The sun has moved in to Aquarius from Capricorn, and almost immediately, this shift was noticeably inspired by change, forward movement, and innovative thinking. Safe and secure thinking no longer has any wiggle room, rather, seeking out new territories unroamed and life-expanding experiences are preferred now, and will continue to be a focus as the sun moves through the degrees of the waterbearer through next month.

In a tarot deck, Aquarius is represented by the Star.

The Star card is a charming card, suggesting hope. This card symbolizes the idea of tomorrow, to the gift that is yet to be opened. Stars twinkle light in the black night sky, reminding one that even though the darkest of nights, in the loneliest of times, light will find its way through.

We all need a sign, from time to time, to reassure ourselves that we’re moving along in the right direction, that we’re on to something good, that we’re going to be alright. The Star, and the stars above, remind us symbolically, of just these things. There should always be a hope held to tightly for a better, brighter tomorrow.

This inspires healing, as well, vision and spiritual insight. To trust that the universe has your back, through thick and through thin is paramount, and going on with the fall, as it may seem, will actually set you assail in flight. The more chaos you’re experiencing now, the more hopeful you should be, the more dramatic your resurrection will be.

I have a theory, as does universal law, that the higher you fly the harder you fall. Everything in balance. Though, likewise, the further down you rise from, the higher you’ll rise and brighter you’ll blaze!

This is an auspicious time to practice mindfulness. Peace of mind occurs when mindfulness is practiced. And with these comes clarity and trust and purpose. When you possess these gifts you have the entire galaxy in potential and possibility.

It is important to also understand, as always, that thoughts are things, and if you’re putting your focus and energy toward self-defeating behaviors you’ll likely find defeating results. However, if you’re able to reclaim perspective and find your center—seriously, this is crucial now—you can achieve insight and enjoy more control over your circumstances… within reason. Don’t get too terribly excited, cowboy.

They say memories are malleable, and it is through Aquarian energies creating musical vibrations throughout the realms that one can better focus, resolve, and begin to lift the shadows to let in the light. Your memories can be shifted now, rearranged and remembered in new ways, if only you have the imagination to do so.

As always, ask now and so shall you receive.

❝Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them…❞
——Marcus Aurelius

Image credit —Julien Pacaud; Hidden Message Tarot

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