—Synthesis of December 11-17th

★gibbous☽ in♓︎♈︎♉︎♊︎

Whatever begins or ends through this time period, marked above, has inherently within its very essence the potential to draw itself out through March of 2022—please keep this in your mind as you read…

Currently, however, there are two really essential celestial goings-on occurring, simultaneously, which I will write upon separately, as they are indeed this complex: Venus Rx conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and Mars conjunct SN in Sagittarius—these celestial conversations will be illuminated through this time period… illuminated, and initiated.

As well, somewhat ongoingly, Saturn and Uranus continue to tighten contradictorily rebelling and resisting grips for a third and final exact square, to be exact on Christmas Eve… alongside the Venus/Pluto conjunction station.


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To begin upon the brightest note, tomorrow may invite or offer details less than clarified as the more than fleeting whimsies of a Jupiterian sun connect to an unboundaried Neptune in a last quarter solar square… as maniacal as this could be, do try to stay out of whatever it is for you—save yourself the time of deciphering fact from fiction.

However, if you’re willing to learn something a bit more flimflam about yourself—I dare you.

As far as the moods of the moon are concerned—the growing gibbous moon will hit, separately, three striking conjunctions: with Chiron, in Aries; with Uranus, in Taurus; and to the North Node, in Gemini.

Flashes of insight or intuition or inspiration may approach you… these may or may not be signs for you, personally, however these phenomenal perspectives in awareness could, regardless, improve your own capacities of awarenesses should you be willing to participate—particularly if you’re willing to open your eyes to what is really occurring over simply seeing what you need to see to maintain your own personal preferences.

What are you doing in your own reality toward what you want your life to look like?—despite how the world may be, despite how it works, despite whatever rules or structures have been previously placed… no excuses—what example are you setting?

Phrases for inspiration, if I may—looking for inner illumination or guidance; getting a glimpse of higher truths in the cloudy realm of psychic intuition; testing one’s hypothesis versus insulating oneself in a flattering bubble; detached control of the imagination; working out problems in advance through one visualizations; following the inner light wherever it leads versus losing the path in strange byways; clarifying one’s inner model of the world.

Further, despite very little being forwardly accomplished now, in what ways are you securing What Could Be?

Truly, this entire time period is not exactly ideal for making real, impactful decisions or solving any mysteries… still, it’s a fine enough time to prepare and plan ahead; to envision, to nurture, to appreciate.

Are you setting concrete goals?

Are you discerning future potentials?

Have you been detailing your envisioning objectively?

Are you calculating your next moves cautiously?

Are you deliberately choosing your battles?

Do you know what you want?

Furthermore and finally, as this time period closes in on itself, will you be able to grasp a greater meaning of it all for yourself?—will you better understand yourself and why it is you want what you want… granted, you’ve finalized, finally, upon what it is you want. 

Will you be more appropriately equipped for the influences influencing you… and for that which you’re trying to influence?

People obey to people with ideas… so visualize it like this—if you don’t have ideas and meaning in life of your own you obey to somebody else and their meanings.❞
——Deyth Banger

⟩⟩»♄□♅ to be exact 12/24/21

★♂☌☋ @2°♐︎


Goldsmith, M. “The Zodiac by Degrees.” Weiser Books; ©2004.

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