Gemini Gibbous Moon
—January 14

Words and expressions, definitions and communications of all kind today could become a bit frazzled, or blurred—but either way: confused.

Despite the words we choose, to mean specifically one thing—when really, in actuality, they mean another thing entirely… in an effort to disallow further potentials for confusions, please allow me to provide actual definitions for today’s translations *wink wink*

To begin, for instance, the degree through which today’s lunarly square to Neptune occurs associates itself to tumult, which is to imply a growing, blurry tumultuous-ness… 

By definition, the root of tumultuous—tumult—defines a ‘violent and noisy commotion or disturbance, or other disorder; an uproar, outbreak, riot, or uprising… highly distressing agitation of mind or feeling…’ and the origins of this word, being Latin, ‘tumēre’, translate ‘to swell’.


This square, then, and its influencing, should it be setting the stage for a tumultuous process to unfold or emerge, which, in its most positive vibration, could lead to disturbances or irritations such as new approaches to old problems… however, in its most shadowy vibrations, could provoke  “repressed or oppressed instincts [to] stage an emotional outburst, claiming their due…”

Though, not so much to right a previous wrong… these energies would be more about simply making a mess and causing a stir…

To be heard. Loudly. Though, not so clearly…

Consequently, such spontaneously stirring actions could spur equally spontaneous responses, which may demand reactionary or accusatory questions, such as “[what is the actual] willing[ness], ab[ility] and read[iness] to assume” more and better, or something else entirely—or, much less, such an absolute mess?

Further, today’s opinionated and ever so expressional Gemini moon opposes Mars…

In Sagittarius.


Everyone’s ignorant opinion will be spoken as if it’s factual gospel at your front door through the excitations of an uninvited guest.

Should a solution or resolution toward old problems be found, or utilized, or administered, or simply clarified or announced through all of this raucous—it’ll likely be aggressive, or aggressively communicated… but, it might still be worth curiosity or pursuing more clarification for understanding.

Should a mess or drama occur—oh, holy hell indeed.

There’s much division today, as truly, Mars represents separations… it’s an either/or kind of day—either one can take the high road, or the ditch… it’s a day to rise, entirely.

It’s a day to open to more, to better… to something else entirely.

As the moon moves to square Neptune and oppose Mars, while Mars is simultaneously applying its square to Neptune, these aspects, then, create a t-square, which always represents tension—tension which needs to be released… the void of this would-be cardinal cross falls in Virgo, inferring then that to counter or more appropriately navigate through these rising tensions—Virgoan measures, almost literally, must be taken.

Allow me to once more direct your attention to the question posed above: [what is the actual] willing[ness], ab[ility] and read[iness] to assume” more and better—or, much less, such an absolute mess? This is the Virgoan stance of reasoning—answer this and you’ll likely have an opening for such turbulence to navigate itself… Virgoan energies wish to improve upon or better understand that which is disconnected, or separated, agitated or offended… in an effort to reunite, despite it all.

Awareness and understanding, after all, is literally an opening in consciousness…

I would imagine, that even in the most inconspicuous or perniciously insidious and camouflaged ways—any way that can work to separate… you against an/Other, or this between that, whatever—be quite wary of this; union of any kind is the strongest form of defense through these energies, not elimination.

For united we stand…
Divided we fall—
And if our backs should ever be against the wall
We’ll be together…
Together, you and I…
——Brotherhood of Man

And, again, once more for good Virgoan measure—to question what the actual willingness, ability and readiness to assume is…

Ever so conveniently, Mercury, today’s lunarly governance—as well as ruler of Virgo—is stationing retrograde upon the eleventh degree of Aquarius, a degree which associates itself to overshadowing…. “what is implied here is the essential value of keeping open to spiritual or soul forces, especially when a new period of individual activity is about to begin…”

Perhaps, then, the willingness, ability and readiness to assume the value inherently involved within the situation, or circumstances, you’re currently navigating, and what this value means and implies and deserves and demands?—as these are ripe with forces beyond yourself…

Further, and perhaps most importantly, “[you] should not depend mainly on outer circumstances and on tradition—and in a sense external—incentives… there is a creative power within, a power that can be tapped, or rather that should be allowed to flow into the brain-consciousness or the hands which write or fashion materials into original forms…”

What you do with this force that is beyond you is everything.

And much more—what is this force, or power, exactly?

I think it’s actual consciousness in union with All That Is… inner knowing.

Another translation upon this degree describes “getting away from it all” in an effort, specifically, to “reassess your life and goals… that new inspiration will be received.”

When Mercury is stationed it is literally paused, which is, yet again, so celestially convenient… to take this time, to rise above the noise and problems, all the distractions and all the clutter, the mess and the harshness, and simply breathe—unite with Source, unite with your inner knowing, with that inner spark within yourself that never goes out… and open.

Instead of shutting off or down or out… open.

The word ‘overshadow’, by the way, defines that which is ‘to be more important or significant by comparison’, ‘to shelter or protect’ or ‘to cast a shadow over; cover with shadows, or darkness; to obscure’… so, it would seem as though these somewhat contradicting energies will be yours to… manipulate, to work with, or to work through.

Or rise through.

To open to.

And finally, Mercury stationing retrograde through this specific degree squares Uranus exactly, which would suggest much idealistic-realistic notions within sparking, sudden insights toward how you go about nurturing and nourishing this force that is beyond yourself… remember, though Uranus may enjoy provocation and be the absolute master of contradiction, its efforts are yielded most nurturingly through those united—not divided—as this is when its efforts become more or less triggering, provoking, and just plain alienating.

As always, these choices are up to you…

But above all, it’s a day to open to more, to better… to something else entirely, to unite, and keep on.

Those who are never wrong hide behind a towering wall of insecurity. This need to be right all the time overshadows any attempt to just be happy. Thus, anyone who tries to chip away at this blockade will instantly be discarded.❞
——Christine E. Szymanski

Image credit— @morysetta on Instagram

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