Scorpio Last Quarter Moon at 5°33′
—January 25

They say that it is through the wound that the solution is found…

Today’s last quarter event occurs through a degree that associates itself with ‘confronting others’ underlying motives; unmasking deceit or half-truths; identifying a key piece of a puzzle; getting the full scoop; being hip to one’s own game; betraying one’s ideals; protecting one’s own interests; and learning who one’s true friends are.. ’

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera calls this moon the Madwoman’s Moon, “ushering in a new crisis, triggered and determined by the outside world…” and describes this moon and its symbolisms as “the demons [you] thought [you] had defeated come back to haunt [you]—the darkness that was once a friend now devours.”

It has been my experience, be it my own or as witness through observation, that every late January—through every annual Scorpio last quarter moon—a building, unique climax of inner and outer chaos seems to implode… that it is every year that I feel the need to share with you nearly everything Kaldera writes, as it is typically unanimously appreciated.

Kaldera writes, “up until now, Scorpio’s battles have been fought alone, the solitary scorpion has toughed it out in the darkness, conjuring up the demons and conquering them, learning the mysteries and keeping their secrets, communing in the lonely temple with the Universe, and pitting itself in a battle against overwhelming odds… in spite of all strength and willpower, the outside menace is stronger—up until now it has not been considered that one possible solution could be to depend on others… but this is about to change.”

As I mentioned briefly in yesterday’s post, a Scorpio moon squaring toward an Aquarian sun is much like a living, breathing wound or inner vulnerability being exposed… and exiled.

Aquarian symbolisms very much involve concepts of individuality, in the same token as alien status, otherworldliness, and exile—as well as displacement, heretics, rebellion, and metaphorical homelessness.

Is it possible, then, that through this year’s last quarter Scorpio moon event that we are being asked to consider either our own wounds, or inner vulnerabilities, or, perhaps, upon recent realizations—and to consider, further, what is worth such trouble… the trouble of isolating aloneness and emotional exile?

Another perspective of today’s energies describes ‘a gold rush tear[ing] people away from their native soil…’ as if to ponder what, if anything, is worth such “a journey, and the search, particularly on an internal level…” because through these energies we are “learning to discriminate just what is and what is not possible… and what is worth pursuing.”

It is possible that you’re currently navigating somewhat unknown terrain, in search of something worthy, wonderful, and prosperous—like gold—and to get to the metaphorical gold you must set out, moving away from familiarities, out into the unknown… feelings of displacement or alienation are to be expected.

Either way, this metaphorical gold of which you seek—be it a solution, something valuable, or an expensive experience—is currently experiencing the crisis that comes with this annual quarter moon, and because this particular annual event falls within the first decan of Scorpio it is intrinsically associated with the 5 of Cups in tarot—which is a card associated with disappointments.

Astrologer Austin Coppock expresses his insights of this decan, that “we are brought to confront the cycle of hungers which are the price and pleasure of incarnate being… though this may seem a particularly tortured decan, it is merely one which exposes a hard truth—confronting the cycle, we are less bound to it, and less blind, than if we ignore it… to gain what we desire we must also be willing to pay the price.”

Typically when the 5 of Cups is drawn it suggests a situation that hasn’t turned out the way it was expected to—because, naturally, all expectations initiate disappointment… and this card can sometimes indicate, further, that you are choosing to wallow in your woes—please allow me to persuade you to fight against these urges should you be feeling them.

When you are actually ready, when you’ve consulted with your inner knowing and your inner instincts, and discriminated your feelings with your reality, and emotionally confronted your wounds or inner vulnerabilities—your gold awaits… 

Whatever disappointment you are navigating—try to explore the larger meaning underneath it all… could it be that you’re reflecting disappointments because underneath it all you’re still struggling with a disappointment that was never allowed space to be fully experienced… or be forgiven?

And perhaps, this time, as it is suggested, you need not struggle through this alone—but rather, there could be a very golden opportunity to open yourself, despite it all, and confront some of your wounds and vulnerabilities in the metaphorical light of day in the company of someone who actually sees you…

If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment.❞
——Henry David Thoreau

Image credit— @ponse.lakiva on Instagram

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