Leo Disseminating Moon
—January 18

Today, above all, is a day to model your own expectations, to walk your own talk, essentially—to be the change you wish to see…

Today’s moon illuminates a retrograded Mercury while connecting to Chiron by trine simultaneously, then squaring Uranus, and then later, opposing Saturn… it’s a full day.

In other words—magical machinations are about today, should your mind’s eye be open to recognize the sudden signs and subtle sparks… should you already be preparing a space.

Mercury continues to separate from its recent stationing square with Uranus—you remember that day last week, when all those brilliant ideas continued to form imaginary light bulbs above your head—and today’s moon illuminates, not only this brilliance and how you’ve supported it, but also the source itself, to allow you a better insight into that from which it comes…

As above, so below.

Regardless of whether it was ideas you were forming last week or new goals, new to-do bullets for your ongoing list, or new challenges to personally face within new concepts for seeing your own reality through—today’s brightest light will inspire new inspirations… and maybe even some profound insights as to working out some of the more difficult kinks.

Specifically, by degree, today’s energies will feature the “understanding of the spiritual flow involved…” as well as “the wonderful things that can be done when one has a great depth of understanding of what one wants to achieve.”

This is key… ‘when one has a great depth of understanding of what one wants to achieve…’ as not much can occur, be manifested, be opened to receive, or strategized if you don’t know what you want—much less, if you don’t understand the ways in which what you want needs to be tackled.

Meanwhile, any of the squishy stuff you were navigating from the last several days—these matters are quite vulnerable still, and it is important now how you go about caring for these, rather than simply disregarding them for all these new insights…

Sure, these new insights are easier and much more fun. I get it. But the squish will need to be properly handled—forgiven, resolved, addressed, or conquered… and however strange or odd or peculiar this may read: it may be through your new insights that your struggling squish can be properly handled… obviously, this would make much more sense if you look to see what houses in your chart these matters are emerging through.

Either way, however, it is through the essential structuralism of your squish that is important to understand now.

If you’re willing to dig a little deeper beneath your own surfaces to further understand the reasoning, however irrational, for your squish, and why your squish remains, continues, or perpetuates itself… it’s likely you’ll more deeply understand why you want what you do, and why you don’t want anything less—or, why you’d be willing to settle, if that’s something you’re willing to take responsibility thereof.

All of the brilliant answers you seek, essentially, are already within yourself… you likely just need to become more receptive to the motivation—which can only occur if you’ve been open and honest with yourself about the original motivations for your squish.

Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the gods.❞
——Ralph Waldo Emerson

Image credit— @in.white.rooms_ on Instagram
Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004.

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