Virgo Disseminating Moon
—January 21

In alchemical terms of process, it is through Virgo that distillation occurs—it is a time to concentrate, transform, and exude…

What does this mean, exactly?

The root word of distillation is ‘distill’, as in ‘to purify or concentrate; to extract; to transform; to exude; to give forth’… and to ‘exude’ is ‘to radiate; to come out gradually’… and so, in alchemical terms of process—it is through Virgoan measures that we share our light by Being the Light.

How appropriately, too, and celestially convenient—as always—that today’s moon is disseminating, which only further supports these instinctual responses of distillation… to exude.

What life/spiritual/energetic lessons have you learned?

In what ways has your consciousness broadened?

How have new perspectives or view points become clarified for you?

In what ways can you now share—exude—these insights with others in a humbled, gentle, and unalienated way?

Or… perhaps you could simply find a way to express yourself in a way that exudes something that aligns itself with the overall vibration of All That Is…

In Greek mythology, the goddess Iris sped messages to the gods on the rainbow’s arc. Her flower bears no perfume, but steam distillation of the root, or rhizome, yields orris, a precious essence that smells of candle wax, but its impression in perfume is powdery, silvery green, violet-like—a prize of the perfumer’s palette. How I wish I could summon the goddess to carry my message to those I love…
——Jan Moran

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