Pisces Crescent Moon
—February 2

Today is the day!—today is the day to initiate actions toward your intentions and ideals.

Enough said, really—there is nothing more I can say.

It’s all you.

Although—if I can so kindly recommend—to your benefit: make a move or take an action specifically toward that which corresponds with the house these events are occurring within in your nativity…

In other words—wherever 12° Aquarius-8° Pisces is located within your chart, this is where the flow is currently occurring; otherwise, it’s hard to expect too much toward what you’re trying to do—much more, to expect any amount of effortlessness… (that’s not how it works)

If your initiations or actions apply toward this sector of your life, between 12° Aquarius and 8° Pisces, you’ve totally got this—the gods, as they say, would be honored to participate.

Looking through the camera of life, you are waiting for the perfect shot… trying to adjust its settings, trying to get your desired point of interest in focus and blurring everything else. Take a step back, then a step in… instead of looking through the camera, look at the camera—there is an auto mode called ‘awareness’ and it always spots the right shot.❞

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 by @ponse.lakiva

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