Pisces Crescent Moon—January 5

Today the moon meets its peak through a conjunction to Jupiter, simultaneously illuminating the very recent, and now separating, t-square from Jupiter to the Nodes, which occurred at 29°45′ Aquarius, just before Jupiter moved into Pisces on December 27th… 

I believe that this is Jupiter’s first lunarly connection since its ingress into Pisces, and so today may offer some—however subliminal—symbolisms or otherwise toward what its second journey swimming with the fish foretells. 

Somewhat subliminally in and of itself, and ever so celestially conveniently, this crescent Piscean moon is what shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera refers to as the Mermaid Moon, and as it illuminates Jupiter at 1°34′ Pisces—that first fortuitous degree of this recent ingress—a moon that refers to “explor[ing] our internal fantasies…” you may literally be “hiding yourself away…” 

Indeed, taking this literally could cause missed opportunities, or expose unnecessary reservations… 

Still, it might be healthy to take some time for yourself.

As you can see below, the times of this exact conjunction are later in the evening here in the States, and so this would imply that the entire day could feel as a building up of however this energy is manifesting for you—feelings of insecurity, cautiousness, protectiveness, or simply withdrawn or emotionally exhausted…

Do try to achieve a considerable amount of sleep, though this degree of Pisces does associate itself with sleeplessness—not only to take the edgy blur away, but also to dream…

There’s likely an enormous amount of mental chatter on and in your mind these days… new information, new ideas, new theories, new prospects, new projects and planning—new new new!—you’re likely vibrating with potentials and possibilities.

If you are able to convince the Sandman to take you for the night—this lunarly conjunction to Jupiter could either absolutely honor your slumber with the finest, most delicious dreams… or purloin even your natural ability to relax.

May you dream… and may they be the sweetest of dreams.

You’ve much to unravel for yourself.

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.❞ ——Roy T. Bennett

★6:56pm PST; 7:56pm MST; 8:56pm CST; 9:56pm EST

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