Libra Disseminating Moon
—January 23

Today’s energies inspire going deeper into something… and “finding solutions as different parts of your personality and psyche give you clues or tell you what you should be doing or where you should be…” and it would behoove you to not rule out the solution resting within the realms between the spiritual, physical, and mental faculties.

Today is a day of ‘spiritual decision’, although you may find yourself (re)playing something repeatedly within your mind or imagination, or possibly even your subconscious… or, you could have a very clarified and ever-sharpening vision of personal success and the ideal relationship… though you’re unable to bridge a gap between this imagery and your current reality.

Either way, it is likely that you’re entirely emerged or surrended into the manifestation of your personal ideal…

Now is the time to share it with others.

However, this said, you may feel as though you’re still somewhat in the dark on some things, or continue to feel as though not all parameters are so obvious… especially when “[you’ve] been submerged in work, deep issues or spaces for a long time, [you] often end up feeling suppressed and worn out—thoughts and emotions can be clouded with doubt and fear, making them difficult to plumb or discover… you may even feel like you have been in some kind of hell” in relation to something specific… and even if your circumstance isn’t so brutish, you may still agree that you’ve had to go deeper, into the depths—whether this was your preference or not.

So this becomes, then—and perhaps this is becoming more clearly obvious to you now—not so much about connecting with some miraculous solution… but clarifying the realization of something.

This emergence process, and the clarifications of realizations and the inevitable consciousness expansion, relate to the retrogradation of Venus and today’s lunarly illumination by square… Venus will station and begin moving directly once again on January 29, and these clarifications and realizations may be that much more illuminated for you, in regard to however this retrogradation has manifested for you in your reality—as this is a process, and one involving the surrendering or resistance to one’s depths—however, today’s energies involve more of the struggle required to achieve such clarifications.

Ultimately, for now, trying to find a balance between that which remains emotionally unclear and that which has been mentally compartmentalized… but also, between that which is ideal and that which is realistic—between what you might expect or prefer and what is simply too soon to realize…

At this point within Venus’s retrogradation you are very intimately aware of how it’s emerging and evolving for you… and I’ll be posting a third part of VENUSIAN VENTURES to further explore what to expect from now into February soon.

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have… make the Now the primary focus of your life.❞
——Eckhart Tolle

Image credit— @irie.wata on Instagram

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