—Synthesis of December 19-25th

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This section of time between the recent full moon and December 26th’s last quarter moon in Libra will be heavily pulled by the combination of several simultaneous celestial themes: the ongoing Venus retrograde/Pluto narrative; the ever-more closer building of the third and mostly final Saturn/Uranus narrative; and the building Jupiter/Nodal square narrative.

The moon will move through the likes of Cancer, Leo, and Virgo through this time, through its disseminating phase, and inevitably illuminate the Venus Rx/Pluto conjunction by opposition, the Saturn/Uranus square by square, and the complete the Jupiter/Nodal t-square through the first degree of Virgo, as a preview of what Jupiter may expand upon…

In English—

Ultimately, many matters are experiencing something of a pause… however, endings or transformations are building.

Yesterday’s solstice represents ‘pause’, as it literally translates to ‘standstill’.

Through this time, try to truly embody and celebrate that which you find sacred, and that which you need—that which sustains you… and all that is actually nourishing will thrive.

As winter’s solstice explains, metaphorically and otherwise, the light thriving through, emerging from darkness… that which sustains you will not fail you—it is a promise of Nature.

You will notice the differences… between that which sustains you and that which merely holds space.

The noticing of these differences, if you’re being honest with yourself, will be either bittersweet or quite tender.

The gravity being felt, and upheld, between these transits listed above will likely prove to be largely obliged or strenuously struggled through… this pause being asked of you—being asked of us all—perhaps it is in something of a sacred effort to truly breathe through that which we’re all either passing through, transmuting, or eventually eliminating?

In one way or another, for us all—we’re either re-beginning, as in a rebirth or renewal or rejuvenation—and this will be an entire process… or transitioning through something in a most intensely gratifying and directionally-reflective manner, or, finally, completing or ending something that has come to its final phase.

There will likely be some fight, some resistance—some clinging to the vague and vacant remnants of what merely feels familiar, but is ultimately No Longer…. and this resistance will likely occur regardless of which route you’re currently navigating—and you will have your reasonings.

But your soul will know.

And maybe this is why we must remember this sacred, solstice pause…

To realign—one way or another, regardless of route—into the next phase of our becoming, our awakening…

Into the next phase of our thriving.

Thriving isn’t about making life comfortable, fun and happy; it’s about finding purpose and making our own unique contribution.❞
——Malcolm Stern

Image credit— @okayen on Instagram

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