Gemini/Cancer Gibbous Moon
—February 11

Today’s lunarly ruler, Mercury, connects to Pluto in conjunction for a third and final time through a degree that associates itself with noise… 

There may simply be too many thoughts in your head.

This is a time to get really quiet, to tune everything around you out—and go inward to your inner knowing; this is a time to listen to, and trust, your intuition.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed the degree that Mercury and Pluto meet in conjunction as “forces or desires contained within a mind open to the light…”

The associations to this degree continue, to the ‘tuning out of naysayers and bringing one’s unique talents to the attention of others; seeing through facades to underlying psychological realities; puncturing pretenses; consternation with other’s lame behavior; seizing one’s opportunity and refusing to knuckle under; disciplined practice; and pursuing one’s own methods till one reaches one’s goal…’

Obviously, these are for better or worse—and triple that, as Pluto is involved.

Because Pluto is involved, there is likely a ‘do or die’ feel in extremes… an intensity, an uncomfortable inner pressurizing, or a hyper-heightened awareness—though Rudhyar warns that one may “lose [their] sense of direction…” either through the multilayered potentials of noise, the distractions, or the pressured intensity.

And then—the moon then moves into Cancer*, and so these sympathies and sentiments of intensity and pressure may shift back toward yourself and your own needs—toward that which makes you feel secure… 

Always, always—when the moon is in Cancer, we need.

So your own limitations—and these, particularly—especially those which are currently being exposed, or surfaced, or otherwise experiencing an awareness or awakening, may feel that much more limiting from lunarly Cancerian perspectives, and thereby that much more vulnerable… than even hours previously, from a Geminian perspective.

Curiosity lends itself, now, to suspicion…

This might induce ‘the need’ to seek blame outside of oneself, and thereby utilizing ‘the light’ inappropriately, especially if the lower vibrations of the Mercury/Pluto conjunction are succumbed to… you know, the lazy way—which, as it’s influenced by both Pluto and Capricorn, the lazy way will not benefit you in any way, but will, rather, present and advertise yourself somewhat desperately.


This could also be felt, however unconsciously, expectantly toward tomorrow’s lunarly square to Chiron, upon a degree that associates itself with ‘suffering, heated processing, and noise…’ and could easily be miscommunicated or mismanaged—filter everything, including ‘the light’ and that which ‘opens to the light’…

How might one navigate these energies more productively, more maturely, more graciously…?—take nothing personally and hold no expectations onto any circumstances, events or others… and give yourself time to tune out, filter all expressions and communications through several layers of appropriations, nurture yourself, and by all means: self-soothe.

For a weekend calendarically designated toward a market-driven pressure-inducing narcissist-romantic occasionality that is Valentine’s—this weekend is dominated by the Cancer moon, rather succinctly, suggesting both raging and irrational insecurities, as well as blame-inspired reasoning, umbrellaed with a comfy, homebody, security-blanket type feel…

So, happy Valentine’s Day weekend y’all, have fun with that wink 

Sanity is not about confrontation… it’s about filtering—having a stable and happy life is about saying ‘no’ to crazy people, not about inviting them in and then hoping that confrontations are going to make them sane…❞
——Stefan Molyneux

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🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 by @stevenquinn_collage

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