Cancer Gibbous Moon
—January 16

Today’s moon illuminates the squish, I’m afraid… the muscle memory of a previous fear or hurts…

All of the feelings and limitations we would rather not feel through come to be emotionally processed—quickened, and birthed, however metaphorically… in the effort of having a new, and more evolved, sentiment through which to remember an old memory.

Today’s energies will illuminate these for you to more appropriately retrain these memories of muscle-grooves… through honest awareness, your commitment to a new goal, and deliberateness to follow through into new grooves.

We’re fully within the moon’s domain now, though vulnerable and hypersensitive… tomorrow, around 3:49pm PST, the moon will achieve exact fullness at 27°51′ Cancer—though, for now, the moon is giving its life, most symbolically, to its own efforts and interests.


These efforts and interests may be, or become, a bit too self-indulgent to reasonably sustain, much more—retrain… feelings and limitations, however transmuted, could glitch and default, revert, and grow resentful or greedy—thereby ‘birthing’ new feelings of threat, and fears of scarcity of all kinds.

Be wary of overdoing anything today—overspending, overheating, overeating, oversleeping, overlooking, overloading, overflowing, or overtaking…

Balance will be your buoyancy.

In the highest vibration, try to feel deeper into whatever indulgence you wish to pursue, and ponder the why… what is the essential need, here within the indulgence, that you’re feeling you need to fulfill or overfill?

And, perhaps most importantly—consider the why as to why you feel you don’t have enough of whatever it is.

Truly, as today’s moon opposes a retrograded Venus in Capricorn, and then illuminates an opposition to the sun connecting to Pluto in conjunction… this illumination, alone, but definitely with all the additional fanfare, however retrograded, absolutely influences an inner need so voracious—to feel fulfilled through new understanding, benevolence, and new meaning.

Are you looking for a deeper meaning?

Are you seeking to create something larger than yourself?

Are you needing to know yourself in a new light?

This annual solar conjunction to Pluto—expressed through Capricorn since 2009—inspires yearly advances in ambitious gumption, tenacious personal moxie, and empowered capacity to rise to the nearly impossible force of one’s highest goals or ideals…

Seize this.

These energies are—as my dad would exclaim for something really and truly important and irrevocably one’s own responsibility to address or achieve—a big damn deal.

If you’re looking to find (new) grounding, now is the time.

If you’re looking for an instinct or intuition to kick in, now is when it will if it’s going to.

If you’re looking to begin something entirely new, and something a little scary, now is the time to buckle up and put it in drive.

If you’re looking for additional motivation to remind you why you previously embarked upon a mission, now is when you’ll begin to feel recharged.

If you’re looking for the securities of support from others… this is not the time through which you’ll experience any cheers or acknowledgement, praise or kudos from an/Other.

It’s all you. And that’s always enough. It has to be.

Perhaps today’s moon needs to birth, nurture and to provide, and, particularly today, to consume or overindulge or overdo—filling a sense of void, essentially, in either version—in a fearfully burdened effort to feel less alone?

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states that water, which represents today’s elemental associations, “conquers through surrender and absorption—when you strike water, it yields and then closes on your hand; it is unhurt and you are impotent—even boiling it and turning it into steam merely culminates in its cooling, recongealing, and falling on your head as rain… we are three quarters water the way that we are three quarters emotion—sometimes a Cancer moon gets itself in situations where they are martyred to an extent that other signs would not tolerate, but those same people will often get through life untouched by other trials than their chosen martyrdom…”

A Cancer moon needs love, and to be loved, and for Cancer this is endlessly, and however helplessly, non-negotiable… this fulfillment, however indulgent, is similar to breathing for survival… “it’s not easy to face the fact that you cannot function alone, in a crab’s shell—yet it is through the opening of the ocean of feeling that we bring mercy into the world again and again.”

Today you might feel needy, and even somewhat helpless. And, if you’re struggling to love yourself—no amount of supposed love for an/Other will render itself valid, or ever enough…

Still… if there was ever a time to feel graced with the blessings of mercy raining down upon you—today is the day, dear reader and unknown friend—and it’s a really big damn deal indeed.

Indulge in your own uniquely divine inner strengths—don’t dwell in your humanly brokenness.

Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look.❞
——Marcus Aurelius

Image credit— @midnightmoonvisuals on Instagram

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