Capricorn/Aquarius Crescent Moon—January 3

Today’s renewed moon moves through the last degrees of Capricorn and into the first degree of Aquarius, essentially moving from a conjunction to a retrograded Venus—just after midnight, to a conjunction with Pluto—just after 8am, and on toward a conjunction with Mercury, now in Aquarius, by 6:30pm tonight—all time references for the west coast… 

This feels like a heavier day… depending upon how the Venus/Pluto narrative is unfolding for you—otherwise, should you be working with this narrative rather than resisting its lessons, today could look and feel much brighter indeed.

As the moon moves into Aquarius, from the barriers and boundaries of Capricorn, it might behoove you too embrace new information, new ideas, new concepts, and/or new ways of doing something—after all, our minds and outlooks are currently somewhat cautiously optimistic: for the new year, and for new ventures otherwise, as long as there is a sense of endurance and determinism involved… and with Mercury now moving through the currents of Aquarius, currents being literal or not, the sky is virtually the limit with what you could be open to receive.

This said—Venus is only fifteen days into her forty day retrograde, in Capricorn… ways of old and the value these hold or promise remain something of an obligation in some capacity, particularly in regard to the house this is occurring through within your nativity.

Otherwise, you may be blindsided with a pavement of good intentions for this new year, a quick-change of resolutions, and an explosion of new theories; a wrangle of new philosophies, a blizzard of new quotes for inspiration or motivation, and a brainstorm of new ideas… do try to jot them down, as Mercury, when in Aquarius, can be as momentous as a strike of lightning.

Every now and then a man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.❞ ——Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

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