Pisces Crescent Moon
—January 6

It’s a real toss up today—typically, upon seeing that the moon is moving directly toward a conjunction with Neptune—much more, in Pisces—and just after midnight, I would presume that if you didn’t get some really good and lovely sleep last night, by golly you would tonight.


Today’s lunarly application to Neptune—the original astrological Sandman—is interceded by a lunarly square back to Mars in Sagittarius…

Sure, it’s a mutable square—mutability is typically pretty flexible…

Sure, they’re both ruled by Jupiter and thereby, it’s more or less to your advantage, either way… until it isn’t.

Further than ‘until it isn’t’… it’s Mars.

Even when in Sagittarius, and governed by Jupiter—it’s Mars.

Mars doesn’t sleep, and most assuredly doesn’t dream… Mars stings.

Mars separates, and destroys, and otherwise provokes or irritates or damages—Mars, in a fire sign, is pleasantly restless with motive toward any of these.

Further, the moon also applies to retrograded Venus moving back to an inferior conjunction with the sun… not that this should do much to taint any attempt to sleep—but rather, I’m considering potential emotional frazzles, those pesky emotional feelings that linger and still sting… and how these can sometimes muddle themselves into one’s subconscious, and inevitably keep one up.

And if it isn’t sleep—Mars might find a way to divide you from your patience, at the very least… further still, this upcoming weekend holds heavy potential for several frazzling opportunities for impatience.

The unusual thing about quiet is that when you seek it, it is almost impossible to achieve. When you strive for quiet, you become impatient, and impatience is itself a noiseless noise. You can block every superficial sound, but, with each new layer extinguished, a next rises up, finer and more entrapping, until you arrive at last in the infinite attitude of your own riotous mind. Inside is where all the memories last like wells, and the unspoken wishes like golden buds, and the pain that you keep, lingering and implicit, staying inside, nesting inside, articulating, articulating, through to the day you die.❞ ——Hilary Thayer Hamann

Image credit— @limitlessmindgames on Instagram

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