now will likely very harshly end.

And longing addressed will ultimately be disappointing.

Any exchange acquired, including the likes of presents for holiday, will very probably be vacant in some capacity, forsaken, unaffordable, abandoned, unappreciated, or eliminated altogether.

Venus is many things—money, financing, resourcing, love… though the very essence of these things is value.

Values you’ve long held, be they personal, emotional, conditional, familial, obligatorial, financial or traditional, will likely be questioned, threatened, confronted, limited, or isolated, and then succinctly decomposed, and ultimately, respectfully mourned.

Two interlacing Venus/Pluto entries that stood out, reassuringly, were rejuvenation and renewal… however, as these will possess a rigidly Capricorn essence—this obligatory rejuvenation and renewal will most probably involve or invoke bruises, darkness, decay, depression, difficulties, dislocation, excavation, frostbite, hypochondria, hysteria, limitations, neglect, old age, paralysis, pits, responsibility, routine, and servitude… I ramble…

Only time will tell. Patience will be recommended. Endurance, non-negotiable.

Yet, just as spring does inevitably come, the rewards that will, one day, be given will currently demand your concentration, contraction, crystallization, honor, integrity, orderliness, and reliability.

I feel as though there will be a very extreme likelihood toward emotional and financial laxity for these harsh realizations.

This decompositioning, however, will require your participation… as the Romans carried cypress branches to the cemetery—an emotional follow-through would be the respectful thing to do now.

I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.❞
——Hermann Hesse


There is warning not too cut back too extremely, isn’t there.

What is essential now—and most valuable to you—is to be mindful of where the decay of a thing, an idea, a concept, a thought pattern, a relationship, a goal, or an ideal begins… and where the life force of it ends.

This is why you’ll need to participate with this decompositioning, as only you will feel this very raw and vital barrier—you will need to be honest, and respectful of this… and you may need some cypress to cover the smell.

You will need to be still. You will need to simply be with yourself.

What you will ultimately be uncovering will be quite aged.

It will be rotten, diseased, and putrid… and it may take you some time to pinpoint if is it doesn’t come to you first. Still—it’s likely you know exactly what it is.

A few moments of calmness, in the ‘just be’ state gives more answers, clarity, wisdom and solutions than hours of mind chatter. It rejuvenates and heals… but the catch—is we can never be in the ‘just be’ state if we are looking for anything—even solutions, bliss or peace. So, how do we do it?
——Shivangi Singh

The degree through which this decompositioning are most pivotal associate with Maya itself, “the hide-and-seek of the Self from the Self; projecting parts of oneself onto lovers or enemies versus epiphanic moments where one calms the mind and experiences oneself fully; facing ones psychological problems squarely versus living within escapist fantasies; refusing to get immersed in the flow of time-bound events; balancing the physical and the spiritual sides of the self; delighting in the rapid flow of emotions and events, and mischievously redirecting them through timely interventions…”

The “ability to explore unfamiliar realms and discover the laws underlying the complex processes of nature…” is being tested now.

Further, the “deeper parts of feelings are sometimes ignored, or rejected, as the spirit flits over the surface of any troubles… while this is, essentially, a lightness of being, there may be an element of feeling cut off from one’s body, or reality—whatever, your worries or burdens can lift, leaving you feeling lighter… even in the midst of life’s struggles, this is the true way of life.”

These are the resonating and underlying symbolisms that will permeate the month of December… yet, hope should be harbored within the heart—and the precious places within the heart that hurt, that bleed, that have been left to decay… these need to be rejuvenated, through feeling through it all.

Something within your personal reality is experiencing its death.

This will need to be felt.

This will need to be properly honored.

This will need to be mourned.

And, in time… you will experience a renewal. 

New life forces will spring forth from what was considered a vacancy… and you will be rewarded with a rejuvenation of life.

He inhabits now that part of himself, which lay formerly desolate and uncolonised.❞ ——Lawrence Durrell

This is Part 1 of 3 in this series… stay tuned. Also, in the near future, posts such as this one will be offered to patron subscribers only.

Fun fact—if you were born in 1980, you’ve now completed a full Venusian pentagram within your nativity… something of a full circle—perhaps a fresh start in all matters Venusian?

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—Synthesis of December 11-17th

★gibbous☽ in♓︎♈︎♉︎♊︎

Whatever begins or ends through this time period, marked above, has inherently within its very essence the potential to draw itself out through March of 2022—please keep this in your mind as you read…

Currently, however, there are two really essential celestial goings-on occurring, simultaneously, which I will write upon separately, as they are indeed this complex: Venus Rx conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and Mars conjunct SN in Sagittarius—these celestial conversations will be illuminated through this time period… illuminated, and initiated.

As well, somewhat ongoingly, Saturn and Uranus continue to tighten contradictorily rebelling and resisting grips for a third and final exact square, to be exact on Christmas Eve… alongside the Venus/Pluto conjunction station.


For those of you who subscribe to my emails, you’ll receive these upcoming posts regarding both Venus and Mars, separately, and also please understand that in the near future—posts such as these will only be shared with patron subscribers.

To begin upon the brightest note, tomorrow may invite or offer details less than clarified as the more than fleeting whimsies of a Jupiterian sun connect to an unboundaried Neptune in a last quarter solar square… as maniacal as this could be, do try to stay out of whatever it is for you—save yourself the time of deciphering fact from fiction.

However, if you’re willing to learn something a bit more flimflam about yourself—I dare you.

As far as the moods of the moon are concerned—the growing gibbous moon will hit, separately, three striking conjunctions: with Chiron, in Aries; with Uranus, in Taurus; and to the North Node, in Gemini.

Flashes of insight or intuition or inspiration may approach you… these may or may not be signs for you, personally, however these phenomenal perspectives in awareness could, regardless, improve your own capacities of awarenesses should you be willing to participate—particularly if you’re willing to open your eyes to what is really occurring over simply seeing what you need to see to maintain your own personal preferences.

What are you doing in your own reality toward what you want your life to look like?—despite how the world may be, despite how it works, despite whatever rules or structures have been previously placed… no excuses—what example are you setting?

Phrases for inspiration, if I may—looking for inner illumination or guidance; getting a glimpse of higher truths in the cloudy realm of psychic intuition; testing one’s hypothesis versus insulating oneself in a flattering bubble; detached control of the imagination; working out problems in advance through one visualizations; following the inner light wherever it leads versus losing the path in strange byways; clarifying one’s inner model of the world.

Further, despite very little being forwardly accomplished now, in what ways are you securing What Could Be?

Truly, this entire time period is not exactly ideal for making real, impactful decisions or solving any mysteries… still, it’s a fine enough time to prepare and plan ahead; to envision, to nurture, to appreciate.

Are you setting concrete goals?

Are you discerning future potentials?

Have you been detailing your envisioning objectively?

Are you calculating your next moves cautiously?

Are you deliberately choosing your battles?

Do you know what you want?

Furthermore and finally, as this time period closes in on itself, will you be able to grasp a greater meaning of it all for yourself?—will you better understand yourself and why it is you want what you want… granted, you’ve finalized, finally, upon what it is you want. 

Will you be more appropriately equipped for the influences influencing you… and for that which you’re trying to influence?

People obey to people with ideas… so visualize it like this—if you don’t have ideas and meaning in life of your own you obey to somebody else and their meanings.❞
——Deyth Banger

⟩⟩»♄□♅ to be exact 12/24/21

★♂☌☋ @2°♐︎


Goldsmith, M. “The Zodiac by Degrees.” Weiser Books; ©2004.

•●♓︎1stQ☽ @19°13’★

Sagittarian energies have an uneasy quest, despite the easy going nature of its essence… these energies are wont to wander into laissez faire extremes, while a Piscean moon tends to blindly follow, without apology.

So what is accomplished?

Neither Sagittarian or Piscean energies are exactly determined, or consistent, or necessarily motivated toward a single idea… if it were up to either of these energies—much more, both, simultaneously—not much will actually occur at all.

Perhaps this isn’t the focus?—because nothing, nothing is accomplished other than sentimental reverie.

Reveries, my friend, will be plentiful today—in abundance… as John Locke so appropriately stated:

Reverie is when ideas float in our mind without reflection or regard of the understanding.

Without regard of the understanding—couldn’t get much more Sagittarian or Piscean than that.

Interestingly, both mutable energies represent the last in their origins of fire, and water, and so one might presume, then, that an inner fire has been, or needs to be, tamed—much like a bonfire, with boundaries inspiring a more vertical reach of brilliance—and that an inner instinctual sentiment has been, or needs to be, surrended to—much like as a surfer eagerly rides the water when the perfect wave presents itself…

The surfer becomes the wave…

As much as the Sagittarian energies need—demand!—to be tamed, to be boundaried… Piscean energies are inherently without bound. Yet. Still, there is a universal law out there that needs to oppose this…

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests that “th[is] Piscean moon struggles with conflicting desires—the desire to dissolve into another world and the urge to give of themselves to others… (it’s actually the same urge [as] losing one’s boundaries—but it can feel like conflicting urges sometimes.)”

Further, on this Martyrs Moon, “we sacrifice ourselves for the good of others—this entails giving of our energy and resources past the point of inconvenience… if it didn’t make you writhe just a little, it isn’t a real sacrifice.”

Finally, “while we make that sacrifice, we watch ourselves for our reactions… some of us will err on the side of wanting to hold back, justifying our unwillingness to give with a variety of excuses, [while] some of us will give too much and not know where to set boundaries, or we will set them but feel terribly guilty about it.”

It’s possible that you’ll feel blended, unbound, and without border today… all the while, quite possibly—feel, contrarily, taken for granted.

It’s possible that you’ll need to say ‘no’… neither giving or receiving.

It’s possible that you’ll endure your first lessons in resiliency.

It’s possible that you’ll now need to envision a necessary boundary upon a metaphorical wave and ride it, detachedly, and maintain yourself upon it rather than as it.

It’s possible, then, furthermore, that you’ll be expected or obligated to reel in the anchor of your ideals and give yourself, thereby, something much greater—an actual shore to dock your ship upon within the vast boundarilessness of your reveries.

Forgive the disconnected menagerie of metaphor… still, it’s possible that you’ll need to find a realistic harmony between an ongoing inner confliction, indeed.

Finally finally, finally—it’s possible you might expect an inherent restlessness in whatever is occurring in your reality, or just beyond it… but also—extended symbolisms of endings.

Perhaps this looks something like an impatience for something unpleasant or restrictive to end… it ends, and then you feel badly. Or, mauve you feel nothing from this reaction at all—remember, Sagittarian and Piscean energies are rarely attached enough to anything too real or too emotionally compromising to realize an appropriate reaction or response is necessary…

It’s much more possible, however, that it’ll involve more of a surrendering from continuing to do something you thought you always did from love… 

Go now, give yourself some time—you’ve much to think on in reverie.

The reason why many are still troubled, still seeking, still making little forward progress is because they haven’t yet come to the end of themselves. We’re still trying to give orders, and interfering with God’s work within us.❞ ——A. W. Tozer

*5:34pm PST; 6:34pm MST; 7:34pm CST; 8:34pm EST

Kaldera, R. “Moon Phase Astrology.” Destiny Books; ©2011. Kaldera, R. “Myth Astrology.” Llewellyn Publications; ©2005.


Synthesis of December 4-9th

Crescent☽ in♐︎♑︎♒︎♓︎ 

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to set intentions or begin anything new through an eclipse, particularly a solar eclipse, which occurred yesterday—specifically a total eclipse, as it was—as anything eclipsed in any way is quite literally forsaken, left out, failed, less than, surpassed, or possessing a ‘loss of splendor’.

Particularly this eclipse—as it wasn’t only the last eclipse in the Gemini/Sagittarius phase, it was the final eclipse ending an era. 

This eclipse wasn’t so much about new beginnings, as this regard is almost defaulted… this eclipse represented something along the lines of embodiment, and the light within its alignment, among surrounding environments of decay, death and dying.

Today, thereby, isn’t so much a new beginning—but rather the symbolic morning after the long dark night of the soul.

As if the last two years was similar to something like Groundhog’s Day… we are being asked to release these programs, conditions, preferences, and patterns.

We’re upon a brand new morning, the morning after.

How was your energy embodied?

Where is your focus being managed today?

Did the eclipse energies bring about car troubles or techno glitches?—it seemed to be something of an emerging, out of nowhere, theme…

I’d rather be truth than a lie—a genuine mess than a perfect reverie.❞
——Mea Smith

December 4—

The next few days offer the crescent moon moving through the remaining degrees of Sagittarius, and then moving through Capricorn, Aquarius, and a few degrees of Pisces before December 10th, when the first quartered moon falls at 19° Pisces… and this would typically suggest beginnings and initiations—however, it might benefit you to reimagine this symbolism as I suggested above: the morning after.

The next morning, after a very very long dark night—the next morning being the new beginning of the rest of your life.

Do you see the difference?

Secured things have been taken, or they are simply no longer.

Secured concepts, understandings, promises, agreements… arrangements that we considered safe have proven otherwise in one way or another. Further, other vulnerabilities and liberties continue to be/feel threatened… and it feels as though there’s seemingly no end in sight of this new normal.

This is what we’re waking up to, see?—it wasn’t a nightmare or a bad dream… the last two years were real, they happened. They’re not finished… though, there’s something of a symbolic morning occurring now. How do we plan for the day?

Now that the eclipse is over…

You set intentions and plot the pinpoints of your plan.

Now is the time to set your goals. With the moon remaining in Sagittarius, these goals may sound a bit far fetched, and likely a bit impractical… for now, just feel through it—it might be soothing to your soul to enjoy reveries of optimism.

The feeling of the morning after the night before is not a sensation endured by the dissolute only: every morning, for every human being, is in some sort a morning after the night before…
——Patrick Hamilton

December 5—

Once the moon moves into Capricorn, Sunday morning, it will be possible to imagine your visions more practically, and it’ll also be more realistic to set forth actionable accountability—it is time to literally influence your future within your Now.

In the recent eclipse post I wrote that Jupiter might not be ‘answering the phone’, whether Jupiter rules your chart or not… however, its influencing was/is indeed being rang upon—from now through December 27th Jupiter will be tightening its aspecting to the Nodes and thereby offering something of a blessing in directionality… to those who are willing to participate in their own potential.

For those who are willing to put in the necessary work… and because Jupiter is in Aquarius—for those who are willing to be personally accountable.

It’s not so much about luck, or being fortunate, or even as far beyond as deserving—it’s more about doing what needs to be done to obtain the kind of life you want to live.

Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. It is up to you to give [life] a meaning.❞
——Jean-Paul Sartre

December 6—

Today’s moon illuminates a strengthening Venus/Pluto conjunction, to be exact on the 11th… this is another symbolic graveyard.

Venus has been moving more slowly since December 1st, preparing for retrograde (December 19th) and will hover on something of a pause upon the exact degrees of where Pluto is currently moving for an extended amount of time, and what will likely feel like too long.

From December 10-30th Venus will be either exactly or tightly enough conjunct Pluto… something lovely, enjoyable, valuable, or desired will either break down, experience a symbolic death, or feel its way through a breakthrough. Either way, something meaningful to you will endure a rather harsh realization… or a vulnerability will be identified.

This could prove to simply offer you a warning—to know what needs worked on or strengthened. Sure, it likely won’t be an enjoyable repair—but worth it in the long run.

Future warns us through current symptoms in nature.❞
——Toba Beta

December 7—

An Aquarian moon shifts the energies a smidge… 

It is possible that your ideals are once again being questioned, or are simply up for review… and there is little patience between preparations and planning toward actual goals, and unrealistic ideals.

However, with Mars exacting its square to Jupiter from Scorpio, it might feel as though you are capable of literally anything you put your mind upon… realistic or not.

Be careful with this?

Further, and hopefully, your expectations of yourself, as well as others, may be the detail being questioned or reviewed. An Aquarian moon will want to go beyond what’s practical, particularly beyond what a Capricorn moon would deem practical, or realistic, and prove itself beyond measure, particularly now as the Mars/Jupiter energies seemingly go above and beyond…

Where exactly is it that you could go above and beyond?—realistically. Or otherwise. 

You could accomplish much now… if you want it badly enough.

You might be surprised by the reality of your circumstances, particularly should you apply reason and actuality—you could find opportunity to accomplish much more than you’d give yourself credit for upon first glance.

Give yourself and your goals some real pondering. Take yourself seriously… but allow your how-to options some ‘on top of the box’ thinking.

Passion and drive are not the same at all. Passion pulls you toward something you cannot resist. Drive pushes you toward something you feel compelled or obligated to do. If you know nothing about yourself, you can’t tell the difference. Once you gain a modicum of self-knowledge, you can express your passion. It’s not about jumping through someone else’s hoops—that’s drive.❞
——Randy Komisar

December 8—

A lunarly conjunction to Jupiter is always lovely, and these energies should offer a renewed envisioning of optimism toward all that you wish to accomplish or achieve.

Going too far, or doing too much, or otherwise pushing beyond beyond… this could actually be the downside today.

Too much light for the eyes is as useless as darkness.❞
——Amit Kalantri

December 9—

Tomorrow’s first quarter Piscean moon could have you feeling overwhelmed, stretched too thin, or possibly even that which you are working toward, plotting or planning, is feeling paused, or slowed down… and hopefulness or faith could convince you of improbable wishful thinking.

Wishful thinking rarely actually accomplishes anything.

Take today to wishfully think about that which is possible—actually possible, without hope or faith—and that which simply is not likely… please be honest with yourself.

That which isn’t likely—be honest about the why.

And finally, remind yourself of all that is possible, even beyond what you’re going for, within all That Is… and within all That Is Realistic.

To hope was to expect…
——Jane Austen

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