Gemini/Cancer Gibbous Moon
— January 15

Political communications consultant Frank Luntz said that “it’s not what you say, it’s what people hear…”

The moon moves into Cancer as early as 8:11am PST, as late as 11:11am EST, and into the afternoon across the pond—for those of you being exposed to that much more Geminian moon influence, these words of suggestion may come on handy, especially as, regardless of where you are, the day will end with the moon in touchy, touchy Cancer.

What you hear will be much more pronounced, as well as how whatever you hear makes you feel—for better or worse, especially as the Cancer moon will connect with the endless inflations of Jupiter in Pisces.

Long ago were the days of saying your thoughts and feelings and ideas out loud!—the instinct, now, will be keeping them safe and protected.

This connection, by degree, associates itself to ‘a cat arguing with a mouse’, sizing up “an attempt at self-justification…” where “one argues with oneself, hoping to convince oneself that the old impulses are still legitimate…”

Further, “along with bullying, these energies can show bickering, which ultimately is time consuming and often doesn’t lead to anything… trying to influence another’s thoughts by constantly repeating or going over things is not acceptable, especially if it feels like harassment…”

Further still, “grab any opportunity you can to turn the situation to your advantage… however, no matter which side you are on, whether you’re the cat or the mouse, there are probably no true winners in this predicament”.

Also, these energies can involve a lot of “arguing going on inside your own mind, which can lead to feeling disempowered.”

Being very clear with yourself toward the facts and reality of, well, anything could greatly serve you and save you precious time… restlessness or desire, today, are both quite justifiable, though will only lead you astray from your goals, or best intentions—this would imply anything, but I’m particularly looking at new year’s resolutions and falling off whatever wagon you claimed to climb into to better yourself.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed the result of this degree as “attempting rationalizations…”

And then, the moon moves on to apply a square to Chiron for the remainder of the day, through the night, to exact its degree overnight, implying sleep that does not fulfill… unless, of course, you fall asleep purely, or to say: naturally; from a days worth of restless exhaustion.

Should whatever you hear today bother you, or provoke you—do try to find the emotional growth within the upset… or, at the very least, a more honest emotional understanding of the interaction in its entirety. Though, inevitably, the day’s energies will likely swallow whole, seducing feelings or thoughts more problematically, and “fishing for the ‘truth’ and finding only one piece of it”.

All there is to do, then… is to try to find the humor in it all.

And where the love of it all intersects.

Perhaps you notice how the denial is so often the preface to the justification…❞
——Christopher Hitchens

Image credit— Jakob Helbig; fineartamerica.com

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