Taurus Gibbous Moon
—January 11

This morning’s moon is separating from its conjunction to Uranus, which occurred either very very late last night, sometime after midnight, or very very early through dawn this morning—depending upon where on the globe you call home… and so, for those of you on the west coast this conjunction actually occurred this morning at 4:18am, and so on the east coast it would’ve been 7:18am, and for those of you across the pond it would’ve been just after noon.

So. A bit of an oversight on my part—apologies.

My point in pointing this out to you somewhat pointedly—hahaha—is that I mentioned this ever so briefly in yesterday’s post without much context, mistaking that this conjunction occurred late last night… and now, upon a second look, upon deeper considerations, upon observation of the timing—this lunarly conjunction to Uranus—may have been worthy of a bit more attention.

Typically, lunarly conjunctions to Uranus translate to sudden insights—which I alluded to—as well as subconscious impulsiveness, or impulsive jolts in consciousness… which is to imply, somewhat more complexly, the phenomenology of either peripheral or psychic hunches, even, or spontaneously temporary brilliance—which would be to speculate momentary genius… momentary ingenuousness. 

Perhaps our societal conditioning or social expectations, our go go go mentality, our impetuously go go go reflexivity… perhaps these are somewhat lacking in an ability to take these sudden jolts more seriously, lacking in a naturalness to feeling more empowered by them—as they are, essentially, quite magical, and not at all to be taken for granted.

Not to be taken so momentarily, but momentously.

Not to be over sighted.

And truly, not so typically, as it’s a Taurean moon that meets Uranus in conjunction these days—there is a higher probability of cutting off, or away, from anything less than practical, or sensible… then again, beyond or outside of cookbook rhetoric, I have always found Taurean energies to be much more metaphysical, to say the least, than your average astrological instruction will allow, much more… rationally grounded in an empyreal type of way, if this makes any sense—and I tend to insist that actual personal experience be more a guide than written word.

Moving on, this is to say, upon the conjecture that Taurean energies are not atypically metaphysically inclined—but more than mere metaphysical… spiritual, natural, and humble—this, then, would imply that these monthly lunarly conjunctions are quite magical, however subtle.

Magically empyreal. 

Taurean energies, by Nature, can be outright significations of natural law.

Because, see—I would argue that Taurean techniques, by energetics alone, tend to be much more subtle… whereas Uranian jolts, naturally, are much more provoking, shocking, and intense—however, this is not to imply that Taurean energies lack intensity by any means… as these go straight to the core of anything, which can be quite intense, indeed.

I only mean to refer to the moon connecting, now, monthly—as it has been since early 2019, and so I have a frame of reference to refer you to—to Uranus, in conjunction… these underlying and rather grounded Taurean subtleties have the opportunity, then, to… become!

Quite literally!

To become joltingly conscious…

To become spuriously alive…

To become spontaneously emergent…

To become shiftingly provoked…

To become something uniquely new…

It’s almost a guaranteed, monthly opportunity to consciously change your mind, or become aware of something you were previously ignorant to, or to open your mind to learning new perspectives beyond your own.

It’s a monthly stirring—for better or worse.

So, that’s all—I simply wanted to communicate to you this monthly opportunity of sorts… but then again, one person’s opportunity is another’s plight. C’est la vie.

In fact, the association to the exact degree of this conjunction describes ‘a woman sprinkling long rows of flowers’… that “there may be the need to pay attention to what your body is telling you…” and in this translation, it is the body, oh so Taurean indeed, that receives the insight—the phenomena, if you will—should you be taking care of your body, and your physical needs—all of your needs… should you be offering your body an appropriate amount of routine nourishment—beyond basic hygiene… but natural, spiritual, and energetic nourishments, as well.

Further, shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests that this is a moon when “we learn about being a part of a balanced system that includes Nature and yet makes room for our own efforts… we learn about taking full responsibility for what we own, and all the work that taking care of it entails…” and I would argue, in addition—the taking responsibility of who we are, and what we need, and all the work that this, too, entails.

And, so, then the moon moves on to square Saturn at 8:54am PST, and then to connect to Venus by trine at 4:32pm PST… which, respectively, by degree, would suggest that you “allow your instincts to guide you…” ever so celestially conveniently, providing a sense of ‘at-one-ment’ with all forms of life… and yet there may be “a struggle between practical needs and the underlying reasons for having some of these needs…” 

Perhaps any suddenly insightful realizations or empyreal phenomenology that emerge from your body/consciousness, through your heart or straight into your gut, could further provoke you into considering these questions or challenges more honestly?

Try not to make the same oversight as I did.

Nothing in life is more exciting and rewarding than the sudden flash of insight that leaves you a changed person. When you want wisdom and insight as badly as you want to breathe, it is then you shall have it. A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.❞
——Arthur Gordon Webster

Image credit— @indg0 on Instagram

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