Sagittarius Balsamic Moon
—January 27

Much of your fading frustrations, if I had to presume, are largely built around—literally, built around and on top of!—your inner needs… and, as the saying goes: to be loved, one must be love; to find resolve, one must become resolved; to make friends, one must be a friend—whatever it is you are seeking, or needing, or desiring… as well as whatever it is you’re hurting from—you must, first, truly and genuinely become whatever it is.

We must find whatever it is within ourselves first, always.

English writer and poet, DH Lawrence, once wrote that “those that go seeking for love only make manifest their own lovelessness, and the loveless never find love—only the loving find love, and they never have to seek for it…”

Whether it’s love you’re needing, or something else entirely—replace these words in Lawrence’s statement: those that go seeking for quiet only make manifest their own inner chaos, and the noisy never find quiet—only the quiet find quiet, and they never have to seek for it…

Or, in other words, as the most often expressed biblical reference that is nowhere to be found in the bible suggests: God helps those who help themselves.

This suggestion, then, will offer you a pretty good idea regarding today’s energies, especially as the moon squares Jupiter—these suggested sentiments will likely feel quite expanded, extrapolated, and exploited.


Further inner examination could be necessary throughout the day, as well as taking a harder look upon everything around you—particularly anything new that is introduced into your routine or everyday reality… especially if you’re given a very cosmic opportunity, indeed, to promote yourself as exactly what you’re seeking—all the more need to be a little cautious.

Your truth tends to determine [what] you attract and [that which is] within your inner circle. If you are not attracting the right [energies] examine the truth you are sharing.❞ ——Jeffrey G. Duarte

Image credit— @ph_nah on Instagram

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