Aquarius Crescent Moon—January 4

A lunarly conjunction with Saturn, in Aquarius—a saturnian governed energy, offers a more seriously toned kind of day.

Upon the degree these two diametrically opposing planetary influences meet in conjunction is associated with ‘staying ahead of the weather…’ through meaningful preparations, or cautious feelings of very sobering potentials or repercussions… or, somewhat exponentially, you could feel these influences through a mixture of needing to secure more securing securities in some more securable way.

Yeah… good luck with that *wink* …nothing is ever guaranteed.

But that’s what you’re likely looking for—a guarantee of sorts.

Trust your gut.

These associations suggest that “you may feel the need to plan for future action and to know what to expect or at least anticipate… you will find in your own sensitivity to the environment, and to the people around you, the very instrument that can sense how [one’s] feeling or what’s coming up next—watching, waiting and feeling out the atmosphere before taking any action will lead to the best answer.”

Something that may further support your efforts today could include the “observing [of] others’ reactions…”

All in all, Saturn appreciates a detached pause, as well as discernment. 

Something entertaining—or incredibly irritating!—about an Aquarian moon is the provocation it tends to… well, provoke.

Psychological insights are probable today, as well as ‘winkling out other people’s games’… as well as “perceiving a situation’s positive and negative possibilities and changing [your] course accordingly.”

And finally, as shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests, today’s lunarly influences support “mov[ing] toward achieving our goals… ”


Go get’em.

The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order.❞ ——Alfred North Whitehead

Image credit— @serg_nehaev on Instagram

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