Mars in Sagittarius Opposite North Node

Tomorrow Mars will connect to the South Node at 1°42′ Sagittarius by conjunction and simultaneously oppose the North Node in Gemini, as well as asteroid Ceres, at 0°59′ Gemini… old habits could be more powerfully comfortable now, for better or worse, or that much more overbearing.

Such as “the day-to-day experiences of life” that these current influences “create [are like] a ‘quick wind’ which can blow out of control if things get overheated or overstated… because these experiences take up a lot of space in our current thoughts, they seem to be more important than they really are…”

But they’re likely feeling so intensely important now that it’s overwhelming your perspectives toward many things.

Where are you feeling stuck?

Where are you feeling smothered?

Where, in your reality, are you avoiding the raw details of your awareness?

Where, in your reality, are you pretending that a patterned, conditioned, or obligatory pretense of a socalled ‘nurturing’ effect isn’t really just a fearful, egoic, or passive-aggressive effort in control?

Or perhaps you’re being asked, or it’s obligated in some way, to take care of someone or something—or yourself—and you would rather do anything within reason to avoid this…

This aspect is known to be “nurtured by conflict”, meaning that you may either confront or ‘nurture’ building pressures, competition, argumental behavior or actual arguments, or very likely backlash… 

So, very oppositionally, the energies could be either extremely confrontational, or exaggeratedly avoiding…

Further, as mentioned above—because of any need toward either confrontation or avoidance, it will be much much easier to revert back to past patterning, old habits, and/or unhealthy coping mechanisms… within the name of ‘self-soothing’, of course.

Keep in mind, through these energies and influences, that Mars, traditionally, is a malefic and represents separations and separating—separating healthy from unhealthy, true from untrue, right from rightness… which only further perpetuates a probability of going backward, of avoiding, of being confronted. 

Because, yikes.

Sagittarius energy has a notoriously passive-aggressive insistence upon being ‘right’, though it’s typically just a bit left from right, and with Mars moving through the first powerful degrees of this sign, this insistence—this could become something that looks a lot like sheer righteousness… not to mention, Ceres energies typically insist upon rightness, as well, as ‘Mother knows best, always’ blah blah blah and yada yada…

This said, any righteousness of beliefs and personal philosophies and the sharp reactions of these abrasive aggressions could be easily used as verbal weaponry, moving beyond honest curiosities or true empathy and straight to utter nescience.


The bright side…

The bright side, as surprising as this may sound, is that whatever it is that angers you now could also be an opportunity for growth… perhaps nurturing your anger—constructively, of course—will nurture your own growth toward a more strengthened character of Self.

Nurtured conflict, indeed.

We don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note. Only notes that are different can harmonize. The same is true with people.❞
——Steve Goodier

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