Cancer Full Moon at 27°51′
—January 17

Oh, the Cancer full moon… a moon I would imagine that all the gobble-dee-google-dee-woo-woo-goo would particularly orchestrate as nurturing and motherly, secured, and such a lovely balancing of yada yada blah blah blah…


Emotional emotionality, ya ya ya… emotional investments, gag gag gag.


C’mon. Really? Is it really that easy?—much more, should it really be that predictable?


If this is what you need from this moon, to each their own—you be you in your truth, yada yada blah blah—go ahead and Google this event and follow those bullshit astrologers and headliner links… 

But if you’re wanting more—keep reading.

(Whoa!—that was so Cancer catty of me!!!)

Not to disappoint you, but this Cancer full moon might be a bit… disappointing—particularly against all the bullshit you’ll likely read through all the headliner woo woo astrology magazine links.

This moon, this time, actually, is all about excess, and excesses, and what you do with these… additionally, this moon is also about the ponderance of where, exactly, any lack of scarcity may exist.

But most importantly and significantly—this moon is asking for the opportunity to inspire, for you, the space to consider what it is you do with your excess.

Additionally—do you view yourself as someone who receives, or as someone who is lacking? Don’t get me wrong… but this is huge.

See… typically full moon’s are a time, indeed, to peak, to complete, and to bloom… however, this specific full moon, because it opposes Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, associates itself, this time, more toward inner transformation—but I mean inner, as in really inner, inner, within the squishiest of the squish—the stuff no one wants to acknowledge; there will likely be more closure and endings with this full moon rather than ‘nurturing initiatory blooming’.

This is very much a time of transition—within major transformations… as in, the transitions within the transformations, within the lining of the digestive system.

Even further, this lunar event falls upon the third decan of Cancer, and so—as grateful as one need to be, simply, to bask in the light of the moon—this event associates itself, as astrologer Austin Coppock attributes, to ‘blended pleasures’.

Coppock asks the reader to consider what luxury is, and more, he asks the reader to ponder what the difference is between luxury and sufficiency…

This decan, then, is associated to the four of cups in the tarot—a card that historically depicts three cups beneath a tree, with the fourth being offered as if from the heavens, though the figure within the card appears seemingly reluctant to receive; ascetic, humble, prudent. 

What would you do?

Should the typically ‘nurturing’ detail of Cancerian energies bespeak itself—with the oppositional Pluto detail—I ask of you: how are you nurturing your excess?, how are you nurturing your lack?, how are you nurturing that which you receive?

Coppock shares, “though many of the figures found here may get lost in the process of obtaining luxury, much less beyond acquisition… therefore this decan not only points its residents to the struggle between luxury and scarcity, it also poses a question: what does one do with the excess one accumulates?”

Further, because this lunarly event is so tightly and closely connected to Pluto, the sun separating from yesterday’s annual solar conjunction… this lunar event would also suggest, then, something of an Underworldly perspective, as if this hasn’t been as obvious thus far… but, really, more specifically, this event suggests something of a ‘this-for-that’ mentality, and so this would further beg you the question: whatever excesses you either benefit from, or are simply a receiver of, would you be willing to share with those who go without?… or, in what ways are you opening a space to realistically and rationally receive more?

This said, however… actually, because Pluto is involved—this is not one of those moon’s when gifts fall from the sky…  

Still. This is one of those grave opportunities for you to consider how, should you be given the opportunity, you would nurture the space to receive.

Most of us never even rationally, much more—realistically, prepare the space necessary to actually receive… and then, should you receive—most of us never prepare for how to appropriately, realistically, give back.

And this is what today’s full moon is about—the giving back, whether you’ve been given, or not… it’s about the receiving—but in the light of spacing, not need.

Luckily, the degree through which this lunarly event occurs associates itself to ‘seeing the turning point of an issue; pressing one’s advantages; decisiveness at life’s crossroads, and dramatic swings of fortune; and seeing the larger patterns…’

In conclusion, if you were wanting this post to be about motherhood, or nurturing, or bonding, or selfless attachments that we’re conditioned to believe aren’t selfishly enabling—any of those Cancerian surfacey buzz words… there is absolutely opportunity for these unhealthy, however popular, clickbait buzz trends to surface—though these would all be quite shadowy, indeed. 

Perhaps most significantly, as it was Hades (Pluto) that bargained with Ceres (all mothering and seemingly nurturing instincts) for the livelihood of Persephone, and thereby, the seasons… would this lunarly event, then, represent something of a bargaining?—between that which you love most, or can’t live without… and that which are beyond your understanding or comprehension?

Security-oriented, this moon is not.

A Cancer moon loves a guarantee… though there is no guarantee.

What are you willing to share?

What are you willing to give?

What are you willing to open to?

What are you willing to honestly receive?—honestly…

Do you have hidden motives?

Are you making realistic space to receive?—space that tends to take something from you before giving to you…

And finally, how willing are you to orchestrate strategies within your reality that offer you absolutely no guarantee?

To fight with demons, your intent must be pure. And even then, there’s no guarantee you’ll win.
——Simon R. Green

Image credit— shop.micahulrich.com

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