•●♓︎1stQ☽ @19°13’★

•●♓︎1stQ☽ @19°13’★

Sagittarian energies have an uneasy quest, despite the easy going nature of its essence… these energies are wont to wander into laissez faire extremes, while a Piscean moon tends to blindly follow, without apology.

So what is accomplished?

Neither Sagittarian or Piscean energies are exactly determined, or consistent, or necessarily motivated toward a single idea… if it were up to either of these energies—much more, both, simultaneously—not much will actually occur at all.

Perhaps this isn’t the focus?—because nothing, nothing is accomplished other than sentimental reverie.

Reveries, my friend, will be plentiful today—in abundance… as John Locke so appropriately stated:

Reverie is when ideas float in our mind without reflection or regard of the understanding.

Without regard of the understanding—couldn’t get much more Sagittarian or Piscean than that.

Interestingly, both mutable energies represent the last in their origins of fire, and water, and so one might presume, then, that an inner fire has been, or needs to be, tamed—much like a bonfire, with boundaries inspiring a more vertical reach of brilliance—and that an inner instinctual sentiment has been, or needs to be, surrended to—much like as a surfer eagerly rides the water when the perfect wave presents itself…

The surfer becomes the wave…

As much as the Sagittarian energies need—demand!—to be tamed, to be boundaried… Piscean energies are inherently without bound. Yet. Still, there is a universal law out there that needs to oppose this…

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests that “th[is] Piscean moon struggles with conflicting desires—the desire to dissolve into another world and the urge to give of themselves to others… (it’s actually the same urge [as] losing one’s boundaries—but it can feel like conflicting urges sometimes.)”

Further, on this Martyrs Moon, “we sacrifice ourselves for the good of others—this entails giving of our energy and resources past the point of inconvenience… if it didn’t make you writhe just a little, it isn’t a real sacrifice.”

Finally, “while we make that sacrifice, we watch ourselves for our reactions… some of us will err on the side of wanting to hold back, justifying our unwillingness to give with a variety of excuses, [while] some of us will give too much and not know where to set boundaries, or we will set them but feel terribly guilty about it.”

It’s possible that you’ll feel blended, unbound, and without border today… all the while, quite possibly—feel, contrarily, taken for granted.

It’s possible that you’ll need to say ‘no’… neither giving or receiving.

It’s possible that you’ll endure your first lessons in resiliency.

It’s possible that you’ll now need to envision a necessary boundary upon a metaphorical wave and ride it, detachedly, and maintain yourself upon it rather than as it.

It’s possible, then, furthermore, that you’ll be expected or obligated to reel in the anchor of your ideals and give yourself, thereby, something much greater—an actual shore to dock your ship upon within the vast boundarilessness of your reveries.

Forgive the disconnected menagerie of metaphor… still, it’s possible that you’ll need to find a realistic harmony between an ongoing inner confliction, indeed.

Finally finally, finally—it’s possible you might expect an inherent restlessness in whatever is occurring in your reality, or just beyond it… but also—extended symbolisms of endings.

Perhaps this looks something like an impatience for something unpleasant or restrictive to end… it ends, and then you feel badly. Or, mauve you feel nothing from this reaction at all—remember, Sagittarian and Piscean energies are rarely attached enough to anything too real or too emotionally compromising to realize an appropriate reaction or response is necessary…

It’s much more possible, however, that it’ll involve more of a surrendering from continuing to do something you thought you always did from love… 

Go now, give yourself some time—you’ve much to think on in reverie.

The reason why many are still troubled, still seeking, still making little forward progress is because they haven’t yet come to the end of themselves. We’re still trying to give orders, and interfering with God’s work within us.❞ ——A. W. Tozer

*5:34pm PST; 6:34pm MST; 7:34pm CST; 8:34pm EST

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