•●♊︎FM @27°29’★

•●♊︎FM @27°29’★

This full moon may provide or offer much opportunity to change, or open to new thoughts, mindsets, and experiences.

Quite literally, a ‘liberation from the past’ is associated with the degree this full moon occurs, as astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed… especially toward that which is bankrupting you—not necessarily financially, but rather energetically, spiritually, or emotionally.

Truly, Gemini isn’t exactly zodiacally known for its emotionality… nor is Mercury much on feeling the feelings as it is talking about them. Rather, the Geminian influence through this full moon will translate more as processing—not so much the feeling, but the processing of the feelings… or, at the very least, the processing of the thoughts toward the feelings.

The processing, then, is mental, or psychological… and quiet—quite busy and/or busied, and maybe even restless, but very audibly quiet.

Think of it as thoughts quickening.

No one wants to hear about your feelings regarding anything.

Despite what google might inform you of a Gemini full moon—this isn’t a chatty moon, nor will it confer chattiness or communal koombiyah…

>disappointed sigh<

Rudhyar continues, “a release from unbearable pressures, freeing one for new tasks…” 

When one opens to new thoughts, mindsets, and experiences one is thereby opened, and welcomed, to an entirely new way of being—offering, and even promising!—an entirely new way of living.

This lunarly event connects itself to Jupiter by one degree, and, of course, is governed by Mercury, which is at 8° Capricorn, squaring Chiron in Aries exactly… which would all imply a dramatic opportunity toward deliberate upgraded change.

Depending upon what house Gemini rules in your nativity will give you a glimpse in regard to what fresh perspective of newfound clarity you will embrace or engage toward… in fact, you may even be able to extrapolate key points of wisdom, particular to you, from larger picture theories or allegory.

In what ways are you able to include new ideas within what you think you already know?

In what ways are you currently capable of changing to support your best interests?

In what ways are you curious toward that which dwells just beyond your comfort zone or security blanket?

In what ways do you feel as though you’re processing fresh data or foreign scripts or environs?

In what ways are you noticing unique examples of neoteric nuance?

Off you go, now, to think and consider, to ponder and process—quietly, within the vastness of your mind… process these new thoughts, mindsets, and experiences on through January 2nd, at the Capricorn new moon, to officially downsize that which is no longer producing results for you and upgrade your strategies in personal success.

 ❝If you quit on the process, you are quitting on the result.❞ ——Idowu Koyenikan

*8:34pm PST; 9:34pm MST; 10:34pm CST; 11:34pm EST

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