Venus in a Solar Return & the Upcoming Venus/Mars Conjunction in Capricorn & Besiegement of Venus in Aquarius

Have you noticed how brilliantly bright and beaming Venus has been in the morning skies!? Oh, it’s a glorious sight—well worth waking early for…

Venus has been moving directly since the first of February, and is currently moving through the thirteenth degree of Capricorn, gaining speed and grounding each day… it is worth noting, I feel, that those of you born between February 16th and March 8th will have Venus and Mars in tight conjunction in your solar returns for the year, and for those of you born between March 4th and April 5th will have solar returns wherein Venus is besieged in Aquarius… note, further, that those of you born between March 4-8th will be given both—in conjunction to Pluto.

This conjunction, of course, will be governed by Saturn—as well as the besiegement, under rulership of Saturn…

So, allow me a forethought of gentle warning—

Pursuing desirable goals which motivate and sustain you will be key this year—though it may be exactly what challenges/frustrates/isolates you, or entirely weighs you down. Basically, nothing will be easy this year. Further, these goals may feel or be something of a make or break—a finalizing component in exchange for a renewal of sorts… of which you may not be in control of. These goals, too, may not exactly be fun, or comfortable, or even immediately rewarding, though it will be to your ultimate advantage to pursue and commit.

Try not to take this as a stop sign, but as a yield sign…

The besiegement, honestly, is not ideal… that which you desire this year may feel stuck, or simply unachievable; your goals may be out of reach in some way, or you may feel much more pressure than seems necessary, or the flow between your motivations and the challenges your goals are offering could be dysfunctional and out of sync… consider widening your deadlines to allow for this, or giving yourself some wiggle room otherwise to accommodate for unplanned-for frustrations.

Because Venus is besieged in Aquarius, a sign Venus does not prefer, this besiegement is somewhat extra irritated… and could also suggest that friends or groups or memberships, this year, could be or seem unwilling to support your efforts, or networking might feel somewhat complicated or off-putting, or unavailable, or you might begin to consider that your greater ambitions are unrealistic or audacious in some outreaching or overbearing way that really defeats your spirit or inspirations…

Again, not a stop sign… a precautionary yield sign.

With Saturn calling the shots, either way—you’ll need to remember to be patient with yourself, to embrace the limitations and setbacks, obstacles, and frustrations rather than allowing them to overpower you or whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, and to take each task one day at a time, genuinely honoring the process of it all.

This might be key—to genuinely honor the process of it all… the really good things in life take time—they just do (and you Pisces and Aries folks are typically too distracted or impatient to get this).

This, too, of course, matters greatly upon through which house within your nativity this besiegement—or conjunction—is occurring… but what I could tell you here is worth a phone call consultation.

Ultimately, this solar return—for those of you it regards—could be a cosmic suggestion to finally commit to something or to someone, to get serious, to grow up, to level up, to focus in, or to otherwise obligate yourself to something larger than yourself.

There is great potential here—I tell you this to prepare you, not scare you… for those of you born on these dates—take this challenging solar return as an opportunity to slow down, to take yourself more seriously, to truly become aware of a bigger picture mentality of your life, and to feel into the greater flow of All That Is.

What is shining so very brightly for you these days? Try not to focus so much upon it, dwell on it, seize it, or control it—you may end up shadowing or dimming this brightness… try, instead, to allow this brightness to lead the way—follow it.

What would you like to see grow this year?

Take the time to water it… and to really nurture it with your love, your devotion, and your endless patience.

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022 & 📷 by @chilliheatwavey

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