Pisces/Aries Crescent Moon
—February 4

As the moon strengthens itself, growing ever stronger as it moves into Aries—a lunarly square to Venus, still moving within the eleventh degree, immediately reminds us just how slowly the process of stationing and readjusting directionality can be.

Today could present a need to make a decision…

However, it’s possible that you’re still somewhat stunned, or fazed—or simply, recovering—from recent shifts and insights.

Further, in doing the work of your fated freewill, today’s cardinal energies shift forwardly into a speedier gear, though you’ll need to embrace patience, and care, and this could become a bit frustrating, indeed.

Additionally, the annual sun/Saturn conjunction occurs today through a degree that associates itself to ‘making decisions…’ as well as ‘being in charge and in control’, however you might either ask yourself, or be confronted by, questions toward your skills in organization… this is a time to ask yourself if you “have a huge mess piling up in your life?—are you taking notice of necessary details?—are you living your life the way you think is best for your future, your relationships and physical well-being?”

Still. This will enable your ability to feel more in control of your life if you’re willing to be honest in your responses, and begin delineating your answers in action…

What are you doing and how are you focusing toward what your really want?

Today offers you an opportunity to ‘organize varying elements of experience into a meaningful whole… to feeling competent to handle whatever curveball reality may throw; to remaining open-minded; to introducing some strange new element into one’s environment that throws everything off balance…’

Despite the annual solar/Saturn conjunction, however supportively it’s able to be, today’s energies are heavily Martial—and cardinal… your movements, however forwardly they may be or feel, may easily get ahead of you.

Also, Mercury stations to move directly once more today through the twenty-fourth degree of Capricorn, which could suggest a need to go within to confer any of these confrontations, decisions, issues, or obstacles you may be navigating—between yourself and your inner knowing.

So, overall, the synthesis of summation would suggest that today is a day to “focus on your goals and on your ideals…”

Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.❞
——Peter F Drucker

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 by @lookattheparkinglot

☽in♈︎ at 6:56am PST; 7:56am MST; 8:56am CST; 9:56am EST

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