Pisces Crescent Moon
—February 3

I’ve always been fascinated with why people are so consumed by only their sun sign… claiming it in such a possessive and defensive manner—and further, that they consider this as the extension of what astrology is… never digging any deeper.

It’s bewildering to me.

But then again, I’ve always wanted to dig deeper, that’s just me… and treasures are guaranteed, by the way.

Further, I’ve always wondered why people are so attracted to, and somewhat content toward—concepts of confinement.

Which is what contentedly considering oneself to metaphorically embody a single energy would resemble… is it not!?

Why only gaze upon one angle of something!?

I have a concerning theory, particularly through this recent sun sign buzzword hype-trending upon astrology.

I think it’s wonderful, I do—however ridiculously elementary it is (and thereby utterly useless after a very essential point) I’ve waited my entire life for humanity to catch up (though not in this way), in its authentic interest in astrology—until I don’t…

Simply put, I’m not impressed with the constant blatantly hyped misuse, misinterpretation, and misinformation toward astrology—which, case in point, is why the Mysteries were only shared with a select few, historically—it’s not helping astrology, nor is it helping you; it is those who know nothing about astrology in terms of actual practice or depth or predictive principles who are writing the misleading memes and TicToc-ing how cute and cuddly Capricorn can be (it isn’t, not ever, under no circumstance, despite anyone’s personally subjective version of their own perspective may be—that’s not how astrology works, not ever), and don’t get me started on all the ‘selfless’ offerings of countless woo woo workshops… 


›dramatic sigh‹

Sorry, not sorry… moving on. I understand that we all begin somewhere—I only want for you to want to dig deeper, because there’s so much more.

What are you able to do with any of this misuse, misinterpretation, and misinformed information? How is it helping you in your everyday?—because astrology is a tool to be used everyday, not just on special events…

What’s missing?—so much more, of course—but, especially and specifically: contextual application.

[entering the scene: your friendly astrologer]

Knowing your sun sign, alone (or even knowing what they’re calling your ‘top three’—your sun, your moon and rising), is a lot like living within the unlit foyer of your own home and not being able to go any further inside, or even turn the lights on—seriously…

I can’t imagine that this is helpful or effective at all.

This is quite confining!—wouldn’t you want to explore within!?

My theory, then, is angled from these innocent enough, however largely ignorant, mistakes that memes and magazines, and the majority, exploit—and toward societal apathy, depression, displacements, alienation and anxiety; basically and overall—toward individual discontentment…

If only people were working/living their chart!—no wonder the collective is struggling with such dis-ease!

Your chart is literally your individuated birth map, for you and you alone, for this lifetime… it is personal instruction and celestial cheat sheets!

Should one be living their chart, as I put it, one would have no interest in all the other drama… or the depression.

When one lives and works one’s chart—magic occurs.

I bring this up today because a Piscean moon is an ideal time to consider concepts of magic, and interconnectedness—and concepts of boundarilessness… and really, anything in opposition to or beyond confinement.

Every sign in the zodiac rules over a section (house) of your life, each and every one, because signs are merely energy… the planets activate or challenge these houses and energies.

In other words, they all matter to you—or should—as you are a little bit of every one of the signs—you’re more than just one sign, and depending upon what angle of your life you’re wanting to enhance, or navigate, or challenge will determine which planet you’ll need to focus on and understand better.

Astrology really is something, though, when you actually use it correctly… because with anything that is capable of empowering, there’s always more.

When you work/live your chart—your life changes—I cannot stress this enough.

For those of you who are content to gather your information and personal directional guidance from magazines and memes—please do not fault astrology, silently or otherwise, when your illusions are shattered, or your expectations are disappointed at every turn—you’ve yourself to blame on that one, for only ever peeling off the first layer and assuming it was the entire onion and never digging any deeper.

There’s so much more to you…

Think of it this way: your natal chart is like an actual house, and all the houses of your chart are the rooms… knowing what room is governed by what planet makes a lot of difference toward how you navigate that room, how you inhabit that room, how you feel when you’re within that room, whether or not you enjoy that room, and how guests or events are treated when within that room. Much more, if a transit is occurring in one room but you insist on occupying a different room—because, essentially, you’re not in alignment with your own personal compass within the cosmos—you’ll miss the opportunity of whatever the transit was trying to offer you through the other room. 

Timing is everything… some even say it’s the secret to the universe.

It’s important to know where to utilize your energies and where to put your efforts—in an effort to not exhaust yourself, or frustrate yourself… when you learn to do this, it’s as if time works in your favor, as well as everything else.

I bring this up to you, today, for an additional reason: my posts would be that much more informational to you if you were able to read these in reference through your own chart…

(Need some help with that?—message me directly.)

Just a thought, it’s your choice of course… I only want the very best for you—I want, for you, to be aware of All That Is, as well as the inner contentment to be explored throughout the entirety of all of your rooms…

Because Life, and all its magical potentials, is literally boundariless when you learn how to interpret the language.

Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny—has something to fulfill, some message to be delivered, some work to be completed. You are not here accidentally—you are here meaningfully. There is a purpose behind you. The whole intends to do something through you.❞

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 unknown

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