Synthesis of December 4-9th

Crescent☽ in♐︎♑︎♒︎♓︎ 

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to set intentions or begin anything new through an eclipse, particularly a solar eclipse, which occurred yesterday—specifically a total eclipse, as it was—as anything eclipsed in any way is quite literally forsaken, left out, failed, less than, surpassed, or possessing a ‘loss of splendor’.

Particularly this eclipse—as it wasn’t only the last eclipse in the Gemini/Sagittarius phase, it was the final eclipse ending an era. 

This eclipse wasn’t so much about new beginnings, as this regard is almost defaulted… this eclipse represented something along the lines of embodiment, and the light within its alignment, among surrounding environments of decay, death and dying.

Today, thereby, isn’t so much a new beginning—but rather the symbolic morning after the long dark night of the soul.

As if the last two years was similar to something like Groundhog’s Day… we are being asked to release these programs, conditions, preferences, and patterns.

We’re upon a brand new morning, the morning after.

How was your energy embodied?

Where is your focus being managed today?

Did the eclipse energies bring about car troubles or techno glitches?—it seemed to be something of an emerging, out of nowhere, theme…

I’d rather be truth than a lie—a genuine mess than a perfect reverie.❞
——Mea Smith

December 4—

The next few days offer the crescent moon moving through the remaining degrees of Sagittarius, and then moving through Capricorn, Aquarius, and a few degrees of Pisces before December 10th, when the first quartered moon falls at 19° Pisces… and this would typically suggest beginnings and initiations—however, it might benefit you to reimagine this symbolism as I suggested above: the morning after.

The next morning, after a very very long dark night—the next morning being the new beginning of the rest of your life.

Do you see the difference?

Secured things have been taken, or they are simply no longer.

Secured concepts, understandings, promises, agreements… arrangements that we considered safe have proven otherwise in one way or another. Further, other vulnerabilities and liberties continue to be/feel threatened… and it feels as though there’s seemingly no end in sight of this new normal.

This is what we’re waking up to, see?—it wasn’t a nightmare or a bad dream… the last two years were real, they happened. They’re not finished… though, there’s something of a symbolic morning occurring now. How do we plan for the day?

Now that the eclipse is over…

You set intentions and plot the pinpoints of your plan.

Now is the time to set your goals. With the moon remaining in Sagittarius, these goals may sound a bit far fetched, and likely a bit impractical… for now, just feel through it—it might be soothing to your soul to enjoy reveries of optimism.

The feeling of the morning after the night before is not a sensation endured by the dissolute only: every morning, for every human being, is in some sort a morning after the night before…
——Patrick Hamilton

December 5—

Once the moon moves into Capricorn, Sunday morning, it will be possible to imagine your visions more practically, and it’ll also be more realistic to set forth actionable accountability—it is time to literally influence your future within your Now.

In the recent eclipse post I wrote that Jupiter might not be ‘answering the phone’, whether Jupiter rules your chart or not… however, its influencing was/is indeed being rang upon—from now through December 27th Jupiter will be tightening its aspecting to the Nodes and thereby offering something of a blessing in directionality… to those who are willing to participate in their own potential.

For those who are willing to put in the necessary work… and because Jupiter is in Aquarius—for those who are willing to be personally accountable.

It’s not so much about luck, or being fortunate, or even as far beyond as deserving—it’s more about doing what needs to be done to obtain the kind of life you want to live.

Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. It is up to you to give [life] a meaning.❞
——Jean-Paul Sartre

December 6—

Today’s moon illuminates a strengthening Venus/Pluto conjunction, to be exact on the 11th… this is another symbolic graveyard.

Venus has been moving more slowly since December 1st, preparing for retrograde (December 19th) and will hover on something of a pause upon the exact degrees of where Pluto is currently moving for an extended amount of time, and what will likely feel like too long.

From December 10-30th Venus will be either exactly or tightly enough conjunct Pluto… something lovely, enjoyable, valuable, or desired will either break down, experience a symbolic death, or feel its way through a breakthrough. Either way, something meaningful to you will endure a rather harsh realization… or a vulnerability will be identified.

This could prove to simply offer you a warning—to know what needs worked on or strengthened. Sure, it likely won’t be an enjoyable repair—but worth it in the long run.

Future warns us through current symptoms in nature.❞
——Toba Beta

December 7—

An Aquarian moon shifts the energies a smidge… 

It is possible that your ideals are once again being questioned, or are simply up for review… and there is little patience between preparations and planning toward actual goals, and unrealistic ideals.

However, with Mars exacting its square to Jupiter from Scorpio, it might feel as though you are capable of literally anything you put your mind upon… realistic or not.

Be careful with this?

Further, and hopefully, your expectations of yourself, as well as others, may be the detail being questioned or reviewed. An Aquarian moon will want to go beyond what’s practical, particularly beyond what a Capricorn moon would deem practical, or realistic, and prove itself beyond measure, particularly now as the Mars/Jupiter energies seemingly go above and beyond…

Where exactly is it that you could go above and beyond?—realistically. Or otherwise. 

You could accomplish much now… if you want it badly enough.

You might be surprised by the reality of your circumstances, particularly should you apply reason and actuality—you could find opportunity to accomplish much more than you’d give yourself credit for upon first glance.

Give yourself and your goals some real pondering. Take yourself seriously… but allow your how-to options some ‘on top of the box’ thinking.

Passion and drive are not the same at all. Passion pulls you toward something you cannot resist. Drive pushes you toward something you feel compelled or obligated to do. If you know nothing about yourself, you can’t tell the difference. Once you gain a modicum of self-knowledge, you can express your passion. It’s not about jumping through someone else’s hoops—that’s drive.❞
——Randy Komisar

December 8—

A lunarly conjunction to Jupiter is always lovely, and these energies should offer a renewed envisioning of optimism toward all that you wish to accomplish or achieve.

Going too far, or doing too much, or otherwise pushing beyond beyond… this could actually be the downside today.

Too much light for the eyes is as useless as darkness.❞
——Amit Kalantri

December 9—

Tomorrow’s first quarter Piscean moon could have you feeling overwhelmed, stretched too thin, or possibly even that which you are working toward, plotting or planning, is feeling paused, or slowed down… and hopefulness or faith could convince you of improbable wishful thinking.

Wishful thinking rarely actually accomplishes anything.

Take today to wishfully think about that which is possible—actually possible, without hope or faith—and that which simply is not likely… please be honest with yourself.

That which isn’t likely—be honest about the why.

And finally, remind yourself of all that is possible, even beyond what you’re going for, within all That Is… and within all That Is Realistic.

To hope was to expect…
——Jane Austen

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