—Synthesis of December 26th-January 1st


We’re ending the year through a lunarly phase associated with endings… it’s almost poetic.

Since Sunday, the moon has moved through Libra, is currently in Scorpio as I write this, and will continue on through Sagittarius, and touch upon Capricorn in its balsamic phase, moving into the new year, and oh so eloquently offering a Capricorn new moon January 2nd…

You just can’t make this up.

The major events through this lunarly balsamic toned week is the third and final exact Saturn/Uranus square (it will continue to resonate throughout the entirety of 2022, as well, though never again exactly), the retrograded Venus/Pluto second conjunction of three—though Mercury comes into this narrative at this time for the first time, and finally, but definitely not least, Jupiter moves into Pisces, t-squaring the Nodes as it does so.

Perhaps the moon’s balsamic passing through these simultaneous narratives is to inspire a precious pause… a surrendering to What Is, to what currently is, to what currently is in this moment, to surrender to what currently is in this moment in your reality.

As shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests, this week is “a good time to sort out what we are really powerless against and what we might be able to change.”

It’s this effectual detail in ability to change—and I cannot stress this point of ability enough—that matters most… 

If you’re honest with yourself of your particular circumstances—and perhaps most particularly, the effecting essence of these circumstances—you could more honestly and effectively take the appropriate actions to make real change… to manifest your ideal in reality.

The essence of the simultaneously occurring transits mentioned above associate with secured, or even anchored, tensions, upsets, or crises… and any attempts to make order of these, to reason meaning of these—though these attempts or meanings continue to allude. Further, any obstacles, struggles, or circumstances otherwise working against or in tandem to these—which have effectively frustrated throughout the year—ultimately, are being confronted, as are you, being confronted toward the evolution of that which you truly value, in a most raw and primal way.

Honesty, and personal will, and instinctual hope for concepts of more and better are shifting and twirling, twinkling before our eyes… 

This week is a time of precious pause—to surrender to what you are truly powerless against, at the very least, in an honest and ethereal way… and to ask yourself, then, what it is you can change.

What is in your power to change?

❝…and thou wilt give thyself relief, if thou doest every act of thy life as if it were the last…
——Marcus Aurelius

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