Luck Is A Detail of Temperance


For reflection through review—it’s important to process…

As the nodes moved through Gemini and Sagittarius for the eighteen months they were ruled, respectively, by Mercury and Jupiter—Mercury governing over where we were trying to go, what we were trying to achieve—something just a smidge beyond our reach or comfort zone… and Jupiter governed over our missteps and repeated lessons.

I don’t wish to refer to missteps or repeated lessons as mistakes—I believe that it is through our mistakes that our soul learns, experiences, and thrives; our soul is here to simply experience—there is no right or wrong in this light.

This said…

The last eighteen months, with the South Node moving through endless classically Sagittarian energies, that Fiona Apple song, “A Mistake” has come to my mind repeatedly in regard to the collective, and in the observation of others, as well as in my own chart:

I’m gonna make a mistake
I’m gonna do it on purpose—
I’m gonna waste my time…
Annnnnnd, when the day is done and I look back—
the fact is, I had fun—for a little while…
Allllll the advice I shunned…
And I ran where they told me not to run—
but I sure had fun…

Sagittarius SN shadows… classic Sagittarius.

Particularly, Sagittarius sun/rising natives had to go out of their way to make a mistake, as if robotically charged to ensure the endurance of a disempowering experience.

Additionally, I think it’s fair to presume that many Sagittarius sun/risings struggled (or went somewhat out of their minds) for roughly the last two years, despite being somewhat etherically/robotically programmed to do just this, including the likes of, but not by any means limitless to, busying themselves with activities less than productive, constructive, or to their advantage… 

For the last two years many Sagittarian sun/rising folks—as well as this phasing through the Sagittarius section of your chart—went out of the way to experience something, anything!, despite an inner knowing that it was, in one way or another, otherwise, a dead end… just to see if it was (still) true.

Zeus/Jupiter knows…

It’s truly Sagittarian energy that always needs to do it anyway, just to see if it’s (still) true.

Look to the section of your life that Sagittarius rules in your chart: you’ll see that this is probably the part of your reality that you simply refuse advice, know-how tips, or even general warnings. Sometimes, this is to your advantage… and in some houses—not so much a good thing at all.

It’s also the section in your life you just don’t learn… it’s the part of your life where you want to freely explore, experiment, and genuinely experience these matters with absolutely no boundaries or barriers, but rather, with complete dominion, as though you originally created this space for your own amusements.

I often refer to Sagittarius energies as ‘stupidly optimistic’, after all, Sagittarian Frank Sinatra was known for both “I did it my way”, and “the best is yet to come and won’t that be fine?”

Sure, you could say that that’s just one of the characteristics of fire… but, not entirely or essentially. Especially through Sagittarius, the third fire sign—one would presume that one would learn not to poke the fire through this measure, or allow it to grow too large, beyond the containing stones, and yet, through Sagittarius the symbolic fire has grown to the size of a festive bonfire for sacrifice… but Sagittarius refused guidance; Sagittarius does not learn.

Sagittarius just wanted to see… to feel… to experience.

Because, Zeus.

Zeus did whatever he wanted, whether he knew better or not, and really—that was never the fundamental issue—it was not luck so much as it was godly privilege… and Zeus shamelessly wore that line pretty thin as often as possible.

Zeus is Jupiter—you’ve likely heard any Sagittarian brag that their ruling planet is Jupiter and thereby they’re ‘the luckiest’…

Until they’re not.

A detail that is so often disregarded or ignored, many times to the chagrin of many a Sagittarian, not to mention the disgrace of anyone in relation to these matters, is one which refers to very Zeusian/Jupiterian means—a detail upon the actual and realistic expansion of things by natural law…

We tend to think, through conditioning and culture, that the growth and expansions of things is good, especially in regard to fortunes—but considering back, above, to the reference of a festive bonfire… consider this growing monstrously and ferociously out of hand, catching other things on fire and melting everything in sight, entirely without ready ability to contain—this is expansion in its negativity, in its outrageous misfortune.

When energies move through Sagittarius, we typically consider growth, expansion, increase, and more more more… but we should also consider the more blatantly realistic details such as consequential obesity, inflation, and hyper intensifications—whereby ‘more more more’ no longer looks so fortunate.

There’s a reason that the Temperance card in tarot is associated with Sagittarius… the highest vibration of Sagittarius involves the essence of resiliency—Sagittarius takes its hits, and even comes back for more… but Sagittarius, unless vibrating in its lowest frequencies or otherwise maligned, doesn’t dwell or bemoan or cry ‘woe is me’ unless something much more complicated is occurring within, and this is always a very sorry scenario indeed, though they likely won’t implore guidance either way… because it isn’t their way.

Whatever was becoming more for you through the last eighteen months—for better or worse—was an alert to you of something larger, something more, and likely something underneath it all… to gain control over it, to more appropriately, and fortunately, make available the space necessary for something truly more, and better.

But making severe changes was being demanded of you.

Depending on where this was occurring within your chart—all of us experienced it differently.

However, regardless—if you were clinging to whatever was decaying, vacant, or already dead… you were likely quite miserable.

It can be quite perplexing to understand the difference, truly, between fortunate and lucky, (though not so difficult to understand the differences between privilege and its antonym, hindrance, or, say, more perpendicularly: ability and capability) and I would argue that many native Sagittarians struggle with this their entire lives, or, vis-a-vis, one struggles with the section of life that Sagittarius governs in one’s chart in the same manner… for example, if Zeus overlooked you it wasn’t always an unlucky thing, but rather, a very fortunate oversight, considering whatever his intentions may have been from one righteously erroneous instance to the next. 

Also, Jupiter and its fortunes do not behave the same between day charts and night charts… as well as where Jupiter falls in one’s chart, particularly by rulership, is also a major factoring point, as well as in what relation it is—its powers of ‘luck’ and fortune, obviously, and naturally, vary considerably from one chart to the next—and I would gently warn one not to thoughtlessly or shamelessly conjure the powers of Jupiter in too willy-nilly a fashion…

I could go on.

My point, now, being: stop ‘learning’ your astrology from google or trashy magazine articles!!!—you’ll be disappointed every time, not to mention: grossly misinformed.

Moving on, back to my original point, I don’t like to think of South Node phases as opportunities for mistakes—but opportunity for undebatable and necessary change—change through the means of surrender, sacrifice, or loss… but they inevitably feel like mistakes at the time.

I would say growth, but it’s not. Growth is North Node stuff—growth is awarded when you’ve worked through your South Node issues and navigated them appropriately.

The South Node emphasizes drastic change, in an effort to eliminate that which is no longer useful to you—it shows you where there is no longer vitality; it shows you what, in your reality, is dead—literally, figuratively, or symbolically…

And for the last eighteen months—Jupiter was guiding the South Node, meaning: that which was dead expanded, but it felt like an opportunity for something lucky… until it wasn’t.

Because it wasn’t—it was merely trying to gain your attention to notice its vacancy, to thus eliminate it in an effort to revive a lost vitality in a most divinely temperant manner… or, to offer you something genuinely lively.

Now… if you were flowing with these energies, and working with these energies, both inner and beyond, rather than insisting that whatever you were allowing to expand was vital to you, or otherwise—well then, this, dear reader and unknown friend, was absolutely lucky for you indeed. 

Now the South Node moves through Scorpio—

What house does this govern in your chart, and how is Mars placed? And what, oh what, will you be prepared to eliminate/transmute by these placements through the next eighteen months?

And. If you haven’t yet eliminated the pesky Sagittarius/SN ‘misfortune’… it will likely eliminate itself for you, but then you’ll have to learn this lesson all over again in 17 years… up to you.

More to come, stay tuned. Thank you for reading.

I’m gonna fuck it up again
I’m gonna do a little detour
Un-pave my path
And if you wanna make sense
Whatcha lookin at me for?

I’ve acquired quite a taste
For a well-made mistake
I wanna make a mistake—
Why can’t I make a mistake!?

I’m always doing what I think I should
Almost always doin’ everybody good…❞
——Fiona Apple; “A Mistake” 

Image credit— Temperance card of tarot via Fantasio

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