Virgo Disseminating Moon
—February 17

Astrology is endlessly intriguing to me… 

For instance, as much as I love writing these posts and sharing with you an extremely generalized overall toward the energies of each day—these insights vary wildly for each of you.

Such as, let’s say yesterday’s full moon post—for those of you with Leo in the twelfth house… these otherwise dramatically obvious signals for change and taking action, and the blatantly confrontational displays toward challenge, or competitiveness, or warning of outright opportunity for personal authority—all that—these were likely all but lost on you, or perhaps they were occurring silently, unconsciously, within?

And so, despite the ‘where‘ from which current energies are spiraling and swirling for you—when you move to make a decision, to take action, or create change—you should be armored with as much supporting information, celestial, chemical, or otherwise…

Today’s Virgo moon motions to find you answers.

Actually, today’s moon rather motions to know the answers.

Further, something you might not typically consider when considering a Virgo moon—today is a time to specifically consult your inner knowing, your instinct—today you might want to consult your guts.

For those of you who have Leo in any house other than the twelfth—you may think you’ve ‘got this’, that you know exactly what you need to do… 

Please understand I am not questioning this, or doubting it—though it is upon a Virgoan moon that doubts do surface… naturally.

These doubts surface for you, those Virgoan in nature anyway, in an effort to flag to you a detail that was missed, or entirely overlooked, requiring your focus and attention; this is particularly useful when initiating large scale endeavors involving multilayered levels of collaboration while enduring confrontations, be they inner or outer, that need to be adroitly managed and/or resolved.

These doubts indicate a misunderstanding… an understanding—missed, essentially. And this, dear readers, is an opportunity to learn, to know; because, the more you know…

Of course, depending upon your personal chart, you require endlessly various kinds of personally specific signaling, flagging, and warning… and, sure, some mistakes are ‘meant’ to be made, yada yada.

Neither here nor there—today’s lunarly connections associate to issues of commitment—both large and small, inner and beyond; throughout the availability of divinatory connections; and a smidge toward the (in)flexibility of values… you can see, now, yes?—why I ever so cleverly weaved the twelfth house inner workings into my insightful ramblings…

I try to have a good time.

Today’s lunarly Virgoan influencing are managing—or working to manage—very twelfth house mentalities… and really, regardless of your twelfth house rulership (though, how you go about managing your personal twelfth house is very regarded, indeed…) it would be toward your highest efforts to embrace the associations thereof.

These influences, then, “speak of ‘taking the plunge’… it pictures a situation where the past and the future collide—[you] cannot continue to exist in limbo…” the future is calling—and the past ain’t picking up or calling back (Cancer’s will have the hardest time with this notion)… but it is here in your Now that the infinite is within you, within your inner clockworks, within all things hidden both within you and beyond you, within all subconscious and unconscious imagery participatory with your overall motivations—within all things you must reverently contemplate most thoroughly.

Beyond the opportunities and potentialities emerging, and being provoked or conjured, surfacing or seemingly falling from the sky—truths and harsher realities, too, are becoming harder to ignore or overlook… and, so, there is a need for actual management toward these matters that are actually, after all, very real indeed whereas we would much rather and prefer to distract ourselves from, to avoid, ignore, defend against, condition around, or… doubt.

The word doubt has always defined uncertainty—since the twelfth century; to doubt is also ‘to waver, to hesitate’… but, perhaps most effectively, doubt describes an uncertainty that is gauged from more natural degrees of distrust, concern, and indecision, to suspicions, and on up to actual fear.

Our fears often live within the realms of our twelfth houses, as does everything hidden and unseen, and unknowable.

Today’s energies are guiding against doubt—against fears—through the breaking through of the veil, of proving oneself through a commitment to change… and then, thoroughly, to actually managing that first step within its metamorphosis.

And maybe it’s not ‘the energies’, as I say, but your guts, that are inspiring you and guiding you today… your instincts, your inner knowing—your guts, however you wish to phrase it—it is within you what is currently requiring change, or improvement, or evolution… especially for those of you who didn’t exactly make any actual movements, so to speak.

Sometimes, the only change or movement required is the changing of your mind on something—something that ends up being that much more important down the line… these behind-the-scenes type movements that pull all the strings and push all the buttons, and trigger all the right reactions. Sometimes, especially within the type of ripe and sophisticatedly phenomenological frequencies we’re navigating, the unconscious clicks with the psyche and these click together with the heart and all of this clicks together with the gut and then bam!—you are no longer the same.

And this is why your values, ideally, should be inflexible… because if they are so flexible, how valuable could they be!? 

Either way, all of what feels to me to be a ton of random rambling on my part, today’s celestial emphasis amounts to you, however unconsciously, coming to these magically personal appropriations and realizations—and, perhaps most importantly, understanding inherently what needs to be managed next… and then doing that, however large or small.

And being endlessly intrigued through the entire process…

Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.❞
——Henry David Thoreau

🖋️ by Jamie James ©2022; 📷 by @julienpacaud

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