Capricorn Balsamic Moon
—January 30

Today’s moon moves on, now, to illuminate a retrograded Mercury, still lingering very closely to Pluto though, by technicality, separating from its recent conjunction… and so this aging, ancient moon hits Mercury, Pluto, and then connects by an extension to the North Node before calling it a day.

Just the same, the recent Mercury Rx/Pluto conjunction connected by extension to the North Node, as well, though not exactly, suggesting that since January 26th—when Mercury first moved back into Capricorn—whatever has been learned, or shared, been made aware, or exposed is likely now experiencing something of a reckoning, or reminder.

Or redirection. The ‘mischievous’ kind…

Mercury, hovering upon this degree, could represent projection—especially if you’re refusing to recognize matters honestly, or appropriately… or should you be “refusing to immerse [yourself] in the flow of time-bound events…”

Taking the higher road, particularly in matters that are beyond you or are necessary for more than just yourself, is best at this time… though it could be quite easy to ‘go your own way’.

With the North Node moving through the twenty-eighth degree of Capricorn, its associations suggest that “listening to [your] inner voice rather than the internalized voices of parents, friends, or enemies” is best—however challenging this may be for you… truly, there might be a cacophony of ‘direction’ for you at this time—any mental confusions or distractions should be discerned carefully… it’s essential, now, to be able to hear your own thoughts above all the noise and chatter, opinions and advice.

It’s essential, then, to recognize the actual spirit or depth of something—its base intentions or meaning.

Despite any desire for a peak experience or ultimate influence… what’s meaningful now is what’s real—and what’s going to open, and raise, your consciousness.

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.❞
——Warren Buffett

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022 📷 by @velosechsundsechzig

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