Aquarius Crescent Moon
—February 1

Today’s continued Aquarian vibrations are inspiring preparations and gathering resources… 

Today’s moon applies a t-square to the Nodes, to be exact after midnight—this suggests a shift toward directionality… there is likely something you are considering sacrificing in an effort to make space for something more constructive.

The relinquishing of something old, or something from the past, or simply something that no longer serves you will probably feel really good today… “there’s a need for putting in time and effort to ensure comfort, security and hope for the future…”

The sabian symbol for the degree through which the moon squares the Nodes describes ‘a tree felled and sawed to ensure a supply of wood for the winter…’ preparing a visual toward the “shifting and changing values we place on our environment and the tools we use” to create our own opportunity. 

Perhaps there are values you continue to uphold which you really no longer believe in, or support, or even understand… today offers opportunities to shift, via emerging intelligent foresight—and this shift, may it open a new opportunity for you to further explore your new horizons.

Dreams do come true, they do, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it…❞
——JM Barrie

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 by @karadoc_

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Aquarius New Moon at 12°20′
—January 31

On this second new moon of this new year—its lunarly rulerships, both traditional (Saturn) and modern (Uranus), are being connected to by very close, though inexact, aspect. This would suggest that this new moon is absolutely super-charged in its own unique way—nothing less for anything associated to Aquarius.

The essences of Saturn and Uranus couldn’t be further from one another toward nearly anything—which we have all very recently and personally experienced, in one way or another, from the build up through 2020, and through the three exact squares between the two through 2021, and the current preparation for one final buildup through this summer (though it won’t be exact)—as Saturn represents the old ways while Uranus upsets the status quo and provokes new ways into an unknown and uncertain future…

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes of this new moon, and specifically toward the Saturn/Uranus aspecting, that “this is the planetary influence behind the conflict between individual freedoms and the rules and restrictions imposed by governments and authority figures…”

Astrologer Diana McMahon Collis explains this “push-pull relationship… where old and new don’t necessarily mesh easily together, at least not at first…”

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera says of an Aquarian new moon, it is a moon when we “look at our attitudes about the Fathers of society and how they decided things were to be, and how many of those values we’ve chosen to keep, or on the other hand have not yet rooted out even though we are discontented with them… and we evaluate what we get for obeying social mores, and what we think is worth it.”

However, as I mentioned above—Saturn and Uranus have seen their share of exact squares last year and will not come into exactitude this year, only building into the late summer months as they come as close again together by inexact square as they will for awhile… this is what is referred to as a waning square, which is to suggest that Saturn is separating from Uranus, which is to suggest that whatever conclusion or compromise that has been reached between these two in association is reaching its resolve… or will, quite soon.

This new moon very much refers back to the first new moon of this new year, on January 2nd, the Capricorn new moon… and whatever new awarenesses or insights, acknowledgements, or recognitions that have come into light since then will most likely become a new focus toward the new directions to be taken.

We are at a point of now-or-never, triggered beneath the surface, deep within our inner knowing or central spark—we are seeking deeper meaning, as well as a new sense of purpose toward something central within our lives… the discernment toward how we reevaluate meaning, depth, and value to that which deserves our focus and care remains a very big responsibility—and it is our personal duty to reevaluate accordingly, appropriately, and accurately.

This new moon is very much about redetermined assessments toward that which remains from No Longer, and that which has emerged here in the Now… these values are yours to attribute toward Not Yet—that which used to be, or seemed to be, or felt to be, or was assumed to be effective in the past quite simply is no longer effective, for numerous reasons, and the sooner we begin acknowledging this the better.

Symbolically, these energies are like a waking up or a coming to—waking up into an entirely new reality, much like Alice in Wonderland or Dorothy upon the yellow brick road… there’s no going back now—but you likely feel as though your luggage for such an adventure, or conditioned baggage, is quite heavy.

What baggage do you continue to carry that keeps your from your goals, ideals, or ambitions?

The degree through which this new moon occurs associates itself to ‘feeling changes ahead of time; perceiving subtle changes; insights; and stilling one’s self for answers…’ and “watching, waiting, and feeling out the atmosphere before taking any action will lead to the best answer… once you know which way to move with your situation, you’ll be able to go straight for the objective, so take a little time to sniff things out—if something doesn’t feel quite right, and a change in the environment seems imminent, taking precautions ahead of time can save a lot of problems.”

Further associations include ‘networking with people who are on the same wavelength; making quick contacts; winkling out other people’s games; putting together an accurate interior picture of reality; perceiving a situation’s positive and negative possibilities and changing one’s course accordingly; and considering all angles until one finds a truth that really resonates.’

Further still, today’s lunarly influences can inspire feelings of emotional detachment, and/or as though your are entirely out of touch with feelings—in fact, feeling “fooled for too long into thinking you feel in ways you don’t actually feel…” 

It’s important, upon this moon, to examine and evaluate how you’re ‘doing’ your life—and reevaluating your inspirations… are your inspirations actually your own, or are they intrinsically intertwined with those encouraged or rewarded by society or the status quo?

And finally, this new moon falls upon the second decan, which is associated with the 6 of Swords in the tarot, which astrologer Austin Coppock attributes associations of ‘earned success’, and, continued, “this mastery of the space between one shore and another brings with it certain benefits, for it is the nature of commerce to benefit from the transport of goods from one place to another and back again… unimpeded by any law but their own, those who walk this face long enough become both wise and terrifying.”

In other words—exiled and in transition, leaving behind what was familiar and moving toward, either by force or ambition, the unknown.

Continued, Coppock writes “this face is one of independence, of living and becoming according to one’s principles… there is thus a certain royalty to this decan, to connect worlds workout becoming beholden to them—there is great benefit to plying these waters between, allowing the connection of the orthodox and the unorthodox, the known and unknown…”

Furthermore, Coppock shares that “the moon has a hard time growing roots in this decan… [because] the moon is peregrine in Aquarius, for it is Saturn’s domain and has little power here—unless the moon be full, lunar works are best postponed for a more auspicious time…” and so, again, making a move on any of your ideals or intentions are more appropriately honored through Pisces or Aries, and thereby postponed for February 2nd or February 4th.

People never change because they are under threat or under duress. Never. They change because they see something that makes their life seem valuable enough to start moving toward a life worth living.
——Robert Downey Jr

*9:46pm PST; 10:46pm MST; 11:46pm CST; 12:46am EST 2/1

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022. 📷 by angelorum.co

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Capricorn Balsamic Moon
—January 30

Today’s moon moves on, now, to illuminate a retrograded Mercury, still lingering very closely to Pluto though, by technicality, separating from its recent conjunction… and so this aging, ancient moon hits Mercury, Pluto, and then connects by an extension to the North Node before calling it a day.

Just the same, the recent Mercury Rx/Pluto conjunction connected by extension to the North Node, as well, though not exactly, suggesting that since January 26th—when Mercury first moved back into Capricorn—whatever has been learned, or shared, been made aware, or exposed is likely now experiencing something of a reckoning, or reminder.

Or redirection. The ‘mischievous’ kind…

Mercury, hovering upon this degree, could represent projection—especially if you’re refusing to recognize matters honestly, or appropriately… or should you be “refusing to immerse [yourself] in the flow of time-bound events…”

Taking the higher road, particularly in matters that are beyond you or are necessary for more than just yourself, is best at this time… though it could be quite easy to ‘go your own way’.

With the North Node moving through the twenty-eighth degree of Capricorn, its associations suggest that “listening to [your] inner voice rather than the internalized voices of parents, friends, or enemies” is best—however challenging this may be for you… truly, there might be a cacophony of ‘direction’ for you at this time—any mental confusions or distractions should be discerned carefully… it’s essential, now, to be able to hear your own thoughts above all the noise and chatter, opinions and advice.

It’s essential, then, to recognize the actual spirit or depth of something—its base intentions or meaning.

Despite any desire for a peak experience or ultimate influence… what’s meaningful now is what’s real—and what’s going to open, and raise, your consciousness.

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.❞
——Warren Buffett

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022 📷 by @velosechsundsechzig

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Capricorn Balsamic Moon
—January 29

Today’s a big day, celestially speaking…

Today’s moon illuminates Mars, which is now in Capricorn, and thereby today’s lunarly governance—the oldest saturnian moon… and this conjunction associates itself to ‘stealing glimpses of a hidden reality…’

Perhaps, from yesterday’s strategizing motivations?

Or, and maybe more likely?—reality checks. Because, Saturn.

Mars, in Capricorn, is the bullying inner knowing that you should be getting up off your hibernating backside already if you’re expecting your life to change in incredible ways… and today’s lunarly conjunction to Mars will absolutely illuminate this.

You’ve likely been feeling this particular tug since Mars moved into Capricorn, back on January 23rd—but this first lunarly connection to Mars, today, is definitely provoking this need… or, its lack. 

Further, today’s Capricorn moon, in its balsamic phase, is what shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera calls the Dragon Moon, a moon when through we “look toward the future… and can see the impossible and strategize ways to achieve it; dragons challenge us to do our best in ways we hadn’t even imagined.”

Further still, Kaldera suggests that it is upon this moon that “we take a long look at the limits on our lives and consider how we can surpass them… keep your speculations pragmatic and well within the realm of possibility—what you should be challenging is your courage and ingenuity, not the laws of time, space, and physics; the Dragon Moon challenges is to be more than just an idealistic hero—we have to become a practical, prepared hero as well, or we won’t survive.”

In other words, today is a day of deep focus—focus upon the centrality of What Could Be and What Is.

Notice that—as it’s a balsamic moon, this is a detail—it is not a moon to initiate any of the changes you’re envisioning or strategizing, though you likely really want to; it’s a moon to continue grinding the wheels within your mind.

Think about it astro-literally: to initiate something likely challenging upon a weakened moon in the sign of Saturn… it would be metaphorically dead upon arrival—or really f*ing challenging.

It’s particularly essential, today, to get all of the wheels within your mind grinding in the same direction, just keep it mental… in other words—it’s important to mentally organize your metaphorical wheels so that they’re all visually grinding in tandem, toward the same motivations in eventual actuality.



Venus stations direct at 11°05′ Capricorn today—the last time Venus was moving through this degree was November 17th, again separating from a square to Chiron… but this time, a saturnian moon will be illuminating a conjunction to Venus, and to asteroid Vesta—all squaring Chiron, all connecting to Uranus by trine, all moving in tandem.

Please allow me, here, to share with you that the eleventh degree of Capricorn—the degree through which Venus stations direct—associates itself with ‘encountering chaotic situations with aplomb; being open to all of life’s crazy possibilities; and living in the moment…’

So… as the sobering moon moves to apply and exact a conjunction to the Venus/Vesta conjunction, the essence within what truly matters—particularly toward what your wheels are grinding toward, but really, the meat within all matters…

Again—the central focus.

Rather quaintly, Vesta represents these matters—the meat, the real deal, and that which remains despite it all… Vesta is associated with the home and hearth—the hearth being the fireplace that, historically and, until recently, traditionally, was always placed within the center of the home, literally bringing the family, and everything that mattered—warmth, food and light—together, in the center… 

The fire in the hearth was everything, and it was maintained always, no matter what—it never went out… talk about wheels grinding behind a bullying inner knowing that you should be getting up off your ass already!

Venus has just stationed, so, she’s still gaining grounding—it’s best not to begin pestering just yet… besides, there’s work to do.

If you’re expecting your life to change in incredible ways… this oldest, ancient saturnian moon will likely guide you toward what really matters within the thick of all of it.

We do not lend the hearth quite the importance that our ancestors did, Greek or otherwise. Yet, even for us, the word stands for something more than just a fireplace… we speak of ‘hearth and home’. The word ‘hearth’ shares its ancestry with ‘heart’, just as the modern Greek for ‘hearth’ is kardia, which also means ‘heart’. In Ancient Greece the wider concept of hearth and home was expressed by the oikos, which lives on for us today in economics and ecology. The Latin word for hearth is focus—which speaks for itself. It is a strange and wonderful thing that out of the words for fireplace we have spun ‘cardiologist’, ‘deep focus’ and ‘eco-warrior’… the essential meaning of centrality that connects them also reveals the great significance of the hearth to the Greeks and Romans, and consequently the importance of Hestia, its presiding deity.❞
——Stephen Fry

Image credit— @launchdsigns on Instagram

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Sagittarius Balsamic Moon
—January 28

The moon moves from the fifteenth degree of Sagittarius through the thirtieth, connecting with only Neptune by square…

Typically, this square between Sagittarius and Pisces can offer really magically inspiring opportunities to daydream, or fantasize, or imagine better, faraway pursuits or ideals… though, today, as the moon applies, exacts, and separates from its single square to Neptune, a retrograded Mercury is moving back into its second expect conjunction with Pluto—the first conjunction occurred December 30th and the third and final conjunction will occur on February 11th.

Instead, thoughts are much more obsessive, determined, and exhaustive—not at all daydreamy.

Instead, thoughts may be alienated or detached… separated.

Instead, thoughts won’t be so much about how to get away from it all—but rather, how to rise above it all.

Also, and particularly supportively, the sun is applying Uranus by square (to be exact January 30th)—and this makes for building of flash realizations, sudden insights and new inspirations… “you may have found that despite racking your brain there’s been no rational guidance available—it’s important to realize that a lot of internal as well as external noise needs to be quieted—the rational mind can be noisy and tends to interfere with the flow of the imagination and the intuition… by reducing the external noise your mind can focus on what is essential, rather than what may just be convenient.”

So the challenge, now, lies upon the Sagittarian/Piscean energies—and how to rise above such easy, lazy inclinations to do nothing all day but daydream and wonder…

Or to begin determining a plan with exactitude and clarity to actually achieve your ideals and visions.

Rise in your mind, in your heart, in your soul… and you will rise in your world.❞
——Matshona Dhilwayo 

Image credit— @frankmoth on Instagram

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Sagittarius Balsamic Moon
—January 27

Much of your fading frustrations, if I had to presume, are largely built around—literally, built around and on top of!—your inner needs… and, as the saying goes: to be loved, one must be love; to find resolve, one must become resolved; to make friends, one must be a friend—whatever it is you are seeking, or needing, or desiring… as well as whatever it is you’re hurting from—you must, first, truly and genuinely become whatever it is.

We must find whatever it is within ourselves first, always.

English writer and poet, DH Lawrence, once wrote that “those that go seeking for love only make manifest their own lovelessness, and the loveless never find love—only the loving find love, and they never have to seek for it…”

Whether it’s love you’re needing, or something else entirely—replace these words in Lawrence’s statement: those that go seeking for quiet only make manifest their own inner chaos, and the noisy never find quiet—only the quiet find quiet, and they never have to seek for it…

Or, in other words, as the most often expressed biblical reference that is nowhere to be found in the bible suggests: God helps those who help themselves.

This suggestion, then, will offer you a pretty good idea regarding today’s energies, especially as the moon squares Jupiter—these suggested sentiments will likely feel quite expanded, extrapolated, and exploited.


Further inner examination could be necessary throughout the day, as well as taking a harder look upon everything around you—particularly anything new that is introduced into your routine or everyday reality… especially if you’re given a very cosmic opportunity, indeed, to promote yourself as exactly what you’re seeking—all the more need to be a little cautious.

Your truth tends to determine [what] you attract and [that which is] within your inner circle. If you are not attracting the right [energies] examine the truth you are sharing.❞ ——Jeffrey G. Duarte

Image credit— @ph_nah on Instagram


Scorpio Balsamic Moon
—January 26

As the phoenix rises from the ash—something has changed, and it is irrevocable… or should be.

This moon’s very essence implies that something has died, that something significant is no longer, that something dis-eased has been amputated or otherwise eliminated… that something lingering underneath it all has been confronted.

Even through all of the airy Aquarian energy, it’s an old belief or perspective or mindset—you’ve sacrificed something for a fresh, brand new vitality… or painfully realize and understand that you need to.

Or, honestly—it could be the revolutionary willingness to open to someone, or to open in some way; to embrace your wounds and inner vulnerabilities, confronting these with love and forgiveness rather than anger, anxiety, or ambivalence, or apathy…

You could be feeling a little… I don’t know?—strung out? You’ve likely been through a lot, either mentally or emotionally, and yet, with today’s lunarly connection to Neptune, you may be somewhat mystified or bewildered by what you’ve just endured… 

The degree through which this connection occurs associates itself with ‘emotional responsiveness and vulnerability; stilling one’s heart so one’s real desires become clear; a sensitivity to the emotional environment; being emotionally open; a steadfast pursuit of noble goals; speaking directly to the situation; and spiritual attunement…’

As Hunter S Thompson so soberingly said, “buy the ticket, take the ride… and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well… maybe chalk it up to forced consciousness expansion: tune in, freak out, get beaten.”

Then the moon moves on to join the newly Scorpio South Node in conjunction for the first time since the Nodes have moved, suggesting that “one has to deal with unregenerated elements—these should be carefully managed—they can also be controlled by the power of the mind…” though one should eventually be feeling ‘relief from tensions’ soon enough.

Real dishes break. That’s how you know they’re real.❞ ——Marty Rubin

Image credit— @angelotaii on Instagram

Goldsmith, M. “The Zodiac by Degrees.” Weiser Books; ©2004. Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004. Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.


Scorpio Last Quarter Moon at 5°33′
—January 25

They say that it is through the wound that the solution is found…

Today’s last quarter event occurs through a degree that associates itself with ‘confronting others’ underlying motives; unmasking deceit or half-truths; identifying a key piece of a puzzle; getting the full scoop; being hip to one’s own game; betraying one’s ideals; protecting one’s own interests; and learning who one’s true friends are.. ’

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera calls this moon the Madwoman’s Moon, “ushering in a new crisis, triggered and determined by the outside world…” and describes this moon and its symbolisms as “the demons [you] thought [you] had defeated come back to haunt [you]—the darkness that was once a friend now devours.”

It has been my experience, be it my own or as witness through observation, that every late January—through every annual Scorpio last quarter moon—a building, unique climax of inner and outer chaos seems to implode… that it is every year that I feel the need to share with you nearly everything Kaldera writes, as it is typically unanimously appreciated.

Kaldera writes, “up until now, Scorpio’s battles have been fought alone, the solitary scorpion has toughed it out in the darkness, conjuring up the demons and conquering them, learning the mysteries and keeping their secrets, communing in the lonely temple with the Universe, and pitting itself in a battle against overwhelming odds… in spite of all strength and willpower, the outside menace is stronger—up until now it has not been considered that one possible solution could be to depend on others… but this is about to change.”

As I mentioned briefly in yesterday’s post, a Scorpio moon squaring toward an Aquarian sun is much like a living, breathing wound or inner vulnerability being exposed… and exiled.

Aquarian symbolisms very much involve concepts of individuality, in the same token as alien status, otherworldliness, and exile—as well as displacement, heretics, rebellion, and metaphorical homelessness.

Is it possible, then, that through this year’s last quarter Scorpio moon event that we are being asked to consider either our own wounds, or inner vulnerabilities, or, perhaps, upon recent realizations—and to consider, further, what is worth such trouble… the trouble of isolating aloneness and emotional exile?

Another perspective of today’s energies describes ‘a gold rush tear[ing] people away from their native soil…’ as if to ponder what, if anything, is worth such “a journey, and the search, particularly on an internal level…” because through these energies we are “learning to discriminate just what is and what is not possible… and what is worth pursuing.”

It is possible that you’re currently navigating somewhat unknown terrain, in search of something worthy, wonderful, and prosperous—like gold—and to get to the metaphorical gold you must set out, moving away from familiarities, out into the unknown… feelings of displacement or alienation are to be expected.

Either way, this metaphorical gold of which you seek—be it a solution, something valuable, or an expensive experience—is currently experiencing the crisis that comes with this annual quarter moon, and because this particular annual event falls within the first decan of Scorpio it is intrinsically associated with the 5 of Cups in tarot—which is a card associated with disappointments.

Astrologer Austin Coppock expresses his insights of this decan, that “we are brought to confront the cycle of hungers which are the price and pleasure of incarnate being… though this may seem a particularly tortured decan, it is merely one which exposes a hard truth—confronting the cycle, we are less bound to it, and less blind, than if we ignore it… to gain what we desire we must also be willing to pay the price.”

Typically when the 5 of Cups is drawn it suggests a situation that hasn’t turned out the way it was expected to—because, naturally, all expectations initiate disappointment… and this card can sometimes indicate, further, that you are choosing to wallow in your woes—please allow me to persuade you to fight against these urges should you be feeling them.

When you are actually ready, when you’ve consulted with your inner knowing and your inner instincts, and discriminated your feelings with your reality, and emotionally confronted your wounds or inner vulnerabilities—your gold awaits… 

Whatever disappointment you are navigating—try to explore the larger meaning underneath it all… could it be that you’re reflecting disappointments because underneath it all you’re still struggling with a disappointment that was never allowed space to be fully experienced… or be forgiven?

And perhaps, this time, as it is suggested, you need not struggle through this alone—but rather, there could be a very golden opportunity to open yourself, despite it all, and confront some of your wounds and vulnerabilities in the metaphorical light of day in the company of someone who actually sees you…

If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment.❞
——Henry David Thoreau

Image credit— @ponse.lakiva on Instagram

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Libra/Scorpio Disseminating Moon
—January 24

While still in Libra, the moon inspires opportunities “in consciousness able to transcend the conflicts and pressures of [one’s] personal life…”

As astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed, these energies “symbolize the capacity, latent in every individual, to contemplate the stress of existence in our world of duality from a higher level… through the use of the mind, backed by the efforts and struggles of past generations and the cooperation of others, the individual can gain a new perspective on human problems…”

Realizations abound… there is a sense of transcending difficulties in some way, however small.

Much like Plato’s cave… you are very likely experiencing something from within that moves you to go outside of your comfort zone, out of the metaphorical cave, and into an entirely new realm of reality.

Again, this could be in a most subtle fashion… or, it could be quite extreme.

Further still, the moon will move into Scorpio and connect to a retrograded Mercury by square, as Mercury has just connected to the sun by inferior conjunction yesterday and thereby offers something of a cosmic guidance as well as new awareness—and instinctive realization—and this square occurs through a degree which associates itself to surrender… “a new and greater realization usually demands the sacrifice of something…”

Another perspective of these energies is described as ‘a broken bottle and spilled perfume’… in that “now that something has cracked and everything has suddenly been let out—there is now a need to be careful of how you handle the situation; it’s important to remember that sometimes things need to be broken so that their contents can be released or revealed and fully appreciated.”

Should you realize something new, or deeper, or much more thoroughly clarified, these illuminated realizations should have a governing structural support, as Mars has just moved into Capricorn, which would suggest that the foundations from which to build upon feel determined, and up for a challenge… though, at this point, there’s a heavy sense of overwhelm, either positively or negatively.

Additionally, this is a moon, as far as shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera is concerned, “that we confront what we would do—and how far we would go—if we were in a situation of powerlessness and oppression…” Kaldera asks the reader: how do you use small pieces of power every day? Further, he asks: when do you say the word that will change someone’s mind to blacker thoughts?; when are you unkind to make a point or to make yourself feel better?; is your daily ‘domestic’ power always handled ethically and kindly?—if not, Kaldera implores, “how would [you] change [yourself] to be more worthy of greater power?”

Finally, as the night moves into tomorrow, the moon applies a square to the sun for the last quarter moon, to be exact tomorrow morning*…

This also lends itself to the harsh realities that, as the sun moves through Aquarius, we are reminded of the underlying symbolisms of Aquarius—particularly that of exile… as you find yourself moving toward something new, in whatever way, however harmoniously, within this action also exists the moving away from something else—and within this precious place in between: is an exiling.

Tomorrow’s last quarter moon will exploit this illumination of exile for you more specifically.

Security is not the meaning of life. Great opportunities are worth the risk.❞
——Shirley Hufstedler

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☽in♏︎by 7:57pm PST; 8:57pm MST; 9:57pm CST; 10:57pm EST
LQ☽ at 5:40am PST; 6:40am MST; 7:40am CST; 8:40am EST

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Venus Rx/S in Capricorn—Part 3

Upon January 29th Venus will station direct at 11°05′ Capricorn—the last time Venus was moving through this degree was November 17th, again separating from a square to Chiron… but this time, Venus will be in conjoining company of the illumination of the moon, illuminating a conjunction with asteroid Vesta, as well as a quickly approaching Mars—all squaring Chiron, all connecting to Uranus by trine, all moving in tandem.

Please allow me, here, to share with you that the eleventh degree of Capricorn associates itself with ‘encountering chaotic situations with aplomb; being open to all of life’s crazy possibilities; and living in the moment’.

This movement between Venus, Vesta, and Mars, moving in tandem through the third decan degrees of Capricorn, will continue through February, connecting as a stellium to Pluto coming into March, and as Vesta maintains an extended conjunction to Pluto, Venus and Mars will ingress into Aquarius, upon the zero point degree, together on March 6th.

So, these building energies will indeed be a process in and of itself, as well as a somewhat collective effort—to recognize a more disciplined and individuated inner power to be actualized toward personal missions for devoted goals…

This building becomes much heavier the last week of February—between the 25-28th—and as desperately as Venus will be, to achieve material rejuvenations, personal revivals and an overall renewal toward however the circumstances this Venusian retrogradation manifested for you in your reality… as quickly as Venus gains stamina and speed, and surpasses Mars—Venus is immediately caught in besiegement between the malefics, between Mars and Saturn, within the working parameters of Aquarius, a sign Venus does not prefer.

In simple terms—Venus, though no longer within the Underworld, will continue enduring hardship and strain… Venus will not be happy until Piscean boundarilessness welcomes her on April 6th.

Indeed, April looks quite lovely…


Until then.



What does Vesta represent through all of this?

What does Venus and Mars moving within a degree for so many weeks within this building stellium mean?

What does Pluto represent through all of this?

What does all of this squaring Chiron mean?

Vesta is an asteroid that represents one’s inner spark—the inner hearth—the fire within that never goes out… this associates to matters of devotion and service, as well as one’s duty to inner needs and spiritual comforts; in Capricorn, Vesta umbrellas identities of personal independence, and to personal discipline, control, and self-actualization… there is a building need, then, to clarify structures for goals in an effort to more thoroughly actualize ideals.

I’m sure the woo woo astrology articles online or in magazines are appeasing their readers with hopes for romance intensified through the motions between Venus and Mars—and I’m disappointed yet again to disappoint you with actuality—I wouldn’t advise anyone to go ‘looking for love’ through this unfolding process… 

Sure. Venus represents our desires, and Mars represents our motivations, and together these would be presumed to equate toward something looking like desires motivated… 

But then both Venus and Mars, in conjunction, move into a conjunction with Pluto, which is Hades, Lord of Death and the Underworld—is this how you would want to initiate a blossoming new relationship?! To each their own, I suppose… 

So, yes, desires are motivated, and personal passions much more willful, to be realized, actualized, and these, too, are eagerly seeking—demanding, more like—clarified structures to better appropriate the path to be navigated from here… and Venus and Mars moving together, in tandem, through the last degrees of Capricorn, will absolutely inspire these sentiments—together with Vesta—yet, in Capricorn, again, these motivations (unless transiting through your fifth or seventh house) are somewhat obsessed with legacy-related goals, somewhat egoical or spiritual ambitious ideals, and personal reputation being transformed and reimagined through the ending of something: within whatever area of life this is occurring through within your nativity.

Not romance.

Unless it’s a romance that has ended, or is emotionally vacant. But, again—to each their own—you be you boo *wink*

And you are likely persistent in your wholesome devotion toward whatever this is for you… and you have come to this point through this previous decaying/symbolic death/grieving process via Venus’ retrograde into the Underworld, in Capricorn, in conjunction to Pluto, emerging since early December.

These motivations, essentially, are being reborn—are blooming through the newly available space from which something quite recently was offered, or taken, something which was no longer.

This process trespassed into the depths, into the squishiest and hardest to reach places within the darkest of places within… places seemingly assumed vacant, isolated, or otherwise left abandoned—places offering more of a barren coldness, a resistance from within.

If you were/are able to push through, to work with this vulnerability… if you were/are able to feel through what was/is needed to be felt to achieve a new found place of respite—a new found place within of inner respect!—then this process will likely be quite transformational, and will continue to offer you many opportunities for healing and empowerment.

This will be quite rejuvenating, indeed… 

Especially so, if you are “facing your psychological problems squarely; or delighting in the rapid flow of emotions and events…”

The degree through which all of this is occurring represents “feelings of emotional lightness and almost mischievous intentions—the deeper parts of feelings are sometimes ignored, or rejected… finding a comfortable and safe place within a situation may be necessary… going with your gut feelings can lift your spirits to new heights…” and should you be fully participating with these energies, a ‘lightness of being’ is available.

Now… this building, then, through the month of February—these motivations and building devotions, and ultimately, these goals of active actualization—is working in tandem, through these transformations, toward a most vulnerable recognition of your own inner power.

And this, of course, will be a personal/soul revival.

As all of this is squaring Chiron, then, would suggest that should you be willing to work through your personal challenges, struggles, or otherwise concepts/issues of release—you will be given opportunities for healing and personal growth. It will be painful, absolutely, or at the very least, uncomfortable or inconvenient… but, ultimately, worth your efforts—should you be willing to release that which no longer possesses vitality only provides fertile opportunity for rebirth.

Renewal will begin after March, though, I still feel was though it’s pertinent to remind you that this is the degree through which Jupiter and Saturn joined in conjunction back in December of 2020—think back to this time and reflect upon what was occurring all around you and emerging from within… I don’t know, exactly, but it could be important—this Venus/Mars pass-through could offer an extension, or a resolution, or a deeper empowerment, or an otherwise intensified experience.

And, of course—always—it truly depends upon what house 0° Aquarius falls upon within your personal nativity.

This first degree of Aquarius associates itself to ‘recognizing that worldly institutions decay to the degree that they lose their indwelling soul or spiritual raison d’etre; strengthening one’s ideals by putting them into serviceable (if unrecognizable) modern forms; adopting a life-mission that fits one’s inner nature; fully inhabiting one’s immediate situation; withdrawing into the soul’s inner sanctum to find spiritual revitalization; and shaping the future by studying and refashioning the past…’

Further, this degree can symbolize the “processing of inner issues and thoughts…” because “things can feel out of your control and influenced by unknown forces—strategies may need to be made.”


Plan and prepare to strategize your ideals into real time through February, to actualize more structurally in March. April, however, will be an entirely different atmosphere—stay tuned, more to come.

Immense power is acquired by assuring yourself in your secret reveries that you were born to control your affairs…❞
——Andrew Carnegie

Image credit— @morysetta on Instagram

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